Dec 9, 2013


My students alerted me this afternoon on the riot that took place in the highly congested little India in Singapore. One thing is that the Little India is too small for Indians who are no longer little. They have grown in number, status and power. I am reminded here of the famous nursery rhyme:

                                                One little, Two little, Three little Indians
                                                Four little, Five little, Six little Indians
                                                Seven little, Eight little, Nine little Indians
                                                Ten little Indian boys

I think if it is one to nine Indians no problem, but when the number comes in two digits or more digits it is a concern and the Indians will show that they are boys. But this is no little boy game they have played by scorching police vehicles and pelting officers with stones. Highly unacceptable. Singapore had no problem with Indians who have long served the nation with dignity and respect. Many of them are highly qualified and competently placed in the various segments of the society and government. In fact the military, intelligence, foreign affairs, home affairs and economy has disproportionate percentage of Indians. With the steady induction of foreign talents to replace the locals the Singapore government has invested in the wrong assets. These rioted Indians come from such places in India where rioting is the norm of the day. India a country of 1.2 billion people has the luxury to riot 500 times in 365 days. For them it is a way expressing their view. Being passionate in their expression these stupid dudes who rioted in Singapore have taken the law into their hands. As such they must be thoroughly investigated and properly prosecuted so that such nonsense will not repeat again. Perhaps it is time for the Singapore intelligence community to focus on the Indians as they have been doing it on the Malay community for far too long.  There is a need to revisit the policy of separate location for specific communities. The government must ensure that a sizable number of other communities are also given opportunities to do business in areas like Little India, so that this mob tendency will be contained. Banning alcohol is not the solution. The Indians will become angels overnight. It is difficult for them to stay away from their bottles. This is a wake-up call for Singapore. The danger lies within her. It is time for the snakes hiding in the various think tanks to come out with clear policy guidelines to address this issue and its various ramifications that may crop up in the near future.


Post Script:

The suggestion by some of my students that the whole riot could have been a staged one to launch King Lee the III, just like the 1983 cable car incident that helped launched King Lee the II (the current Premier), following his distant cousin the King Kim the III of North Korea, is a farfetched nonsense. It is not appropriate to compare the two dynasties. The former is the Blue-eye boy of the West whereas the later is the Pariah of the West, who has recently purged his cabinet of traitors including an uncle married to his own paternal Aunt. So such nonsensical comparison is unacceptable. But the chances of purging the cabinet of friends who were once loyal to the party leadership may not be ruled out as the next election approaches so as to create: [a] an artificial opposition lead by these "purged" elements to divide the growing apathy towards the current leadership, and [b] set in party renewal through injecting new blood which may include many of the new citizens of the country. Anything is possible in politics.

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