Aug 17, 2017


Baby Salman's Yemeni misadventure is showing signs of frustration, exhaustion, guilt and failure that he is trying to save his face by making overtures to Iran through Iraq for a possible normalization of relations between the two countries after having tried all cards in his sleeves. This political novice is trying to play some hard balls in International diplomacy by bribing Trump with billions in arms purchase to protect his family. This young dude must be brought to justice for waging an illegal war against a poorest neighbor. He was shaken by the resoluteness of the Yemenis who started sending message of missiles targeting the military bases deep into Arabian desert. It would have been better if they had aimed at those lavish and palatial residences in which people of his ilk hide and commit crimes in comfort without caring to count the casualties his misguided adventure has caused on those innocent Yemenis who were demanding their rights. Spinning it as a sectarian war thereby drawing in the Muslim worlds to choose between "with us" or "against us" ultimatum Baby Salman has created hole in the unity of ummah that only his head can fit in!

Now that he wants a way out of this mess that he had created, it is important that he does the right thing by compensating in trillions in the development of Yemen and economic empowerment of its people. He has to go and kiss the feet of every mother who has lost her child, every wife who lost her husband, every daughter who her father, and every sister who lost her brother. At least by kissing these feet he will learn humility and be responsible in his action.

His attempt to seek help through Iraqi Sadr, to me, is just an eyewash to fool the public. He should make a concerted effort to go on an apology tour to Yemen, Iraq, Syria and of course Iran. This should be followed by he taking a second wife from the shi'ah community, particularly from the Shaykh Nimr family who was killed for speaking out against ill-treatment of the shi'ah in the Kingdom. That would be a fair start in solving this problem he created.  


Aug 2, 2017


Watching the unfolding of Iran's nuclear deal with the West and President Trump's adamant stand in repealing it proves an exciting tug-of-war between the turbaned Mullahs of Iran and the hawkish technocrats of America. One thing is becoming very clear is that now America and the West has to negotiate with turbaned people who have proven again and again that they are smarter, well-composed and rational in their approach. Iran has shown to the world that having a turban to lead is not a hindrance in managing a country. The recent democratic election has proven beyond doubt that America itself must be ashamed of its version of democracy that is marred by accusation of cheating and foreign meddling.

Again and again Iran is proving itself that it is a force to be reckoned with, particularly in matters pertaining to the Middle East and the Muslim World. Sidelining it will be at the peril of those who entertain such wishful thinking. The advancement they have made in many fields including scientific and military fields is sending shudder down the spines of the Zionists who illegally occupy the Palestinian lands and keep harming the Palestinians with disproportionate and brutal force. Iran doesn't need nuclear warheads to wage a war. It is not going to benefit any one. Those who have them are living in fear of accident leading to calamity despite having done all the precautions. The missile technology is good, but it would be better if they can develop laser technology or even make use of solar-powered space technology in military use.  

The path taken by Iran to have a comprehensive and all-round development through indigenous technology is commendable. The American sanctions have produced a resolute country that takes pride in itself and is very sure of its place in the world and its responsibility towards fellow human society. As such the cheap American tactics of fueling sectarian schism through false accusation of sponsor of terrorism has not convinced the Muslim world of Iran's intention to dominate. Isolating Iran through sanctions and intimidation will not bear any fruit, as the entire Muslim world is witnessing the drama that unfolds in the Middle East and they know who is behind all the mess. After all the turbans think better. Don't you all agree?



The warmongering Americans are abusing their NATO buddies to irritate the Russian Bear, citing the annexation of Crimea as an excuse to launch attacks on Russia and its interests in its Eastern European enclaves. An impartial review of the events leading upto the dissolution of the Soviet Union and its immediate aftermath will unveil the true colors of Americans, particularly the Zionist-Neocon Nexus of the Devil and their European peddlers.

What is going on is the demonization of Putin and his actions against their greedy interests in dominating the world event. The fact that Nato has massed up troops along the hinterlands stretching from Estonia in the northwest to Bulgaria in the southwest is a clear indication of the nefarious design carefully choreographed by the jokers in Brussels and Washington.

Now the Neocon are pressurizing Russia through sanctions aimed at punishing Putin and his close associates has only made him more creative and bold in his adventure. He has worked smartly in out maneuvering the mighty Americans and their nerdy Europeans who themselves are getting wary about American strategy to lead.

What my friend Trump has done is to salvage American job and image at the cost of losing friends and their interests. There is nothing wrong in he focusing on America, for he campaigned on the slogan of "Make America Great Again". So let him do some hard and tough work in correcting the problems in America itself before he lead others. He got what he wanted from the Saudis that can complete his infrastructural development programs in US. He may even construct an entire city called Trump City with all modern amenities and connectivities. No matter what the Neocon-infested Congress may say or bark at him I am confident he is right person to lead America in this crucial juncture. He will certainly focus on bringing back the American troops from the countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, for he has begun to see the futility in getting involved in wars that benefit the criminal  Zionists of the occupied Palestine at the cost of cheap American life, not to speak of the collateral damages on the innocent victims.

By accusing Russia for meddling in the presidential election of Trump and using that false and unsubstantiated accusation, the Americans, particularly the dumb heads in Congress are blackmailing Trump and thereby dragging the country into another war, perhaps in Ukraine or Baltic. These Americans are loose guns aiming their weapons aimlessly from North Korea to Baltic, thinking that they can win a war. The days of American supremacy are gone. The world has witnessed the repeated lies and cheap media propagandas, the conniving criminalities of its security agencies and their attendant mercenaries in fomenting unjust and criminal wars against countries that believe in themselves.

It will be good to see more distribution of world power. Now I am happy to see countries like China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, North Korea, Indonesia, India are asserting themselves more responsibly in finding a multi polar world that will keep the devil away from harming the innocents. More countries should join this list of countries in bringing peace to this fragile world.    



After having written on the much-touted greatness of the father in my blog post numbered Heart Talk 74 (though not published yet), I was surprised to read about the siblings squabbles in Singapore over the estate of the deceased Lee. No body expected that this will happen in a family that is well preserved, entrenched and protected to survive for another 100 years with the wealth they have amassed over the last 60 years or so (not to mention the purported billions). But then we cannot underestimate the power of the devil who has started playing his nefarious design in many ways. As the drama unfolds the siblings are accusing the chosen Lee as misleading and telling lies in court - a serious accusation that tarnish the image he so piously inherited from his late father and that he wants his son to take the mantle of the Lee Dynasty. 

As a Singaporean I feel leaders should not wash their dirty linens in public. It is a question of prestige, lest the economy and the stock market may be influenced by such revelations, which may in turn affect the lives of the innocents. Since the late Lee was the founding father of the nation, his entire properties must be sold at market value (or even below the market for that matter), and create a foundation in his name that aims to compensate fully those who were victimised by him and his criminal lackeys through his arrogant policies. Many talented, patriotic, sincere and committed individuals and their families were destroyed and their dreams were shattered by him and his thugs in his mad pursuit to make Singapore his story.

The decision of the brother to leave the country in protest or even in fear of his safety, in my view, is a great drama that is in sync with other dramas orchestrated by the ruling elites in various countries to siphon of money from the country to other safe havens, as part of the winding up of the old system to pave way for the new one, but more like the old wine in a new bottle. Unfortunately Lee the III is not keen on continuing the legacy, fearing of backlash not from the public but from his close relatives who are hurling baseless accusations on the Will of the Dead Lee.

What one can't understand is why is this drama has come to light at this moment? Is it part of a grand strategy to assuage the waning reputation of a great leader who, it seems to, have harbored some misgivings against the chosen successor by not being forthright in his sharing of love for his children? He seems to have suppressed some important decisions from his successor. Why did he do the thing he did? But knowing his style of managing it is not surprising that he did not trust his own flesh. How could he when he did not even trust his own shadow? That is the enigma in this drama.


Jul 22, 2017


America demands Pakistan to take affirmative action against Haqqani network that is blamed for the failure of American success in Afghanistan. I was wondering which Haqqani they are referring to? Even the former Pakistani Ambassador to the US is also a Haqqani who has now begun aggressively promoting Indian agenda as he is a fellow at Hudson Institute. I used to listen to the beardless Haqqani for his eloquence in articulating the Pakistani case and thought that he was doing a good job 'defending' Pakistani interest, only to learn that he was busy issuing visa to security operatives in America to conduct clandestine activities in Pakistan that led to the assassination of American agent the Osama. Is he trying to bite more than he can chew? Is he trying to get American support and backing for his bid to be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan? He seems to flipflop too often. He has tarnished the status of Pakistani diplomats and has proven that he is no better than a creepy cheap politician who wants fame at the expense of the nation. As America insists on the bearded Haqqani, Pakistan should insist on this beardless Haqqani.

Now America insists on withholding the pittance it gives to Pakistan on charges that Pakistan has not done enough to receive this aid. It is time Pakistan throws this American aid and starts a campaign of aggressively defending its territorial integrity by keeping a closer watch on the American and other satanic movements in that part of the world.

The recent visit by the Vietnam Songbird McCain praising Pakistan for cleaning the so-called tribal areas of terrorists and the hypocritical reversal he did upon arrival in Afghanistan are indicative of the American insincerity in securing peace in South Asia. Perhaps this duplicity has landed him in brain cancer. Hope he will recover from the operation and will come out saner.

             HAQQANI NETWORK 1

Jun 12, 2017


The war of words between the Holy Saudis and the Iranian officials are not helpful in finding a solution to the intricate Middle Eastern politics. The dissecting of the Middle East along sectarian line is not going to be helpful and it will only play into the hands of those criminals who are etching for war  through the chronic disease of divide and rule. The uprooting and resettlement of people from their native places to other localities on the basis of creed is unacceptable. The creation of many countries in the name of religion has resulted in increased violence and intolerance all in the name of religion against their coreligionists even after such transplantation. My view is that the ploy to save the people from the place of crime or atrocity will not solve the problem except that it exasperate it to manifolds and complex the already worst situation.

Having destroyed Afghanistan, then Iraq, followed by Libya all on false and trumped up charges of various concocted lies, the greedy monkeys in American neo-con infested Congress are implementing the criminal zionist-illuminatis agenda of controlling the wealth of these nations so that they may not fall into the hands of other emerging powers. That is why Trump's Saudi visit is seen in this larger context as the nexus between America and the zionist criminals to fool the self-defeating Arabs who are blinded by their rage against Iran for standing up to their evil designs to divide the Middle East on sectarian line, after having lost their bidding to wrest Iraq from the so-called Shi'i belt.

It is precisely due to this coupled with the historic paycheck Trump had received from the nerdy Saudi palace, followed by the endorsement he received from the Nut in Yahoo that he went on a confrontation with his erstwhile allies in the Nato to tell them off and to insult them into believing that America is paying more to protect these allies who have been taking undue advantage of America's generosity by not contributing enough. Certainly Europeans are red-faced. To add salt to the injury Trump announced that America is pulling away from Paris Climate Agreement - not mentioning that America is the greatest polluter on earth.

These are important milestones in the future directions of American relations with others. Trump has put America first. He is definitely justified in doing so. He, as its leader, wants to focus on American agenda. It is a lesson for all its allies that they should not outsource their national defense to others even if they are intimate bedfellows. It is often the bedfellows who turn out to be the bad fellows, as they know the intimate secrets. Certainly there is a trust deficit. It is time for Europeans to think independently and ask the Americans to leave their bases and begin to charge them for using their lands for its nefarious design of containing Russia. It is never too late to amend ties with Russia's Putin.  In fact Putin has been sending his feelers to gauge the sincerity of Nato's intention in moving their armies closer to Putin's turf.

What Trump and his hard-headed military Mad-Dogs are doing by undermining NATO and propping up SATO is to withdraw or reduce American presence in Europe, letting the Europeans to take care of their borders, and redeploying its troops in the Jordan-Syrian border to help the illegitimate zionist entity in realizing its wishful dream of preempting the so-called biblical catastrophe, termed the WWWIII the end result of which is to create the Greater Zionist entity that will include the Holy sites of Makkah and Madinah. The Saudis are willing to cooperate with this criminal entity at the expense of Islamic fraternity. Shame on the Saudis.

From the recent news leakages it has become clear that all along the Saudis and their Emirate cousins have been keeping a closer contact with the zionist entity while pretending to oppose it and paying lip service to the oppressed Palestinian issue. It is this covert support these camel-keepers give to the zionist criminals that they have emboldened in their attack against the Muslims and now they have worked a grand plan to isolate Iran, that understands the criminal intend of these zionists and their Arab backers,

Qatar does not have to feel isolated. I admire the iron cladded resoluteness of the Emir of Qatar for standing his ground in defending his sovereignty, independence and identity as a voice of the voiceless without fear of  being politically incorrect that has enlightened the Arabs to spring into action that shattered the glass palaces occupied by many erstwhile dictators of the Middle East who have personalised the public properties. Qatar should continue play the "Devil's advocate" to keep these devils and their evils at bay. The fact that Turkey, Iran and Pakistan have shown unflinching moral and material supports to Qatar at this crucial time is encouraging as it has put an end to the jahiliyyah attitude of the Arabs in despising others and dividing the ummah on the basis of race and calling fellow Muslims in derogatory remarks. These nonsense must stop. People in authority should stay away from playing religious sentiments for parochial interests.

What the Saudis have done with Trump is only to strength their own bilateral relations, that has gone sour over their collaboration in the post-9/11 joint terrorist activities. It is ridiculous that Saudis are accusing Qatar of financing the so-called terrorists which they themselves, under the guidance of both the neo-cons and the zionists, have created in the first place. Let the Saudis dance with the Americans and the zionists, it is now the time for the Muslim ummah to liberate Arabia from the Saudis so that the holy lands of the ummah will not be sold to the zionists who are keen on getting back the two Holy sites from the Muslims after usurping the third holy site in Jerusalem. It is time to isolate the Saudis from the rest of Arabia and bring about a total transformation of the country away from the sponsors of international terrorism and radical fanaticism.

Trump has deliberately casted this dice of deception by contradicting himself to the world audience in securing his billions from the Saudis to book his next four years in office. All these verbose garbage coming out from his vulgar mouth are not to be taken seriously as he is only building his own financial clout in the Middle East under the guise of standing by the Saudis and their seasonal supporters who are awaiting for their handouts of billions. This is just the beginning as more such pay outs will be made to others as well in order to secure their security. The days of Saudi playing the role of Muslim leadership are over. They must learn to live with the idea that they are the custodians of the entire swathe of lands that preserve the two Holy sites and that the wealth under those lands belong to the entire ummah as such they have no right to flaunt these God-given wealth in garlanding pigs for protection. Lets hope the Saudis will use their wealth in forging greater unity with the Muslim world and not to use it for dissecting the ummah according to their wishful thinking. 

             IRAN-EU RELATION
             PAKISTAN'S STANCE

Americans, particularly the buffoons in the Congress and the security agencies, have proven repeatedly that they are a nation that thrives on lies and false flag that aims to serve the criminal intent of an illegitimate zionist enclave in the land of the occupied Palestine. It is an act of war and that too a shameful one, particularly when the opponents, in this case the Syrians and the Iraqis are ill-equipped to challenge the might of these murderous self-gloating jerks who have lost all their wars after WWII. I would like to see a fair level playing field in which these American nerds meet the Syrians and prove their mettle. Instead these cowards are fighting a war through a well-orchestrated Hollywood series honing their acting skills. They are working to undermine and mislead Trump into committing more 'unforced' errors given his political immaturity in handling complex issues in international relations. One may discount Trump on many account for his amateurish approach to sensitive topics as he himself has let others to take advantage of his situation. But one thing is certain he is no friend of anyone. He is fast learning the tricks of the trade and that is why the deep shit (I mean the Deep State) is feeling uncomfortable with his diatribe both at home and abroad. It wont be surprising that these vile forces that are working to undermine and hijack his presidency may make use of his son-in-law to do the first strike against the enemies selected by his godfather the zionist-illuminatis.

People are concerned about his recent trip to the Gulf that engulfed in brotherly fire of words between Qatar and some of the shaky sheikhdoms, and has pulled the rug off their feet and exposed their illusionary unity to the outside world. To me it is a good start to get the real devil out of the bottle. The fact that such dramas were created to bring both the zionists and the saudis together in their collusion against Muslim unity by targeting fellow Muslims from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon as sponsors of terrorism - a precondition for approving the anointment of the baby Salman as the heir apparent to a declining empire.  Recently the zionists flew to the Kingdom in a show of support against possible coup attempts by the larger royal family following the ouster of CIA point-man Price Nayef. This in itself a clear case of Saudi recognition of this criminal zionist entity. It wont be long for this new star in the Saudi desert to die younger as he has more blood in his hands and has proven to his zionist handlers that he is the one who can deliver the whole of the Holy land to the zionists not in silver platter but in gold. I am expecting more turmoils in the desert kingdom and more purging of potential claimants to the throne will be carried out in a systematic way, of course, through the help of the zionists. While this goes on the sideline, interestingly, the Saudis have appointed the former Pakistan Military General to lead the newly formed so-called Islamic Military to give a semblance of Muslim unity and the Kingdom's pivotal position in the Muslim world. This position should not be abused by assuming a role for which the Kingdom is ill-placed. Hopefully he will be able to guide the Saudis militarily to stay out of zionist war against Muslim world. He should stay the course in Riyad, despite the erratic behavior of the Saudi Defense minister, and set the direction of this army so that it will be the harbinger of peace and security in the Muslim world.

I read the recent comment by Prince Turki bin Faisal on his hope for better relation with Iran as encouraging. But it is not the duty of this respected Prince to incite the Iranians to go against their chosen political design. Let the Iranians manage their affairs as per their wishes. A mere assembly of 10 or 100 thousand opportunists should not be misconstrued as legitimate representative of the nation of Iran. We should not interfere in their internal matter. The recent election has proven this  beyond any shred of a doubt, despite the son of Shah call it a sham. He is no longer an entity in Iranian politics. I do understand why the Saudis are vehementally opposed to the Mullah-controlled Iran. I would like to see more variety in Islamic politics. We have monarchy-ruled Muslims states, secular Muslim states, theocratic Muslim states, pseudo-Islamic Muslim states, Islam-bashing Muslim states, cosmetic Islamic state, pluralistic Islamic state, fanatical Islamic state, etc. I think we should allow the Muslim community in each country to decide how they want to live. I see strength in these diversities. All these differences will respond to the challenges accordingly.


May 24, 2017


President Erdogan took a bold step to move his look towards the East after a long and frustratingly protracted application to join EU - a dream many Turks aspired to achieve but painfully humiliating to realize, partly due to EU's fear of progressive Islam and partly its failure to come clean on its participation in the dirty wars against the Muslim world that send millions of Muslims to its shores, heedless of the dangers they undertake in crossing the treacherous water of the Mediterranean sea, while abusing Turkish territories for its nefarious design against the Muslim world. 

My view is that Turkey belongs to Asia, no matter how hard the Turks wants to be associated with Europe. They have their legitimate reason for feeling that way for they had ruled over part of Europe for many centuries till the beginning of the 20th century. The opposition particularly from countries like France, Belgium is understandable for they fear that any inclusion of Turkey into the European fraternity will undermine their socio-cultural fabric of their respective countries, as the Turks, despite overtly westernized are deeply religious and take their religious commitment outside their own country seriously as a mark of their own identity. Thus the opening of the door of the EU to Turkey will allow the Turks to settle down in all nooks and corners of Europe. But EU's insistence on Turkey follow their norms and values in respect of the rule of law and human rights at times does not go well with the Turks as the majority of them reside in its Asian part with Asian values. Moreover the growing rift between EU and Turkey is due to the EU fear of Turkish economic growth - which has of late been phenomenal, given the fact that Turkey has embarked on many mega projects that will change the socioeconomic contours of Turkey and even Europe.

Turkish Eastern tilt will certainly boost the morale of the erstwhile Turkic bloc in the Central Asia who look forward to improving their relations with Turkey and to bridge the political gap between Ankara and Moscow. The recent visit by Erdogan to Moscow has only augmented the chance for better relations to come. At the same time Turkey's involvement in Syrian mess is hurting the Muslim world in the sense that Turkey is siding with the world's arrogance in throwing out an elected government of a sovereign Muslim country that is equally secular. By right they should have interfered in the Iraqi dissolution when the Americans came in with the Mother of All Lies (MOAL) of WMD. Why now Turkey reacts to the events in Syria? Is it because of the Kurdish issue?

I can understand the Turkish position with regard to the aspiration of a separate homeland for the Kurdish people. Contrary to many views I find that the Kurds are well integrated into the Turkish society. The Kurds I have met have vouched that Turkey has done all that is possible to accommodate the ever increasing number of refugees from both Iraq and Syria coming through the Kurdish controlled areas in both these countries that border Turkey. However, Turkey's determination to stem the aspiration of a separate homeland for Kurd may draw some discomfort among the Muslims. Why Kurds are denied of their separate homeland? Is it necessary to have a separate homeland when they are well integrated into the society? Why create a new problem? Is it a pursuit of justice? We know they have been punished by the colonialists both the French and the British in their mad vengeance against Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi for the crushing defeat of the crusaders. It is recorded that a French General Henri Gouraud reportedly went to the tomb of Salah al-Din, kicked it and said: "Awake, Saladin. We have returned. My presence here consecrates victory of the Cross over the Crescent".

It is my earnest belief that Turkey in its new found strength will accommodate the Kurdish question not by denying them their rights but by embracing them as part of the greater Turkey, by giving them some degree of autonomy, so that they have a sense of identity and locality that was denied to them by the colonial machination.

In tilting towards the East, Turkey must work closely with both Russia and China wherein they have greater fraternal affinity with the Turkic bloc which will certainly help in reducing the tension and suspicion faced by the Muslims of Turkic origin for whom Turkey can be a beacon of hope in times of despair.