Apr 10, 2017


The euphoria following the unprecedented victory of an 'outsider' over the establishment is over, when Trump launched his first volley of nearly 60 Tomahawk missiles off the coast of Syria killing innocent children and adults, whom he vowed to protect during his presidential campaign trial. Was he a lunatic or is he under some fix that he is unable to risk losing his daughter to an illuminati who is sitting as his high-powered adviser? Contrary to many who misjudged him for a freak I see him as a loathing father who is caught between duty and love. He is not willing to lose his daughter to the illuminati-infested Congress, Pentagon and the Secret services who are working to undermine his administration through blackmail and threat. Thus he has dutifully followed the instructions of his masters who made it all possible for his presidency. Many of his supporters are baffled to see that barely three months into his presidency Trump has departed from his principled positions that voted him in. We will see more U-turns from him very soon, as he will be dutifully follow the dictates of his chosen son-in-law who is overshadowing all his initial poster boys who filled up his cabinet posts. He is tying himself with the robes of the illuminatis and will be delivering what they want even if it is the World War III. 

The Syrian launch is not going to be the last one. This one came after the unsuccessful visit of the great Nut-in-Yahoo to Putin to warn him of the consequences of supporting Assad and striking the Syrian territory which was ineffectively retaliated by the Syrian army resulting in the downing of only one Zionist plane with the Russian supplied missiles to stop the reckless sorties conducted by the criminal Zionists across the entire Syria flying with total impunity under the protection of American veto.This will not be an one off thing.

The reactions from the exiled Syrians who are relishing their lives in America and other  foreign capitals clearly show their approval of Trump's action to the delight of war criminals like McCain, Bushes and the Clintons. I see the urgency to create this chaos is (a) to punish Assad for his refusal to allow the pipeline from Qatar to the Mediterranean that would have secured the smooth flow of oil from the Gulf to Europe via Turkey, (b) to create a buffer to secure the borders of the illegitimate Zionist entity, a pet project of these illuminatis, from the plausible Muslim attacks that may happen as the crisis prolongs, (c) to redraw the Middle East by creating more states on racial and ethnic lines in the pretext to undo the colonial injustices committed earlier, and (d) to reoccupy Iran through imposing unjust sanctions and economic sabotage and military threats. Though it may not look and sound as a war against Islam, but definitely against Muslims, since there are sufficient Muslim collaborators who are willingly colluding with them in the dismemberment and remaking of the Middle East on sectarian line. What the criminal elements that have hijacked Trump's presidency conspiring is another manufactured lie that will be so sensational that it will pull the American public opinion behind the next crime they want to commit.

The Zionists manufactured lies on the pretext of which the criminal security apparatus of America has instigated and pressured the President to act in this irresponsible way will have far reaching results that may put the American servicemen in harms way. The servicemen who are killed are not the children of the filthy neo-cons and the disgusting illuminatis. It is high time the American public stand up against the war crimes committed by their government on filmsy ground. They should go undermine the function of these criminal institutions that are conspiring against the majority of the American public to fill the insatiable greed of these filths. Go after them and their interests. This is the least Americans can do to reclaim their country from the illuminati appointees.


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