Nov 26, 2013


The leak that Singapore was spying on Malaysia may be an eureka moment for many, but this activity has been going on for a very longtime. Worst than this is that people including some Malaysian leaders and officials have been bought cheaply to pursue Singapore's goal and design for this region, all in the name of security. This has been going on for many years under the cover of good neighbourliness. The fact that Singapore can hear as far as Myanmar is sufficient to prove its reach. One may question why Singapore is given access to wider areas to do surveillance that is disproportionate to its size? All these are done under whose aegis? Having drafted the law of the sea in its favor and taking Pulau Batu Puteh through multiple levels of strategic conniving my beloved country is once again sailing the stormy currents with confidence, as it has already spied on people who really matter in Malaysia and has gathered sufficient info on them in terms of documentary proofs to entice them or to blackmail them into toeing its line. People in Singapore know how much was paid to stop the crooked bridge project and to sell the White Stone Island. I don't think it is the AG, it must have been someone beyond his reach or someone who continues his sleep while awake and letting someone do the office chores. It is a dirty world of demonic diplomacy. Malaysians need not worry too much. All these might have been done deliberately or carefully choreographed to re-merge with Singapore. Now both sides needs each other more due to the changing political design. Let them stop at scratching each other's back only and not to venture into areas below that, lest it may be embarrassing for both of them to know each others' secrets.

            WHO SOLD THE BATU?

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