Apr 9, 2014


My beloved country is again offering its expertise in becoming the Regional Crisis Center (RCC) to bring fast relief to the calamities happening in the Asean region. A bold and a calculated suggestion, particularly in the aftermath of its own handling of a mini-riot in Little India which came after decorating the most (in)famous and faithful Indian with the Order of Temasek and the mysterious disappearance of MH370. I am not questioning whether my country has the ability to shoulder such a heavy responsibility or not. I have no doubt in its ability.  But when we are talking of closer cooperation and union in Asean, I feel that such a center must be located in other member countries. We should not end up micro-managing the region, which definitely is what my leaders would love to do. They have the track record to prove their ability in management. My only concern is that we should not drag all the regional problems on our shoulders to forget the simmering resentment that is brewing quietly inside the country. The talk of plug and play may excite some wiz kids in the government. But this is no child play. In our attempt to play with the plug we may unplug many things and may end up placing the wrong plug in the wrong hole (I mean socket), all in the name of play. 


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