May 6, 2014


As Mrs. Clinton is poised to become America's First Woman President, her co-'wife' (a respectable term) Monica wants to cash on that opportunity by coming out of her 10 year hibernation to the defense of her former (or rather permanent) lover by saying that the oral activities she had with her boss was consensual and that he didn't shove that damn thing down her throat. Now she has started nagging for another gagging. Certainly the Republicans will nominate her for Presidency just to keep the excitement in the American erection (oops, election). According to a recent News poll by the Washington Post Mrs.Clinton crushes Jebb Bush handsomely (that is assuming he is considering it, but most probably his son Paul might be groomed for future role). 

As America is increasingly disengaging from the world affairs and fast receding to focus on her internal problems, I am sure the first volley one can expect from Mrs. Clinton will be on dealing with her husband's past ghosts. Monica is waiting to prove to her (fellow sister Clinton) that she is after all not the "narcissistic loony toon" as described by her. It is better as Mrs. Clinton focuses on her presidential bid, let Monica take care of her aging husband. He may need some young steady hands to move things around. I hope the Americans agree with me.


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