Sep 19, 2014


It seems America is all out to corrupt the world morally. After Obama's offer of aid to Africa through homosexuality, doctors in San Francisco are appealing for lifting the ban on donating gay blood to increase the supply of blood to save human lives. Though donating of blood is noble but care must be done to ensure that such tainted blood be given only to gays and not to non-gays, thereby limiting the gay viruses within that specific group. The authorities must label them accordingly so that no confusion is created. There are many cases where people who received blood from unhealthy person transmitting the disease or illness the donor has onto the donee. Thus it is important that the concerned authorities do exercise stringent check on bloods, particularly bloods coming from America and other pro-gay camps. What is happening is a concerted effort by the pro-gay lobby is America and elsewhere to push the gay agenda as norm in society. This needs to be nipped in its bud.

I wonder what the shari'ah scholars' view on this? My religious view, based on the Qur'anic verse "and do not throw [yourselves] with your [own] hands into destruction" (2:195) is that, it must not be donated without the knowledge of and approval from the donee, since s/he must know the source of the blood s/he receives. Medical researchers must conduct more studies on the possible effect of transmitting wrong values and cultures through blood transfusion.

As such issues are on the increase it is high time the medical institutions also engage shari'ah scholars in the decision making process. Shari'ah advisory should not be confined to banking and finance only. I met some scholars who are appointed as members of hospital advisory committee in Malaysia. What is your thought on this? Any suggestion?


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