Jun 12, 2017


The war of words between the Holy Saudis and the Iranian officials are not helpful in finding a solution to the intricate Middle Eastern politics. The dissecting of the Middle East along sectarian line is not going to be helpful and it will only play into the hands of those criminals who are etching for war  through the chronic disease of divide and rule. The uprooting and resettlement of people from their native places to other localities on the basis of creed is unacceptable. The creation of many countries in the name of religion has resulted in increased violence and intolerance all in the name of religion against their coreligionists even after such transplantation. My view is that the ploy to save the people from the place of crime or atrocity will not solve the problem except that it exasperate it to manifolds and complex the already worst situation.

Having destroyed Afghanistan, then Iraq, followed by Libya all on false and trumped up charges of various concocted lies, the greedy monkeys in American neo-con infested Congress are implementing the criminal zionist-illuminatis agenda of controlling the wealth of these nations so that they may not fall into the hands of other emerging powers. That is why Trump's Saudi visit is seen in this larger context as the nexus between America and the zionist criminals to fool the self-defeating Arabs who are blinded by their rage against Iran for standing up to their evil designs to divide the Middle East on sectarian line, after having lost their bidding to wrest Iraq from the so-called Shi'i belt.

It is precisely due to this coupled with the historic paycheck Trump had received from the nerdy Saudi palace, followed by the endorsement he received from the Nut in Yahoo that he went on a confrontation with his erstwhile allies in the Nato to tell them off and to insult them into believing that America is paying more to protect these allies who have been taking undue advantage of America's generosity by not contributing enough. Certainly Europeans are red-faced. To add salt to the injury Trump announced that America is pulling away from Paris Climate Agreement - not mentioning that America is the greatest polluter on earth.

These are important milestones in the future directions of American relations with others. Trump has put America first. He is definitely justified in doing so. He, as its leader, wants to focus on American agenda. It is a lesson for all its allies that they should not outsource their national defense to others even if they are intimate bedfellows. It is often the bedfellows who turn out to be the bad fellows, as they know the intimate secrets. Certainly there is a trust deficit. It is time for Europeans to think independently and ask the Americans to leave their bases and begin to charge them for using their lands for its nefarious design of containing Russia. It is never too late to amend ties with Russia's Putin.  In fact Putin has been sending his feelers to gauge the sincerity of Nato's intention in moving their armies closer to Putin's turf.

What Trump and his hard-headed military Mad-Dogs are doing by undermining NATO and propping up SATO is to withdraw or reduce American presence in Europe, letting the Europeans to take care of their borders, and redeploying its troops in the Jordan-Syrian border to help the illegitimate zionist entity in realizing its wishful dream of preempting the so-called biblical catastrophe, termed the WWWIII the end result of which is to create the Greater Zionist entity that will include the Holy sites of Makkah and Madinah. The Saudis are willing to cooperate with this criminal entity at the expense of Islamic fraternity. Shame on the Saudis.

From the recent news leakages it has become clear that all along the Saudis and their Emirate cousins have been keeping a closer contact with the zionist entity while pretending to oppose it and paying lip service to the oppressed Palestinian issue. It is this covert support these camel-keepers give to the zionist criminals that they have emboldened in their attack against the Muslims and now they have worked a grand plan to isolate Iran, that understands the criminal intend of these zionists and their Arab backers,

Qatar does not have to feel isolated. I admire the iron cladded resoluteness of the Emir of Qatar for standing his ground in defending his sovereignty, independence and identity as a voice of the voiceless without fear of  being politically incorrect that has enlightened the Arabs to spring into action that shattered the glass palaces occupied by many erstwhile dictators of the Middle East who have personalised the public properties. Qatar should continue play the "Devil's advocate" to keep these devils and their evils at bay. The fact that Turkey, Iran and Pakistan have shown unflinching moral and material supports to Qatar at this crucial time is encouraging as it has put an end to the jahiliyyah attitude of the Arabs in despising others and dividing the ummah on the basis of race and calling fellow Muslims in derogatory remarks. These nonsense must stop. People in authority should stay away from playing religious sentiments for parochial interests.

What the Saudis have done with Trump is only to strength their own bilateral relations, that has gone sour over their collaboration in the post-9/11 joint terrorist activities. It is ridiculous that Saudis are accusing Qatar of financing the so-called terrorists which they themselves, under the guidance of both the neo-cons and the zionists, have created in the first place. Let the Saudis dance with the Americans and the zionists, it is now the time for the Muslim ummah to liberate Arabia from the Saudis so that the holy lands of the ummah will not be sold to the zionists who are keen on getting back the two Holy sites from the Muslims after usurping the third holy site in Jerusalem. It is time to isolate the Saudis from the rest of Arabia and bring about a total transformation of the country away from the sponsors of international terrorism and radical fanaticism.

Trump has deliberately casted this dice of deception by contradicting himself to the world audience in securing his billions from the Saudis to book his next four years in office. All these verbose garbage coming out from his vulgar mouth are not to be taken seriously as he is only building his own financial clout in the Middle East under the guise of standing by the Saudis and their seasonal supporters who are awaiting for their handouts of billions. This is just the beginning as more such pay outs will be made to others as well in order to secure their security. The days of Saudi playing the role of Muslim leadership are over. They must learn to live with the idea that they are the custodians of the entire swathe of lands that preserve the two Holy sites and that the wealth under those lands belong to the entire ummah as such they have no right to flaunt these God-given wealth in garlanding pigs for protection. Lets hope the Saudis will use their wealth in forging greater unity with the Muslim world and not to use it for dissecting the ummah according to their wishful thinking. 

             IRAN-EU RELATION
             PAKISTAN'S STANCE

May 24, 2017


President Erdogan took a bold step to move his look towards the East after a long and frustratingly protracted application to join EU - a dream many Turks aspired to achieve but painfully humiliating to realize, partly due to EU's fear of progressive Islam and partly its failure to come clean on its participation in the dirty wars against the Muslim world that send millions of Muslims to its shores, heedless of the dangers they undertake in crossing the treacherous water of the Mediterranean sea, while abusing Turkish territories for its nefarious design against the Muslim world. 

My view is that Turkey belongs to Asia, no matter how hard the Turks wants to be associated with Europe. They have their legitimate reason for feeling that way for they had ruled over part of Europe for many centuries till the beginning of the 20th century. The opposition particularly from countries like France, Belgium is understandable for they fear that any inclusion of Turkey into the European fraternity will undermine their socio-cultural fabric of their respective countries, as the Turks, despite overtly westernized are deeply religious and take their religious commitment outside their own country seriously as a mark of their own identity. Thus the opening of the door of the EU to Turkey will allow the Turks to settle down in all nooks and corners of Europe. But EU's insistence on Turkey follow their norms and values in respect of the rule of law and human rights at times does not go well with the Turks as the majority of them reside in its Asian part with Asian values. Moreover the growing rift between EU and Turkey is due to the EU fear of Turkish economic growth - which has of late been phenomenal, given the fact that Turkey has embarked on many mega projects that will change the socioeconomic contours of Turkey and even Europe.

Turkish Eastern tilt will certainly boost the morale of the erstwhile Turkic bloc in the Central Asia who look forward to improving their relations with Turkey and to bridge the political gap between Ankara and Moscow. The recent visit by Erdogan to Moscow has only augmented the chance for better relations to come. At the same time Turkey's involvement in Syrian mess is hurting the Muslim world in the sense that Turkey is siding with the world's arrogance in throwing out an elected government of a sovereign Muslim country that is equally secular. By right they should have interfered in the Iraqi dissolution when the Americans came in with the Mother of All Lies (MOAL) of WMD. Why now Turkey reacts to the events in Syria? Is it because of the Kurdish issue?

I can understand the Turkish position with regard to the aspiration of a separate homeland for the Kurdish people. Contrary to many views I find that the Kurds are well integrated into the Turkish society. The Kurds I have met have vouched that Turkey has done all that is possible to accommodate the ever increasing number of refugees from both Iraq and Syria coming through the Kurdish controlled areas in both these countries that border Turkey. However, Turkey's determination to stem the aspiration of a separate homeland for Kurd may draw some discomfort among the Muslims. Why Kurds are denied of their separate homeland? Is it necessary to have a separate homeland when they are well integrated into the society? Why create a new problem? Is it a pursuit of justice? We know they have been punished by the colonialists both the French and the British in their mad vengeance against Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi for the crushing defeat of the crusaders. It is recorded that a French General Henri Gouraud reportedly went to the tomb of Salah al-Din, kicked it and said: "Awake, Saladin. We have returned. My presence here consecrates victory of the Cross over the Crescent".

It is my earnest belief that Turkey in its new found strength will accommodate the Kurdish question not by denying them their rights but by embracing them as part of the greater Turkey, by giving them some degree of autonomy, so that they have a sense of identity and locality that was denied to them by the colonial machination.

In tilting towards the East, Turkey must work closely with both Russia and China wherein they have greater fraternal affinity with the Turkic bloc which will certainly help in reducing the tension and suspicion faced by the Muslims of Turkic origin for whom Turkey can be a beacon of hope in times of despair.


May 23, 2017


The recent announcement by Saudi Arabia and its American backers to create a Nato-type organisation to stamp out the spread of American-sponsored Daesh terrorism is like shooting on its own feet with borrowed weapons. Every one in the world knows that it is the Saudi petrodollars that finance these criminal elements who are damaging the reputation of Islam and Muslims. By forming the coalition of 54 Muslim nations excluding Iran and some of their supporters is a sign for disaster to come, for which Saudi Arabia is not prepared nor is America keen on defending Saudi Arabia. All Trump is interested in is taking money for his pet projects in America, perhaps he got the amount for building the retainer wall along the Mexican border by giving the Saudi a false sense of protection from the so-called enemy whom America itself has created with the help of the Zionist criminals who are all delighted to see the remaking of the Middle East according to the globalist plan of the illuminatis. Both the father and son Salmons were sheepish (or shall I call them camelish) when Trump gave his speech at Riyadh in an effort to detox the toxic he spread earlier in his campaign trail. Both their faces were radiating with hypocrisy and disillusionment over his mild attack on the Iranians while instructing them to rein in the terrorists they created in destabilizing the region in an effort to strengthen the Zionist entity.

All along the Saudis wanted the American to shed their blood in doing their dirty war against the shiah community. Now Trump has said in no ambiguous term that the Saudis and other warmongering sell-outs must foot the bill for the American show down. This is the best way for the milking of these two camels. As Trump has said he will dry these Saudi camels of their milk and then he will slaughter them. That is why he started his holy visit in Saudi Arabia then to the Zionist enclave before he pays a visit to the holy father in Vatican. But there is nothing holy about this as he has gone on a mission to seek blessings before launching the ground offensive against Syria and Iran with his Nato criminals some of whom have amassed their troops along the Syria-Jordan border, while creating a diversion in the far east with the nuke-kid Kim. I am sure the Syrians are fully aware of this nefarious design of the Americans and their dummies in the Arab desert who are excited in destroying countries more civilized then themselves. America will learn a bitter lesson once again with humiliating defeat. It is high time American public rise up in arms against those illuminatis controlling the establishments in their country and rescue it from these criminals who are pushing the country to self-destructive paths. Let these swines send their own children to the frontiers to be killed. Trump through his Zionist son-in-law and his vivacious daughter are in a mission to get filthier richer at the expense of the dumb Saudis, who think they are doing a great geopolitical maneuvering with their petrol dollars. Time has come to wake these camels up! They will compete to sell the rest of the Middle East to the Zionists to gain their support in defeating the Iranians.

So this so-called Arab Nato is nothing other than Saudi Anti Terrorists Organisation (SATO). This SATO could also mean Saudi Arabia Terrorists Organisation, depends on how one looks at the role of the Kingdom in the various activities it has been financing. It is time the Saudis come clear on their terrorism-backing activities. Muslim world has suffered enough with the Saudi version of Islam that has pit a brother against a fellow brother and has caused mayhem in many families and societies around the world. Their action has led many in the world to look Islam and Muslims with hate. The Saudi money could not  build love.

The House of Sauds has been working their magic with the West for far too long. It is the same family that had worked with the enemies of Islam in the dissolution of the Khilafat, the creation of the zionist entity and now the destruction of fellow Muslim countries, all in their madness to be the leader of the Muslim world. No doubt no Muslim will act against the holy land, but if those who are hiding behind these holy lands are out to destroy the Islamic world with their purchased ammunition toys, I am sure the Sauds will become the target of the Muslim world regardless of the so-called support of the 50 odd Muslim leaders whom the Saudis gathered to listen to the insults Trump has unleashed on them. It is a shame that instead of closing rank with fellow Muslims the Sauds are courting the devil to harm another Muslim country, Iran, where the recent election has proven beyond doubt, contrary to the fabricated fake news coming from biased western media, that it was an overwhelming endorsement of the establishment that has given due recognition to the non-shi'ah minorities. I hope the Saudis and their fellow Gulf Arabs do give due recognition to their fellow minority Muslims so that the schism they are working hard to create with the help of Americans and their Zionist master will end with no further bloodshed. I am sure Iran is well aware of the American strategy and they will have the last laugh at the stupidity of the Arabs.
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              SAUDIS BRIBE TRUMP

Despite gathering the 'entire' Arab and Muslim leaders to show the clout the Saudis have mustered through flashing petrodollars, there seems to be some sense expressed by both Qatar and Kuwait. This seems to have angered the Saudis that they are frowning at the Emir of Qatar for speaking the truth and articulating it so rationally and realistically. Even the public opinion in Pakistan has turned against the Saudi attempt to divide the ummah on the jahiliyyah sentiment of Arabs and Persian. Even one so-called Arab specialists in a Jazeera Inside Story echoed this jahiliyyah themes wen he said in relation to Iran's support for Palestinian cause that Gaza is the backyard of the Arabs and why should the Persians be interested in it. Such stupid rhetoric only goes to explain that the Arabs, particularly the Saudis, have lost their sense of ummah and have fallen into the web of deception created by the West. I hope the Trump administration will listen to the wise counsel of Kofi Annan and recognises the fact that it is in the best interest of the States to work with people with knowledge and not with those who have nothing but oils. It is indeed unfortunate that the Saudis have embarked on a self-destructive suicidal path that they need to be reined in by tough love.

             KOFI COUNSELS THE U.S.

May 18, 2017


The rowdy American democrats who having lost the Presidential election are hell bent on insulting Trump and have began a systemic campaign to discredit him and his administration through subversion and non-cooperation by casting aspersion on his flamboyant personality and worst still on his family. These cheap tactics need to stop if these lobby-financed zionist-neocons were to do justice to America. I find that the security institutions in America are working to serve their masters in the illuminatis and not the nation. There is a need to investigate these institutions thoroughly as to their real motives, intentions, purposes and goals, because many instances have revealed that they have worked to undermine the functions of the state conspiring against it by leaking lies and distorted truths thereby galvanizing the gullible American public into a criminal war against the innocents in faraway lands only to protect the greedy filth that remote controls the Congress.

What Trump did by firing Comey from FBI is something many democrats may disagree. But then being the President he has every right to hire and fire anyone whom he trusts. It is obvious Comey has failed the litmus test of loyalty that Trump demands. The way Comey had conducted himself in the running up to the election by 'revealing' the shady emails of Hillary and then rescuing her from legal actions only prove that Comey is trying to play politics. He should have maintained his neutrality and kept his role apolitical. Now Trump has the reason to go after the entire FBI establishment and look out for capable replacement. I am sure there are very capable loyal Americans out there who are very concerned about the country just like Trump who want to make America great again. He can be even a black man. Some time it takes a black to correct the white, as things are known through their opposites. But then the opposite of white is not black, it is not-white. This gives a colorful options for Trump to select the next replacement.

Coming to think of his possible replacement, I, like many concerned Americans who believe in world peace, watched the sterling performance by Trey Gowdy, a Republican backbencher and a member of the US Congress' Intelligence, Judiciary and Oversight Committees, in grilling Hillary and a whole bunch of colluding democrats who began to challenge the presidential directives by pretending to stand up for rule of law, justice, ethics and a whole range of concepts that have increasingly lost their meanings due to American unilateral decision to poke its nose in other people's business. He might be very suitable for the job, but given the dirt he needs to clear up in the FBI, he would be very reluctant to undertake the messy job of mopping up operation to weed out moles and leakers who are behind the current spate of shaming the presidency.

It is time the American people stand behind their President and support his effort to make America great again by clearing the swamp that is surrounding him forcing him to make unsound judgement and dragging him into yet another unjust war. 

             TREY GOWDY
             GOWDY THE FBI CHIEF
             GOWDY BACKS DOWN

Apr 27, 2017


I am surprised to read about people's reaction on Trump. Calling him an empowered fool is insulting. After all he is an accomplished master of apprentice who is trying to hire and fire people to serve his new business empire in Capital Hill. That is why he tagged along his daughter together with her real estate husband to be closer to him to give advise that resulted in the bombing of Syria  and his dramatic showdown with his Korean Kims.

The frustration shown by the Democrats and the Liberals in what they perceived as his wishy washy and lacklustre attitude towards the objectives of America as the greatest thug on earth bent on regime change in all parts of the world, is not acceptable. Kudos must be given to Trump for doing what he pleases with no regard for political correctness. There is a need to change the Congress that is subservient to the international lobbyists of arms smugglers, drug peddlers, mercenaries, terrorists who are sponsored by the international Zionists who have hijacked the function of America. That is why America is viewed with disdain.

America has lost its international credibility - except in the eyes of fellow zionist supporters like France, Britain and Germany who have equally lost their sense of justice and rationality that they began to play trumpet with zionist-infested Congress to draw Trump into their snare so that he will be functioning as their faithful operative. No doubt he was backed and cultivated by the trillionaires of the world who worked to get him installed as their functionary in the White House, I still think that this man has retained some traces of the raw American spirit of the Wild Wild West that he will be able to exercise individual judgement in making his move. Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my earlier blog, his hands are tied by his love for his family. This becomes the target for those who are out to do damage to him so that he will be toeing their line. Thus it is becoming evident that he is having a tough fight in his administration with many Obama appointees who are working to undermine his administration. Now I realize what Obama meant when he said "when the reality kicks in" Trump will change his course. All these "realities" are concocted by the democrats so that they can continue playing the puppeteering behind Trump's back. Don't get me wrong for speaking out for Trump. I am not his supporter. But I feel that this man is trying to regain some of the lost pride of America in the world by making America great again.

It is this "making America great again" that is not clearly defined that it is interpreted differently by different stakeholders in America. The forces that are working against this agenda are only interested in making America bleed again and again by invading other countries. What is required now is for the American public to work with Trump, even though many of them consider him as Mr. Dump, in eradicating the viruses that are plaguing the country's economy, military, media, security, Congress, and its international influence. It is time for Americans to reclaim America from these terrorists who are out to defend the Zionist entity a 100 times or even 1000 times at the expense of America. So I am urging my American brothers and sisters across the political divide, colour, race, religion and persuasion to rally behind the Commander in Chief by occupying the White House and all other important institutions in America and its various interest areas and reclaim the country from these criminals. Work with him to stop the degradation and desecration of the nation and help him rebuild it both infrastructurally and morally. So for God sake stop insulting him by taking him for a fool!



Strange to note that the illegitimate Zionist entity has appointed a Muslim Palestinian to head a Muslim Religious Court in the Occupied Palestine. My congratulation to our sister Hana Mansour al-Khatib for her accepting the appointment. Hopefully she will be able and allowed to execute her duties with respect and competence. I wonder where did this Nut-in-Yahoo get this idea. Perhaps he might have got inspired by his recent visit to my beloved country where even the Speaker of Parliament is wearing her head dress and it did not hinder her duty to the nation. It is a shame that in many Muslim countries we do not have qualified sisters appointed as judges to decide family disputes. Hopefully her appointment will inspire these countries to trust in the ability of sisters and appoint them to handle matters pertaining to justice.

I first came across about the functioning of Shari'ah Courts in the Occupied Palestine when I was pursuing my Ph.D in Edinburgh. I even thought of comparing the Shari'ah Court there with the Shari'ah Court in my country. But I thought it is better if I go there to do the research. But it seems that I will only go after its liberation.


Apr 25, 2017


The BJP-run India seems to be engaged in a war against its own people, the occupied Kashmir in the north, the Naxilites in the east, the Sikhs in the west and the Tamils in the south, and not to miss the rest. There is something seriously wrong in Modi's politics of change. The recent killing of the CM of Tamil Nadu, the late Jayalalitha and the subsequent masquerading by the Central government in apprehending the real criminals who have systematically abused the facilities of the famous Apollo Hospital in Chennai, that many Tamils are questioning the professional integrity of those who attended to the late CM and the collusion of hospital higher-ups in this heinous crime that from my own analysis of the relations, circumstances, events and after reactions all indicate to a premeditated murder by special interests that want to have Tamil Nadu as part of its political agenda to which the late CM was reluctant to cave in.

The history of Tamil Nadu's struggle for identity within the messy Indian nationalism is very murky as the Tamils have been deliberately sidelined in their struggle for self-identity and recognition. Their language and culture were not given adequate recognition in India, despite the fact that the intellectual contribution of the Tamils have been well-documented by others. My contention is that India is against the Tamil cause and that is why they engineered the massacre of the Sri Lankan Tamils through collusion and negation. Now having fed the Tamils to the tigers, the Central government is conniving to gobble up Tamil Nadu by pushing the Tamils away from their homeland. I am sure with the construction of the national highways linking the north with the south the entire fanatical and barbaric criminals will come down in nude to Cape Comorin and pollute its serenity with their dirts.

It seems it is a lesson for the Tamils who have been so blindly supporting their coreligionists from the north who have no sympathy for their cause. They knew that these Tamils are emotional people who will be pleased with the pittance thrown at them. In the country of caste system, the Tamils will be cast away into the Southeast Asia in an effort to reclaim the Greater India. To achieve this they may need to rewrite Hanuman's adventure into lands beyond Sri Lanka.

I was wondering why the urgency to do this murder and create the chaos in Tamil politics? To my understanding there is a greater geopolitical game that is being played out. Particularly with the coming of CPEC and the OBOR initiatives that encircle India, and the interest shown by the major powers to have bases in Sri Lanka has placed India in a precarious situation. Moreover, the activities of the world illuminatis to pollute the lands of the Tamil farmers with poisonous insecticides, pesticides under the guise of enhancing productivity and at the same time mining for chemicals that pollutes the lands of the farmers have forced many of the hard working Tamil farmers to commit suicide. I see a deliberate attempt to destroy the Tamil land is being done by the northerners by supplanting the leaders with jokers and actors who have nothing to do with the rich heritage of the Tamils. It is time that the Tamils come out of their self-induced slumber and start demanding their rights in the rightful way. Given the pool of talents available among the Tamils I am sure they will be able to get the leaders who can lead them to greater heights.