Jan 3, 2015


As expected the so-called UN Security Council has rejected the vote by arm twisting the Badluck Jonathan's Goodluck Nigeria. Thanks alot this has happened in daylight so that the world can see for itself the cheap and dirty dealing in the Security Council and how it is being abused by criminal entities that brag about moral justice and fair play. I must congratulate the Palestinian President for displaying his grit and gut in pushing ahead with the vote, despite the host of discouraging threats from the zionist controlled American Congress which though divided is nevertheless succumbed to the pressure from the world criminal entity. I am pleased to see the growing pro-justice American public opinion in support of such a vote. One may argue as to the timing of the Palestinian act. But given the sixty-odd years of fruitless peace talks that are clearly choreographed by vested interested who wanted the zionists stay put in the Arab land for their nefarious designs and to avoid them from meddling in their own affairs, from where these criminals were kicked-out in the first place by a Nazi Jew, I would term this move by the Palestinians a bold one and not a wise one. Since they have started this it is better to push the agenda further and explore all legal means to bring these criminals to justice, no matter America exercises its veto or blackmail others into submission. I am sure the world will not stay silent over the American's unjust unilateralism.

What Nigeria has done is clearly a betrayal of trust, despite making promises earlier in support of the Palestinian issue. All it took was the direct calls from Obama, Kerry and the Nut in Yahoo (Netanyahu) threatening the Badluck Jonathan who is struggling to win this February election that may see the last of him, as his rival the General Buhari is poised to take over the Presidency, despite the earlier attempt to assassinate him. Perhaps Jonathan might have sought the zionist help in this matter as few months earlier a Nigerian and few zionists were caught in South Africa negotiating the sale of ammunition to be shipped to Nigeria. The American might have cautioned him about their covert help to the Boko Haram or promised him of their 'unflinching' support in Johnathan's hour of need.

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