May 24, 2018


The ultimatum Trump gave to the Europeans to fix the so-called flawed Iran deal has failed. There are signs of wavering under American pressure that the criminal British, the hypocritical French and to some extent the confused Germans are trying to grapple with this one-sided demand, the letter and spirit of which is being constantly dictated by the Zionist filth in the Congress. I am sure, despite the resoluteness shown by an otherwise united Europe to stand by the original deal, EU will come under extreme pressure from US. As such it is better if EU wants to protect its own investments in Iran and by extension in the larger Muslim world, it must ensure that it stands behind Iran and sends the Americans packing. After all America has repeatedly lied to its so-called allies and deputies on its nefarious designs in the Middle East.

As the world has increasingly witnessed the American duplicity and blatant lies, it is time for the world to stand up to this hegemon by isolating it in world affairs. Following the recent Security Council meeting in which American UN ambassador met with humiliating rejection, the world may continue to send message to America that (a) its opinions are no longer accepted, (b) its dollar is no longer accepted for international settlements, (c) all sanctions done by America against any other country be reciprocated in kind, (d) those Americans intending to visit another country may be required to undergo stringent immigration clearance and visa processing, (e) may encircle American embassies and consulates with tall boundary walls so as to prevent contamination by Americans, and (f) sponsor people who are made refugees by American action to produce body bags to send all moving Americans back to America so that no American be buried thereby permanently occupying the lands.

The world has witnessed repeatedly that wherever America ventures into it brings only calamity and destruction. The insatiable greed of those hidden thugs who pull the strings behind the Congress is ruining America and bringing international hatred towards America as a nation. I am glad that Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and even Cuba are standing up to this World Arrogant with such fortitude and resolve that America will find itself as a barking dog that doesn't bite, so let the world leave this dog to bark and the rest of the world follow the caravan of progress to moves on.

Khamenei's has aptly captured the current Iran-USA stand-off when he described it as another Tom and Jerry show with Trump and his neo-con warmongering zionists as the stupid cat that tries bullying the intelligent Jerry. It is time to knock on the head or legs of the American administration so that they will know that their time is up and that they can no longer continue to bully other nations on trumped up charges or blatant lies. My request is the brave American people to hold their administration to accountability for the damage they are doing in other parts of the world all just keep licking the butt of zionist filth.

             KHAMENEI ON TOM & JERRY

May 18, 2018


I was delighted to see Kim, the brush head, taking his first step across the most heavily guarded demilitarized zone shake the hands of his fellow Korean brother Moon in an effort to ease the tension between the two fraternal parts of the same country that were kept apart by decade-long armistice. Credit must be given to Moon for carefully translating the sincere aspirations of the Korean people by ably executing the reconciliation.

Since the visit by the CIA terrorist chief to smoothen Trump meeting with Kim, diplomatic efforts on both the Koreas and the US are intense, except that Trump under the influence of the criminal neo-cons is getting pressured by warmongers and liars like Bolton and his ilk. These idiots will not think rationally as long as North Korea submits to the unjust dictates of US. They only respect strength. Even Trump with his character does not like to negotiate with weaklings. He needs to feel that he is sparring with someone equally arrogant and tough. Kim has repeatedly proven that despite his young age he is matured to handle even the eccentric nut USA ever had. So it is better Korea negotiate with USA under the cover of its nuclear arsenals.

This talk of 'Libyan model' doesn't work with Nuclear North Korea. Libya was attacked because the Americans who inspected the Iraqi and Libyan nuclear dismantlement ensured that there are no prospects for any future nuclear attempt by these two countries, then upon confirmation the filthy American criminals started implementing the regime change crimes by massacring innocent people. So it is an eye-opener for North Korea not to trust this American filth. All these talks of bringing prosperity to North Korea at the expense of nuclear disarmament are just untrustworthy empty words. Even if the country is open for American participation, I am sure North Korea will lose its moral compass under the name of progress. Well there is no harm in talking the talk but walking the talk must be careful.

My gut feeling is that by proposing Singapore as the venue for the forthcoming Kim-Trump summit, the Americans are setting the trap to lure Kim to the glitters the West can offer if he surrenders his nukes. Hearing that my country has been chosen as the venue for such an important summit I feel honored and feel proud to see the status my country has earned in global stage. But I think despite the fool-proof security Singapore can offer, my concern is that, as Singapore is viewed as a pro-west client state that depends on the favors of the globalist zionists, it may not be the neutral venue for such an important event, given the presence of American base in the country itself. As such the summit be held in the same place where Kim met Moon under the watchful eyes of both armies. This is prudent given the security concerns involved. Perhaps India could be an alternative place to consider.

             TRUMP WARNS KIM

The just concluded historic summit between Chairman Kim and President Trump is indeed a milestone in the trust-deficit American administration. My country has hosted this important summit in a very dignified manner. What follows this important step is an arduous journey towards denuclearization of possibly the entire Far Eastern Asia. I am sure this will be a prolonged and much protracted steps that will move in parity with the demilitarization of the Korean Peninsular. Due credit must be given to President Moon, Chairman Xi and President Putin for encouraging Chairman Kim to undertake this important step in normalizing relation between Korea and the West. But my concern is that America will back stab the deal when political realities change after Trump leaves office. 

In the meantime what countries like Iran and Syria must learn from this deal is that they can only negotiate from the point of strength and not like Libya or Iraq, both were decimated by the arrogant West after confirming the absence of nuclear deterrence. Thus it is important that Iran and Syria strengthen their deterrence abilities to the point of strength so that America and the West understands that they cannot continue pushing countries around to satisfy the insatiable greed of the Zionist filth.

             KIM SUCCEEDED

Apr 29, 2018


Having fired some of his cabinet colleagues in recent weeks President Trump has taken the bold step in announcing the Syrian withdrawal to the cringe of his military advisors and commanders who feel confused and lost over the about-turn of their President. Recent diplomatic spat between America and Russia and the threat of Trade sanction against China coupled with the Turkish decision to buy Russian missiles despite warning from Nato and the failure of American pressure tactics to bring both North Korea and Iran to toe its line are adding strain in his brain that he wants to throw his towel and get back to America to reconstruct the country with the Trillions lost in these madness of regime change. It is a wise step for Trump to decide on this. He should have done it as he had promised during his campaign trail.

But I think withdrawing from the mess it has created together with fellow conspirators is criminal in itself, for the damage it has done to a country is colossal and as such it should be challenged in International court and must bring those architects of this madness to justice. Syrians, Yemenis, Afghans, Iraqis, Somalis, Libyans, not to forget the Palestinians and a score of other victims of American war crimes must take America to task. If America doesn't subject itself to the rulings of the ICJ, which is expected due to its highly self-inflated ego, than other forms of reprisal may be considered.

Realizing this obvious reality, the terrorist Nut in Yahoo, has requested my friend Trump, the Dotard, to stay the course in Syria, illegally, to continue to frustrate the aspirations of the Syrian republic and its strong supporters, Hezbollah, Iran and Russia who are there at the invitation of Syria. By undermining the efforts towards a political settlement to the Syrian crisis, Trump has joined hand with the zionists who have encircled him in killing innocent people in Syria on false flag carefully choreographed, unfortunately the world did not buy their repeated lies. Now they stand exposed as the criminals with bloods of the innocents on their hands.

With Russia taking more assertive role in Syria together with Iran and now Turkey with possible China involvement, I am sure the American dream of dividing Syria will be a challenge. Syria is worst then Afghanistan in terms of their resilience to foreign occupation. Even in Afghanistan Americans are struggling to restore some form of order, but there to they are meeting stiff challenges and utter failure. In Syria they will experience extreme humilation. By roping in the Kurdish group to die for American cheap lies, Trump and the dumps around him are digging their own graves.

The 103 cruise missiles fired at Syrian installation did not do the damage the Americans intended, since 71 of them were neutralised by Syrians with their outdated Russian supplies. With more supplies of modern weaponries, and some of them as freebies, I am sure the Syrians would be able to safeguard their territories from criminal encroachment from the west and the south. Even if the Russians were to supply the shell of S-300, I am confident the Syrians can fill in the void with their own explosives.

The failures the Zionists may encounter in this Syrian war will certainly push their dream of a greater Zionistan with the willing help of Saudistan to another 50 years the least. In the meantime the Middle East will be reshaped to a better place with the help of the resurgent Muslim intelligentsia who are not influenced by western narratives nor under the pay role of their security services.

Trump, being Trump, let himself to stumble by the sheer pressure from his Zionist son-in-law who is pulling him by his G-string. That is why we are seeing many inconsistencies in his statements and actions. Even his conscience is fooled by what follows from his statements. I pity him. But that doesn't mean the leaders in the Muslim world should let their guards down, because he is not in the driving seat all the time.  

             TRUMP WARNED

Mar 23, 2018


What can a poor Secretary of State do when he served a pussy grabbing President who follows the footsteps of an ass grabbing elder statesman, except to leave in frustration? The yawning gap between the mild-mannered Tillerson and the raunchy President is so telling that Trump has started his apprentice version "White House" by firing one by one of his inner circle by picking and then pecking at his staff and then surrounding himself with outspoken and horrendously evil women who are working towards him, in the hope of becoming the first Women President of America. He is having a field day grabbing. Hopefully these three high aspiring women (Nikki, Heather and Gina) will not clash with one another grabbing each other their hairs in their madness to grab his attention. Trump is going to enjoy this. He is in heaven now. With McMaster replaced by the next Bastard as head of security, the White House is going to be a Red House instead, since the incoming replacement is a staunch war advocate. We can expect more bloodshed in innocent countries. Definitely the focus is on North Korea and Iran. With the doctrine of maximum pressure the Trump administration tries to up its ante to get more concession from both North Korea and Iran. But I am definite that nothing will change the course of history in the Iran or North Korean nuclear deals, as the world has repeatedly witnessed America's hypocrisy and it willingness to be the faithful servant of the Khazarite-Zionists. In coming days we will see an increasingly isolated America that is despised and rejected. The world will not be intimidated by American military arrogance, as its devastating failures have been repeatedly proven in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and now Syria. Both its overt and covert operations are visible and people have seen the ruthless lies and deceptions with which America pursues and executes its agenda. I am sure Middle East will be the final graveyard for America and its warmongering neocons with dreams of global governance.
Coming to my friend Trump, I feel that he is surrounding himself with such vultures called the hawks, not by choice but is helplessly kept hostage by his zionist son-in-law who is holding him by his balls at the behest of his bedfellow Nut in Yahoo. Strangely this nerd is said to be in the pocket of the Saudi Clown (did I say Crown) Prince (hopefully we will not find the Prince hiding in Kushner's underwear!). Trump is playing along this line of unpredictability because of the midterm election and to guarantee his second term. Till the confirmation of his second term Trump will continue to behave flippantly with frequent political U-turns and more turns. He needs these scoundrels as they are the tentacles of the deep state to whom he is beholden to, but not necessarily subservient to. I don't think he wants to leave his legacy as the man who started the World War III, like the infamous Churchill. The world has changed and America has lost its determination to fight endless and unwinnable wars in other parts of the world executing the nefarious design of these vicious globalists.
As such my take on Trump is that he is not a moron as described by Tillerson, but he is playing the game very well. He will be firing more people in days to come and their replacements with more radical elements will never change a thing in the world. They will end up as what the Turkish proverb that Putin quotes it ürür, kervan yürür (the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on). Time has come for America to change its attitude and approach. The inspiring the speech by the outgoing Tillerson is worth quoting, as it encapsulates the quintessential American values that have been the beacon of hope and freedom, to which many in the world want to migrate. 

"In these times, your continued diligence and devotion to the State Department's mission has never been more necessary. As you go about your duties, each of you carrying out your individual responsibilities as well as your collective duty, it is my hope that you will be guided by and test your actions each day by the values that we have spoke about over this past year. First, to value the safety and security of yourselves, your loved ones and your colleagues. Second, to maintain a commitment to accountability by first holding yourselves accountable so that you are able to hold others accountable. And that the positive environment of accountability is underpinned by honesty and integrity, in all that you do. Never lose sight of your most valuable asset, the most valuable asset you possess -- your personal integrity. Not one of you was gifted it -- you were born with it. It belongs to you, and always has and will belong to you and you alone. Only you can relinquish it or allow it to be compromised. Once you've done so, it is very, very hard to regain it. So guard it as the most precious thing you possess. 
And finally I hope you will continue to treat each other with respect, regardless of the job title, the station in life, or your role, everyone is important to the State Department. We're all just human beings trying to do our part. In closing I'd like to ask that each of you undertake to ensure one act of kindness each day towards another person. This can be a very mean-spirited town. "But you don't have to choose to participate in that. Each of us get to choose the person we want to be, and the way we want to be treated, and the way we will treat others. God bless you all, your loved ones, God bless America."

             GINA THE WITCH
             END OF McMASTER

Jan 5, 2018


In his attempt to grab world attention, my friend Trump, the pussy-grabber, following the footsteps of his fellow Republican arse-grabbing predecessor, Bush the Senior, has grabbed the third holiest site of Muslims and snatched it away from the helpless Palestinians by declaring it as the eternal capital of the Zionist usurpers and announced the relocation of the American Embassy from (Tel) Hell Aviv to Jerusalem in an effort to add salt to the long festering wound of Palestinian rights to their ancestral land. Instead he succumbed to the illegitimate wishes of the Zionist, hoping that his friend the Nut in Yahoo will not grab him by his balls in public or in United Nation by drawing his famous ball of nuclear threat posed by Iran, if he disobeys the New World Order. It saddens Muslims the world over that having usurped the land of the Palestine from its real inhabitants, the vile and criminal Khazarites who have stolen the identities of the real biblical black Jews are once again at their tricks in stealing what that doesn’t belong to them by sheer pressure tactics.

What pains me the most is not the nerdy American move, which is long known to have lost the credibility to be the honest peace broker, but the support Trump received from the Servant of the Two Holy Sites. The Saudi’s love for this illegitimate entity is rooted in the treachery committed by the Lard Balfour, the master architect behind the creation of this thorn in the oasis of peace. America, following the conniving British has declared war against Muslims by playing this cheap and dirty game, thinking that it will go scot free. Surely it will have friends among the willing sell-outs in the Arab world who having paid lip-service to the Palestinian issue for more than seventy years, are now overtly expressing their love for the Zionist entity. But rest assured that America has unleashed the genie in the Muslim world which will be difficult to bottle in. What I am afraid is that all American interests in the region and through out the world will be targeted along with its support bases in the Muslim world. Mere boycotting of Trump’s products will not have any effect. Worst case may be that boycott America by expelling its Embassy officials and closing it indefinitely. This is not a war against America or Americans. But it is the least people whose rights have been usurped under the force of gun and/or missiles can do while courting those Americans who have not sold their souls to the AIPAC’s misrepresentation and distortion of truth. It is high time Muslims work hand-in-hand with all those peace-loving Americans regardless of their religious persuasions to come together and put pressure on the haunted house at Washington and forcefully exorticize it from its Zionist spirits.

Having lost repeatedly in its self-defeating wars aimed at destabilizing sovereign states at the behest of criminal Zionists, the American regime is venting its frustration over its repeated failures by this cheap tactics of recognizing Jerusalem as the eternal capital, that has also brought international condemnation and shame to America. The UN vote is a resounding insult and a snub to the hegemonic tendency of America. By her uncouthed threat at UN, Ambassador Nikki Haley has set her Punjabi crotch on fire by threatening countries that voted against its uncharacteristic move that defied logic and reality, only to back track it when she realized that even her ancestral land, India, has voted against American decision along with other trusted and loyal backers. Relying squarely on the Zionist lies, America has earned for itself the moniker the Zionist puppet. Interestingly the Zionist Ambassador was fooling himself when he accused those 130 voting member countries as puppets of Palestinian puppet masters! Wow I wish the Palestinians are truly masters of this show in UN. What this stupid act will unleash in the years ahead may include an attack on American interests globally with fire and fury.

These are perceptions and sentiments of Muslims who feel offended by the American move. Coming to think of it, before even this call, it is a known fact that America has its own consulate in Jerusalem, since long. So one may question why was that not objected to earlier. The fact that countries like Egypt and Jordan have made peace with the Zionist entity while many camels of the Arabian desert have covert relations since its creation only justifies the American move. There is a clear case of hypocrisy on the part of Muslim leadership. I for one do not subscribe to the two-state solution to solve this man-made crisis. It is better to treat it as one state with two passports or even better one passport with the emblems of both Palestine and the Zionist entity embossed on either of its two covers.

The suggestion by Bin Salman to move the capital of the Palestinian state to another nearby city is a clear treachery. He needs to be condemned outright. He too is a member of this grabbing club along with his fellow conspirators. The time has come for the Muslim world to secure the Two Holy sites to be brought under the direct control of the Muslim world before the this jerk give them away to the Zionists in silver platter.

            BUSH AMBUSHED  
            TRUMP VIDEO

Oct 18, 2017


Amidst immense pressure from the Neo-con-infested US Congress to loot the oil wealth of Venezuela, the recent gubernatorial results in that Latin American country have nailed the coffin of America for the third time in a short period of three years. The American obsession to take control of this large deposit of oil through regime change agenda is a day-light robbery that has been going on unabated since the false 9/11 self-inflicted criminal act so ably executed by its zionist handlers.

Congratulation to President Maduro for staying the course and for being vigilant against the handiwork of this evil empire. My friend Trump, who finds himself trapped by the sophisticated nut work of Zionist advisors, is behaving like a loose gun moving his arsenals from Pacific to Atlantic in a move to intimidate countries that do not take America any longer serious. The recent spat at UN is highly indicative of America's self-defeating policies. It is no longer viewed with respect, particularly it has become the conduit for Zionist aggression against the world. It is time that the world unite against America and its master and isolate them and their backers. 

Venezuela must ensure that it floods the market with cheap oil and lets see for how long the Americans are willing to keep pumping oil from their shale wells. If America threatens with stupid sanctions get the Russian to monitor the movement of Venezuelan oil with its nuclear submarine stationed in the pacific ocean and also another one near the Lebanon-Palestine coast.

America has become a shameless bully and it needs to be contained and restrained. It has and is continuously causing great loss of innocent lives around the world in its mad pursuit to control the wealth of others. It is time to isolate America, as its leader are no longer serving Americans as they are busy serving the zionist interests, since many of its congressmen are under the payroll of these enemies of humanity.

Sep 25, 2017


Following Trump's arrogant UN address that insulted my friend Kim and his country, the little North Korean leader has responded in kind by branding Trump as a mentally deranged gangster. This tit-for-tat exchange of words and actions reminds me of the famous cartoon series Tom and Jerry. America, being the so-called super power, must behave responsibly by not flexing its muscles to show that it is bigger and stronger. In the era of nuclear deterrence it is not the strength that counts, it is the sheer determination to use it that counts. Given the situation, the more America pressurizes North Korea with all its might and clout, it will push Kim to a tight corner that will justify in he using the lethal weapons he has at his disposal that are well preserved deep in the ground. As such Trump cannot bring Kim to his knees, not because Kim can't bend them, its simply because Trump do not have what it takes to get the little Kim to do it. It is becoming evident America lacks the moral courage to attack North Korea, for the simple reason it is not another Afghanistan, nor Iraq, nor Libya that had let down their deterrence on false promises by the West. Even after causing the mayhem in these countries through the so-called regime change agenda, the criminals in American Congress and their Zionist backers could not win the war. All these swindlers have done is to loot the wealth of these countries and bring their Central Banks under the control of Zionist-illuminatis who forced all these wars to achieve their nefarious designs.

The only few countries whose Central Banks have stayed away from falling victim to this vile force include North Korea, along with Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. Thus by declaring war on these countries under false flag these criminals are destroying nations and their civilizations. What is needed is a concerted effort by all those who value independence and free from the control of this neo-korah (neo-Qarun) and his fellow conscripts who are out to loot the wealth of the nations. They must be destroyed. As such countries that value their sovereignty must equip and arm themselves with all deterrent weapons to keep these devils at bay. It is said that North Korea has a deposit of more 12 trillion worth of untapped minerals that is drawing these criminals to the country. Using the most powerful army on the earth these Zionist-Illuminatis are stealing in daylight. They must be stopped at all costs. America will not achieve its evil design. The world has seen its ugly face. I am sure both Russia and China will not stand idle and watch the loot. They may want to have a share in it as well. But my friend Kim is standing tall and he will blast the hell out of America. No sanction will be useful. These sanctions were there since day one. So what they have achieved is nothing other than international hatred. The suggestion to station UN troop to monitor the movement of goods to and from from North Korea to China will not materialise because people can still do business through tunnels built over centuries. Even America cannot control the underground tunnel between USA and Mexico through which drugs and people are smuggled at ease. America must stop its false propaganda against North Korea as a hermit kingdom that starves its people and that people are held captive by a ruthless dictator. All these nonsense are found on blatant lies manufactured by these filth. People who have traveled to that country have vouched to the contrary. It is time America scales down its nonsensical propaganda of waging war against North Korea or for that matter with any other country, simply because America cannot win a war and the world is not intimidated by its worthless fleet of mangled metals called armada that floats on the wider ocean awaiting to be torpedoed, nor is the world afraid of the coward drones that target the innocents. As America targets others, so will others target the Americans. Global hatred for America will grow multifold and very soon we will see America and its Zionists backers be isolated. They cannot continue to act as the champion of International Community and go about destroying countries. It is time for the world to deny America this legitimacy to be the spokesperson for the International Community, even though it has representatives from majority of the countries in the world. If it wants to be in the comity of nations it must act as a responsible member and not as, to quote Kim, a "gangster" going about on a shooting spree. My advise to my friend Trump who is being embroiled in pussygate scandal not to treat Kim as a pussy cat. Remember cat too has its claws