Oct 18, 2017


Amidst immense pressure from the Neo-con-infested US Congress to loot the oil wealth of Venezuela, the recent gubernatorial results in that Latin American country have nailed the coffin of America for the third time in a short period of three years. The American obsession to take control of this large deposit of oil through regime change agenda is a day-light robbery that has been going on unabated since the false 9/11 self-inflicted criminal act so ably executed by its zionist handlers.

Congratulation to President Maduro for staying the course and for being vigilant against the handiwork of this evil empire. My friend Trump, who finds himself trapped by the sophisticated nut work of Zionist advisors, is behaving like a loose gun moving his arsenals from Pacific to Atlantic in a move to intimidate countries that do not take America any longer serious. The recent spat at UN is highly indicative of America's self-defeating policies. It is no longer viewed with respect, particularly it has become the conduit for Zionist aggression against the world. It is time that the world unite against America and its master and isolate them and their backers. 

Venezuela must ensure that it floods the market with cheap oil and lets see for how long the Americans are willing to keep pumping oil from their shale wells. If America threatens with stupid sanctions get the Russian to monitor the movement of Venezuelan oil with its nuclear submarine stationed in the pacific ocean and also another one near the Lebanon-Palestine coast.

America has become a shameless bully and it needs to be contained and restrained. It has and is continuously causing great loss of innocent lives around the world in its mad pursuit to control the wealth of others. It is time to isolate America, as its leader are no longer serving Americans as they are busy serving the zionist interests, since many of its congressmen are under the payroll of these enemies of humanity.

Sep 25, 2017


Following Trump's arrogant UN address that insulted my friend Kim and his country, the little North Korean leader has responded in kind by branding Trump as a mentally deranged gangster. This tit-for-tat exchange of words and actions reminds me of the famous cartoon series Tom and Jerry. America, being the so-called super power, must behave responsibly by not flexing its muscles to show that it is bigger and stronger. In the era of nuclear deterrence it is not the strength that counts, it is the sheer determination to use it that counts. Given the situation, the more America pressurizes North Korea with all its might and clout, it will push Kim to a tight corner that will justify in he using the lethal weapons he has at his disposal that are well preserved deep in the ground. As such Trump cannot bring Kim to his knees, not because Kim can't bend them, its simply because Trump do not have what it takes to get the little Kim to do it. It is becoming evident America lacks the moral courage to attack North Korea, for the simple reason it is not another Afghanistan, nor Iraq, nor Libya that had let down their deterrence on false promises by the West. Even after causing the mayhem in these countries through the so-called regime change agenda, the criminals in American Congress and their Zionist backers could not win the war. All these swindlers have done is to loot the wealth of these countries and bring their Central Banks under the control of Zionist-illuminatis who forced all these wars to achieve their nefarious designs.

The only few countries whose Central Banks have stayed away from falling victim to this vile force include North Korea, along with Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. Thus by declaring war on these countries under false flag these criminals are destroying nations and their civilizations. What is needed is a concerted effort by all those who value independence and free from the control of this neo-korah (neo-Qarun) and his fellow conscripts who are out to loot the wealth of the nations. They must be destroyed. As such countries that value their sovereignty must equip and arm themselves with all deterrent weapons to keep these devils at bay. It is said that North Korea has a deposit of more 12 trillion worth of untapped minerals that is drawing these criminals to the country. Using the most powerful army on the earth these Zionist-Illuminatis are stealing in daylight. They must be stopped at all costs. America will not achieve its evil design. The world has seen its ugly face. I am sure both Russia and China will not stand idle and watch the loot. They may want to have a share in it as well. But my friend Kim is standing tall and he will blast the hell out of America. No sanction will be useful. These sanctions were there since day one. So what they have achieved is nothing other than international hatred. The suggestion to station UN troop to monitor the movement of goods to and from from North Korea to China will not materialise because people can still do business through tunnels built over centuries. Even America cannot control the underground tunnel between USA and Mexico through which drugs and people are smuggled at ease. America must stop its false propaganda against North Korea as a hermit kingdom that starves its people and that people are held captive by a ruthless dictator. All these nonsense are found on blatant lies manufactured by these filth. People who have traveled to that country have vouched to the contrary. It is time America scales down its nonsensical propaganda of waging war against North Korea or for that matter with any other country, simply because America cannot win a war and the world is not intimidated by its worthless fleet of mangled metals called armada that floats on the wider ocean awaiting to be torpedoed, nor is the world afraid of the coward drones that target the innocents. As America targets others, so will others target the Americans. Global hatred for America will grow multifold and very soon we will see America and its Zionists backers be isolated. They cannot continue to act as the champion of International Community and go about destroying countries. It is time for the world to deny America this legitimacy to be the spokesperson for the International Community, even though it has representatives from majority of the countries in the world. If it wants to be in the comity of nations it must act as a responsible member and not as, to quote Kim, a "gangster" going about on a shooting spree. My advise to my friend Trump who is being embroiled in pussygate scandal not to treat Kim as a pussy cat. Remember cat too has its claws


Sep 20, 2017


Events unfolding in South Asia excite the readers. America is trying to find a scapegoat for its failure in Afghanistan by accusing Pakistan of sheltering and harboring the so-called terrorists, while calling India to give a helping hand in the reconstruction of the war-ravaged country that has witnessed the repeated defeats of many colonial empires. There is nothing new in the Trump's recent twist of tongue in singling out Pakistan for frustrating the American plot. None of the political hawks in Pakistan nor the USA nor even the regional players take serious note on this rambling of Trump, except the Indians who feel emboldened for being recognised by Americans as a positive role player in the development of Afghanistan. 

I find the Indian excitement amusing, particularly when it was the Afghan kings of the past (Ghuri, Ghazni and Tughlaq, etc) who repeatedly invaded and looted Delhi of its wealth when there was a direct land route. But now that direct access is denied by the presence of Pakistan as a bulwark that prevent the continuous looting of Indian wealth. In fact India must thank Pakistan for holding off these attackers. By jumping in excitement with Trump's call for participation in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, India is inviting the Talibans to its detriments. One may wonder what sort of infrastructural developments Indians can bring to Afghanistan when India itself has sanitary issues - country with a long coastline of floating human excrement! I was wondering where will Modi take the Zionist terrorist Nut in Yahoo to if he decides to return Modi's recent visit to the pristine shores of the Occupied Palestine?

Upping his ante against Pakistan, Trump is placing himself and the American war machines at harms way. No American can win in Afghanistan, let alone in Pakistan. The American game of trick and deception through sanctions and invasion or subversion will result in retaliation targeting all its vital interests. America must disengage from its servitude to world Zionist criminals who are leading America to its self-imposed destruction. Listening to those warmongering cowards who occupy the musical chairs in the Congress and the Security Agencies will bring disgrace to America. Trump by playing into their game through his much-touted deal-making formulas is getting himself trapped in the snare that is specially set for him. He and his foul mouth will find themselves in deep trouble, as he is known for contradiction. His recent UN speech is a glaring example of his muddled mind.

As he has emphasized that every nation must put its in own interest before, in justifying his America First policy, it is perfectly logical for countries like Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia and China to put their own national interest before worrying about American interest in those areas. So there is nothing wrong in Pakistan playing its so-called double game to ensure its own stability and that of Afghanistan, which is essentially linked to Pakistan. By calling other nations as rogue states Trump is only inviting others to call America as the Terrorist State, not to mention as global terrorism-sponsor, or even as the Greatest Satan.

His UN address smacks of hypocrisy and is filled with cheap and unsubstantiated load of rubbish that points to America itself and its role in the world. He should ask more question on his own country and the crime it and its Zionist lieutenant in the Middle East are doing. No one is going to pay any heed to America or its show of power. It is an Empire that is on the decline, because as Trump has said it has moved away from the ideals of its founding fathers and has become the faithful puppy of the Zionist barking regularly at anything that moves beyond its orbit of influence. Not to worry since barking dog doesn't bite.

His attack on my friend Kim is ludicrous. All his description of North Korea only indicates that he is living in the medieval time. He might not even be able to locate Pyongyang on the map. Certainly he is far wiser than Bush the Dubya. No one has the fear for American fire and fury. The world has witnessed even the mother of all bombs. It did not change the realities on the ground. America will become the world's laughing stock very soon, as it has exposed its insincerity and duplicity in its dealing with others. My suggestion to my friend Trump is to focus on American reform before he goes on the global stage to reform the world body.    

I would like to see reforms in America. I hope my American friends will rally behind Trump in cleaning the Congress filled with filth and pedophiles, so that the world will respect America as a benign Superpower that has the interest of the world at large and that has no criminal intent towards any nation that will be implemented through brute force or through any subterfuge. Let's wait and see what other contradictions are coming out from the White House.

Sep 19, 2017


It is heartening to learn that my country has 'elected' the only presidential candidate made eligible by the (s)election commission to be the next and the first woman and that too with hijab to do the ceremonial functions for the coming six or even twelve years, with of course a few million annual salary not to mention the attached perks. I am happy for her for making her way to this high position through sheer unflinching loyalty to the ruling party rising through the ranks and file of the party, sitting through various committees and vetting through many more policies that had helped in shaping the Singapore's multi-religious communities in general and the Malay-Muslim communities in particular.

Despite the general dissatisfaction over her 'election' that has cast many doubts concerning the process of meritocracy and democracy in Singapore, I feel her appointment should be seen as timely to bring about some semblance of stability and resilience that is required for the continuity of the ruling party without interference from the turncoats who want to bring some form of accountability in the way public funds are spent and invested. Some of those who occupied this highest office tried to introduce some urgency in state accountability but were ostracized into historical oblivion, except those who faithfully delivered what the master wanted through intimidation, subversion, sabotage, etc. for which they were honored with this office with millions in account as salary for 12 years service and a final grand send off that matched only that of the master himself.

This election by way of selection of the first woman President is a result of a half a century of well choreographed women empowerment movement that aim to strengthen the hands of the ruling elites who face growing challenges from those who knew them well and their modus operandi in staying in power. I knew this is coming for long given the trend of events unfolding in an increasingly volatile world, country like Singapore requires stability at all cost. She was selected to ensure that, since the challenges coming are increasingly internal in nature.

I am particularly excited to see another Muslim is given this covetous position, after a five decades since independence, but I am worried what she can achieve which many men before her have failed to achieve - independence. It was an irony to hear Prime Minister Lee II during his inaugural speech for the new President that she needs to get used to being independent. Will she be given the space to be independent or will she be another Ong Teng Cheong? I have my serious doubts. There is nothing to be excited about except that this time a hijabed lady has become the President. I only hope her hijab should not be taken symbolically to hide transparency, otherwise public would yearn to know what is under the cover.

Her appointment has proven the simple fact that loyalty to the leader really pays off. She will be at least sixty million (S$60) richer if she completes her 12 odd years term. At least we have another millionaire nurtured by the system, after having destroyed all potential millionaires, if not billionaires among Muslims!

I wish her success!


Aug 17, 2017


Baby Salman's Yemeni misadventure is showing signs of frustration, exhaustion, guilt and failure that he is trying to save his face by making overtures to Iran through Iraq for a possible normalization of relations between the two countries after having tried all cards in his sleeves. This political novice is trying to play some hard balls in International diplomacy by bribing Trump with billions in arms purchase to protect his family. This young dude must be brought to justice for waging an illegal war against a poor neighbor. He was shaken by the resoluteness of the Yemenis who started sending message of missiles targeting the military bases deep into the Arabian desert. It would have been better if they had aimed at those lavish and palatial residences in which people of his ilk hide and commit crimes in comfort without caring to count the casualties his misguided adventure has caused on those innocent Yemenis who were demanding their rights. Spinning it as a sectarian war thereby drawing in the Muslim worlds to choose between "with us" or "against us" ultimatum Baby Salman has created a hole in the unity of ummah that only his head can fit in!

Now that he wants a way out of this mess that he had created, it is important that he does the right thing by compensating in trillions in the development of Yemen and the economic empowerment of its people. He has to go and kiss the feet of every mother who has lost her child, every wife who lost her husband, every daughter who her father, and every sister who lost her brother. At least by kissing these feet he will learn humility and be responsible in his action.

His attempt to seek help through Iraqi Sadr, to me, is just an eyewash to fool the public. He should make a concerted effort to go on an apology tour to Yemen, Iraq, Syria and of course Iran. This should be followed by he taking a second wife from the shi'ah community, particularly from the Shaykh Nimr family who was killed for speaking out against the ill-treatment of the shi'ah in the Kingdom. That would be a fair start in solving the problem he created.  


Aug 2, 2017


Watching the unfolding of Iran's nuclear deal with the West and President Trump's adamant stand in repealing it proves an exciting tug-of-war between the turbaned Mullahs of Iran and the hawkish technocrats of America. One thing is becoming very clear is that now America and the West have to negotiate with turbaned people who have proven again and again that they are smarter, well-composed and rational in their approach. Iran has shown to the world that having a turban to lead is not a hindrance in managing a country. The recent democratic election has proven beyond doubt that America itself must be ashamed of its version of democracy that is marred by accusation of cheating and foreign meddling.

Again and again Iran is proving itself that it is a force to be reckoned with, particularly in matters pertaining to the Middle East and the Muslim World. Sidelining it will be at the peril of those who entertain such wishful thinking. The advancement they have made in many fields including scientific and military fields is sending shudder down the spines of the Zionists who illegally occupy the Palestinian lands and keep harming the Palestinians with disproportionate and brutal force. Iran doesn't need nuclear warheads to wage a war. It is not going to benefit any one. Those who have them are living in fear of accident leading to catastrophe despite having done all the precautions. The missile technology is good, but it would be better if they can develop laser technology or even make use of solar-powered space technology in military use.  

The path taken by Iran to have a comprehensive and all-round development through indigenous technology is commendable. The American sanctions have produced a resolute country that takes pride in itself and is very sure of its place in the world and its responsibility towards fellow human society. As such the cheap American tactics of fueling sectarian schism through false accusation of sponsor of terrorism has not convinced the Muslim world of Iran's intention to dominate. Isolating Iran through sanctions and intimidation will not bear any fruit, as the entire Muslim world is witnessing the drama that unfolds in the Middle East and they know who is behind all these mess. After all the turbans think better. Don't you all agree?



The warmongering Americans are abusing their NATO buddies to irritate the Russian Bear, citing the annexation of Crimea as an excuse to launch attacks on Russia and its interests in its Eastern European enclaves. An impartial review of the events leading upto the dissolution of the Soviet Union and its immediate aftermath will unveil the true colors of Americans, particularly the Zionist-Neocon Nexus of the Devil and their European peddlers.

What is going on is the demonization of Putin and his actions against the greedy American interests in dominating the world events. The fact that Nato has massed up troops along the hinterlands stretching from Estonia in the northwest to Bulgaria in the southwest is a clear indication of the nefarious design carefully choreographed by jokers in Brussels and Washington.

Now the attempt by the Neocon to pressurize Russia through sanctions aimed at punishing Putin and his close associates has only made him more creative and bold in his adventure. He has worked smartly in outmaneuvering the mighty Americans and their nerdy Europeans who themselves are getting wary about American strategy to lead.

What my friend Trump has done is to salvage American jobs and image at the cost of losing friends and their interests. There is nothing wrong in he focusing on America, for he campaigned on the slogan of "Make America Great Again". So let him do some hard and tough work in correcting the problems in America itself before he leads others. He got what he wanted from the Saudis that can complete his infrastructural development programs in the US. He may even construct an entire city called Trump City with all modern amenities and connectivities. No matter what the Neocon-infested Congress may say or bark at him I am confident he is the right person to lead America in this crucial juncture. He will certainly focus on bringing back the American troops from the countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, for he has begun to see the futility in getting involved in wars that benefit the criminal Zionists of the occupied Palestine at the cost of cheap American lives, not to speak of the collateral damages on the innocent victims.

By accusing Russia for meddling in the presidential election of Trump and using that false and unsubstantiated accusation, the Americans, particularly the dumb heads in Congress are blackmailing Trump and thereby dragging the country into another war, perhaps in Ukraine or Baltic. These Americans are loose guns aiming their weapons aimlessly from North Korea to Baltic, thinking that they can win a war. The days of American supremacy are gone. The world has witnessed the repeated lies and cheap media propagandas, the conniving criminals in its security agencies and their attendant mercenaries have done in fomenting unjust and criminal wars against countries that believe in themselves.

It will be good to see more distribution of world power. Now I am happy to see countries like China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, North Korea, Indonesia, India are asserting themselves more responsibly in finding a multi polar world that will keep the devil away from harming the innocents. More countries should join this list of countries in bringing peace to this fragile world.