Nov 11, 2012

Bush on the Push

Well America is in for another Push from Bush. After having the father Bush and the Son and now the Holy Grandson Bush is hoisting the Bush flag and that too from the cowboy state of Texas. The family is in business again. This time they would be the only family with three Bushes occupying the greying White House. Now that President Obama has won his second term with the huge Hispanic support, the third Bush has more Hispanic blood than Obama as his mother is a Puerto Rican of Hispanic origin with his father being the Florida Governor Jeb Bush who played the crucial act in his brother George "Dubya" Bush's reelection. Certainly Mr. Paul Bush has come of age both in political grooming and brooming. He will be tuitored in the School of Bushomacy by the Grand Bush who is still wielding more control from behind the scene. Few calls will set the stage for the next Bush to be pushed up the ladder to Presidency. But I am not so sure the old man Bush will survive to see him on the throne as he has grown restless with his confinement. I don't know what is up in his mind. May be he is plotting the next September 11 to bring his grandson in a dramatic way. It's all in the family I guess.

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