Sep 28, 2013


In an interested symposium a Malay historian Zahrah Sulaiman has raised some interesting observation on the coming of the Chinese community to Malaysia. She was fully justified in her observation which has been closer to reality and rationality. No doubt Chinese, who were occupying the southern shores of China were seafaring fishermen and farmers who came heading towards the Malayan archipelago some five hundred years back. The fraternal relationship that existed between Chinese and Malays were well recorded in the Malay Annals and Sejarah Melayu. But substantive movement of the mainlanders only took place during the early phase of the colonial involvement in this region. The British had a far reaching objective in drawing the Chinese to the shores of Malay archipelago. They cultivated them for some obvious long term interest. It was the British who empowered the Chinese economically by extending credit facilities, for uptil the formation of Bank Rakyat the Malays generally did not have any account with the banks and financial institutions established by the British. As they were opposed to the British rule. Even when Tunku wanted to travel to London for demanding Independence the Malays, particularly the Malay ladies gave away their golds to raise the amount for his travel and lodging. That was the state of the Malays uptil the independence. All along the Chinese and to larger extend the Indians worked hand-in-hand with the British to pauper the Muslims. It is the undeclared evangelical crusade against Muslims that the British and their local collaborators colluded strategically to undermine Muslims and their economic well-being. Within 150 years of their rule the British have economically uplifted the Chinese and the Indians and planted them as their proxies before giving independence to Malaya. They have systematically liquidated the Muslims dominance of trade and replaced them with Non-Muslim Indians and Chinese. I have witnessed this treachery clearly in my country. There is no soul in my country who can challenge me on this. 

I am happy to read that there are intellectuals among Malays who have mustered the courage to speak out this gross injustice and to label and by virtue of which discriminate an entire race as lazy is a glaring violation of human rights. Had not the Malays been hospitable, tolerant and accommodating none of these super-brains from India and China would have excelled in this country. In all fairness this gross injustice done by the British must be corrected, no matter how long it takes. Thus the government must continue with unflinching determination policies that will empower the underprivileged. This should not stop at demanding 30% of the economic pie, but must ensure that the same is done at all levels in all industries and businesses in the country. Likewise the government must also provide according to percentage of the share of the economic pie accommodation for non-Malays in the various sectors of the government. Falling to the pressures of so-called international dictates will permanently erase the history of Malays. Their story will be like that of the Chinese-managed Malay Village in Singapore.


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