Oct 14, 2013


Lee, the self-appointed savior and the guardian of the regional Anglo-Chinese hegemony in the Nusantara, has recently expressed his desperation in seeing an early exit from this worldly discomfort, after losing his life-long companion and wife some few years earlier. He is no longer the man he used to be. Despite this he has not lost his grudge against Islam, Muslims and Malays. I am still trying to understand the basis for his deep-seated unhappiness with Muslims. His reign was distinctly anti-Muslim in substance despite maintaining the facade of Islamic symbolism that was meant to hoodwink the regional and global Muslim leaders to believe in his art of social engineering that placed those who did menial works at his office to lead the Muslim community thereby keeping a closer watch on their aspirations and potentials to succeed. By destroying the lives of many who begged to differ from his autocratic arrogance he has committed gross injustice. It is such injustice which stands out clearly in his twilight years despite the positive works done by him which benefited many people. He was no doubt a remarkable statesman with single-minded devotion in shaping the destiny of Singapore. Perhaps he might have exceeded that during the course of his long reign as the Prime Mover. It is this over involvement in the development of Singapore that at times he confuses his own story with Singapore Story. He tends to miss the additional "s" in His Story with History. This apparent dyslexia has resulted in many confusion and often he takes the story of Singapore very personal in justifying his action in respect of appointing his own family members in key positions in the country and has grown a deep-rooted and widespread network of loyalties that can't be or difficult to uproot no matter who succeeds him and his progeny. In order to justify his own tendency for cronyism and nepotism he traverses the mountain of family reputation to justify his action and words, so as to create an aura of awe-inspiring devotion to him and to his family that they are above the law and cannot be questioned since they are the guardian angels of Singapore and what it ought to become. Thus anyone who can think better than him and his wretched gangs are ridiculed and hauled to the kangaroo court he has created to protect him and to bankrupt them as a way to teach them to respect him and his judgement as he has put the reputation of him and his family in every decision he and his family made and make for Singapore. So no one can question him. It is this absolute trust in him and his decision that has caused many to unquestionably accept the floundered investments abroad and to blame it on the Mainlanders. He himself has admitted that he had made mistakes in his judgements and has regretted his decisions. After all great people are called great because they made great mistakes in their lives. But no one has got the courage to call it as such. It is this uneasiness in his heart that has led him to write series of memoirs and afterthoughts in recent years so as to record his inner thoughts and the grouses that are still lingering in his subconscious mind. Let him spit them out. He must also let the world know what he did to those who chose to stay neutral and dedicatedly loyal to the country despite the criminal actions taken by his faithful dogs who made their lives and their families difficult and how he rewarded those criminal dogs with the most covetous prize of the nation. If he doesn't have the courage I am sure there are people who may write the "Other Side of the Singapore Story" exposing his "remarkable" achievements. Let's wait for more revelations before he leaves the scene.

Given the current level of anger I am worried he may not leave a good legacy behind and whatever he has built so craftily will come to haunt him and his well-entrenched family for some time to come. It is this doubt of leaving a good legacy that has sparked some of his admirers to start preparing the much needed eulogies by outlining his achievements and his inquisitively penetrative mind that always questions with a "so" in respect of what any issue meant for Singapore. I only hope this remarkable mind will not end up as "so so" and not as "so and so", otherwise his whole legacy will be an eyesore for the future generation. No matter what others may think of him, I genuinely liked his forceful personality and strict personal discipline that has brought the glow to Singapore, despite his stupidity in unjustly victimizing people out of arrogance. I for one join my family in forgiving this man for the damage he and his faithful dogs have done to my late father. But to forget the crime and damage he and his gangs done to us will be in itself a crime. I reserve them for write up on my late father and his struggle in Singapore. I may be a strange but a significant voice in the long list of victims.


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