Apr 27, 2013


My poor leader Lee, the living Dragon, found his way to the hearts of the Americans by craking other peoples' jokes to the amusement of Singapore-fatigued American hawks. He tired to call off an impressive and spontaneous antics but he failed to draw a standing-ovation instead he just drew laugh for some cheap jokes about Chinese in China. I don't think these jokes have any meaning to the Americans. To them it is like Zimbabwean calling a Zambian as "you black". Americans have by now more jokes about the Chinese that they don't need to hear jokes about Chinese by Chinese. Oops I almost forgot that he is an Anglo-Chinese, a term the Mainland Chinese used to address those Straits settlement Chinese who thinks in English and struggle to rediscover their Chineseness. Sometime they call these Chinese affectionately as Bananas - meaning outside yellow inside white. I don't think this as in any way demeaning or derogatory, rather I see in it a sense of reverence and admiration, since these Chinese have been recruited and cultivated with all earnestness in the post-cultural revolution to serve as their vanguards of post-communist reform. A far-fetched scheme by the colonial schemers. So they cultivated Harry Lee, the Dying Dragon, as their point man in Southeast Asia, who grew in size and influence that he was a much-sought-after advisor on South East Asia, nay even beyond affairs. His direct and indirect influences have helped in one way or the other in the decisions taken by the UN and the Western governments and their policy makers.This is the glorious Lee who glowed in the comfort of the West and grew bolder and confident. He was relevant for the work of the West. But as China and America established their direct communications through various exchanges at different levels the role played by Lee and Company started diminishing to the point of irrelevance.

But then the junior Lee is adamantly optimistic that he can still pull both the Chinese Panda and the American Bull (a departure from the Dragon-Falcon comparison which I don't think is realistic) together and manage their estranged and often distrustful love affairs by playing the role of the honest pimp (I mean broker). This seems to be the message Lee was trying to communicate through the jokes that meant to amuse the "Grey Panther" Obama that Singapore has offered itself to welcome the unruly Americans to dock their dicks in the still waters of Singapore Straits (or even at the Tebrau Straits just to tease the Malaysians). Already the stage is set to welcome American military by opening the door of perversive activities that morally corrupt the locals to serve the American visitors. I am sure the casinos and mushrooming spas, pubs and the massage parlors will have bumper sale together with the increased number of cheap China Dolls for swinging activities to relief the pain that comes with the pleasure.  By providing the deep port facility to the visiting Americans who like to have few bases around to monitor the developments in the pacific-rim, Singapore, in competition with the Philippines, is trying to bring in the much needed American favor which has been depreciating over the past decades with American preoccupation in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Even though Lee Jr is trying to bring these two giants together as he fancies, the dirty rats around him are not comfortable in he coaxing the Chinese and the Americans at the expense of Indians, who have toiled their butts to help his father achieve all his notoriety as a man with a hatchet who went about decimating his political opponents and those who are politically neutral. Thus his father surrounded himself with few "honorable" asses (I mean "S" like S. Rajaratnam, S. Jayakumar, S. Dhanabalan and of course S. R. Nathan, and not to miss the CV Devan Nair whose CV was tainted by allegation of accrued alcoholism through exposure to prolonged social drinking that bewitched his erstwhile benefactor who found him to be crossing more lines at night). These are those who served him "most faithfully" in achieving his desired result and he accordingly rewarded them with positions and wealth. So I don't understand when these Indian friends complain that they are marginalised by the Chinese. My concern is what these powerful rats and their sophisticated network of think-tanks which conspire in pretending to inspire their selected audiences while awaiting the opportune time to claw at their prey. My real fear is that as soon as the father disappears the son will be connivingly played out by these deeply embedded parasites.

So his jokingly mocking at the Chinese may not be a wise thing to do, as he is beholden to the Mainland for guaranteeing economic prosperity and to keep his people happy and employed, which did not come in cheap, as the Mainland insisted on granting its citizen the right of passage to transfer billions by absorbing them as his country's citizens and employing them in the already crowded and highly unemployed labor market. My recent visit to Singapore has confirmed that the local Chinese are unhappy with the sudden influx of new citizens of their own ethnic background from China. The taxi man was furious and let out all vulgarity in venting his anger at the policy. By the way he was a local Chinese who poured out his frustration and I was amused by his colourful articulation. At least I lent him a good ear.  

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