May 18, 2017


The rowdy American democrats who having lost the Presidential election are hell bent on insulting Trump and have began a systemic campaign to discredit him and his administration through subversion and non-cooperation by casting aspersion on his flamboyant personality and worst still on his family. These cheap tactics need to stop if these lobby-financed zionist-neocons were to do justice to America. I find that the security institutions in America are working to serve their masters in the illuminatis and not the nation. There is a need to investigate these institutions thoroughly as to their real motives, intentions, purposes and goals, because many instances have revealed that they have worked to undermine the functions of the state conspiring against it by leaking lies and distorted truths thereby galvanizing the gullible American public into a criminal war against the innocents in faraway lands only to protect the greedy filth that remote controls the Congress.

What Trump did by firing Comey from FBI is something many democrats may disagree. But then being the President he has every right to hire and fire anyone whom he trusts. It is obvious Comey has failed the litmus test of loyalty that Trump demands. The way Comey had conducted himself in the running up to the election by 'revealing' the shady emails of Hillary and then rescuing her from legal actions only prove that Comey is trying to play politics. He should have maintained his neutrality and kept his role apolitical. Now Trump has the reason to go after the entire FBI establishment and look out for capable replacement. I am sure there are very capable loyal Americans out there who are very concerned about the country just like Trump who want to make America great again. He can be even a black man. Some time it takes a black to correct the white, as things are known through their opposites. But then the opposite of white is not black, it is not-white. This gives a colorful options for Trump to select the next replacement.

Coming to think of his possible replacement, I, like many concerned Americans who believe in world peace, watched the sterling performance by Trey Gowdy, a Republican backbencher and a member of the US Congress' Intelligence, Judiciary and Oversight Committees, in grilling Hillary and a whole bunch of colluding democrats who began to challenge the presidential directives by pretending to stand up for rule of law, justice, ethics and a whole range of concepts that have increasingly lost their meanings due to American unilateral decision to poke its nose in other people's business. He might be very suitable for the job, but given the dirt he needs to clear up in the FBI, he would be very reluctant to undertake the messy job of mopping up operation to weed out moles and leakers who are behind the current spate of shaming the presidency.

It is time the American people stand behind their President and support his effort to make America great again by clearing the swamp that is surrounding him forcing him to make unsound judgement and dragging him into yet another unjust war. 

             TREY GOWDY
             GOWDY THE FBI CHIEF
             GOWDY BACKS DOWN

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