Aug 2, 2017


Watching the unfolding of Iran's nuclear deal with the West and President Trump's adamant stand in repealing it proves an exciting tug-of-war between the turbaned Mullahs of Iran and the hawkish technocrats of America. One thing is becoming very clear is that now America and the West have to negotiate with turbaned people who have proven again and again that they are smarter, well-composed and rational in their approach. Iran has shown to the world that having a turban to lead is not a hindrance in managing a country. The recent democratic election has proven beyond doubt that America itself must be ashamed of its version of democracy that is marred by accusation of cheating and foreign meddling.

Again and again Iran is proving itself that it is a force to be reckoned with, particularly in matters pertaining to the Middle East and the Muslim World. Sidelining it will be at the peril of those who entertain such wishful thinking. The advancement they have made in many fields including scientific and military fields is sending shudder down the spines of the Zionists who illegally occupy the Palestinian lands and keep harming the Palestinians with disproportionate and brutal force. Iran doesn't need nuclear warheads to wage a war. It is not going to benefit any one. Those who have them are living in fear of accident leading to catastrophe despite having done all the precautions. The missile technology is good, but it would be better if they can develop laser technology or even make use of solar-powered space technology in military use.  

The path taken by Iran to have a comprehensive and all-round development through indigenous technology is commendable. The American sanctions have produced a resolute country that takes pride in itself and is very sure of its place in the world and its responsibility towards fellow human society. As such the cheap American tactics of fueling sectarian schism through false accusation of sponsor of terrorism has not convinced the Muslim world of Iran's intention to dominate. Isolating Iran through sanctions and intimidation will not bear any fruit, as the entire Muslim world is witnessing the drama that unfolds in the Middle East and they know who is behind all these mess. After all the turbans think better. Don't you all agree?


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