Jun 27, 2019


Jared, the Kushner, the blue-eyed boy of Nut In Yahoo and the nerdy son-in-law of Trump is playing some great power game to settle the Palestinian issue by promising more land to the Zionist entity and creating a Palestinian land by carving out some land parcels from Jordan and/or in Egyptian Sinai. It is like the story of the monkey and the crocodile, not knowing who is fooling who while benefiting from each other's company.

This dangerous cocktail was concocted by the international Zionists to lay claim to and expropriate more of the Biblical and Qur'anic lands to which they have no legitimacy. In this Crime of the Century, Jared has found a willing partner in Bone Salman, the Clown Prince of the House of Saud, who is flexing his muscles to consolidate power and has warned the Palestinian leaders to shut up, as though Bone Salman has authority over the Muslims of the world to decide on the fate of Palestine and Quds al-Sharif. 

History is replete with the treachery of the House of Saud in creating the illegitimate Zionist enclave in the lands of the Palestinians. All along the Sauds played a careful game of deception. With the exception of the late King Faisal al-Shahid, and to some extent his consanguine brother, the late King Abdullah, the rest of the Kings were covertly engaging the illegitimate Zionist entity. With Bone Salman's bromance with Jared the Kushner this lid of deception was thrown open to the ire of the world Muslims on the hypocrisy of this so-called Servants (or rather the Serpents) of the Two Holy Sites.

Quds and/or the two Holy sites in Arabia are not Arab decisions. They are the properties of the Muslim ummah. No idiot from Arabia has the right to decide on the fate of these holy sites or for that matter any land of the Muslim world. Even the giving of the lands in some part of the Gulf to constructing temples and churches, in the name of tolerance need to be condemned vehemently. But given the presence of millions of non-Muslim workers in these Gulf countries contributing to the prosperity of the sheikhdoms, one may justifiably allow their construction. However, my concern is that by allowing these constructions the Shaky Sheikhs are emboldening the non-Muslims to continue oppressing Muslims in their respective countries, like India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, etc., which have seen the wide spread of Islam-bashing and Muslim-lynching activities.

The Palestinians were absolutely right in rejecting this Jared plan. King Abdullah of Jordan was emphatic in his rejection of this plan that carves out some lands from his own kingdom on the basis of hosting few million Palestinians since the Nakbah. So is the the Sisi of Egypt who is not in favor of establishing a Palestinian state on the northern half of Sinai Peninsular annexed to the Gazan strip. The empty promise of economic development of 50 billion USD, and that too the contributions of the shaky sheikhs, is a hoax. Americans are fooling the world by throwing these pittance to lure the Palestinians into some sort of agreement that will allow the illegitimate Zionist entity to annex Golan, West Bank and of course Jerusalem as an integral part of the Zionist-Occupied Palestine. Economic prosperity is only after political certainty. That can only be achieved through militarily. No round of worthless talks and dialogues will bring the desired results. I am sure in coming decade or two this illegitimate entity will be defeated, not by the Arabs, but by all peace-loving genuine Jews themselves.

But the Jared initiative did not materialize as expected because, as this criminal plan was leaked out in pieces after having kept as a highly-guarded secret and letting the world guess what the devil is being hidden, the world has got highly suspicious of this much-hyped deal of deception. Now that it is out and is being held in Bahrain as a workshop instead, the Arab world has awakened albeit belatedly to the treachery being committed by Bone Salman and his crime partner Jared.

If 'Land for Peace' is to be replaced by Jared's 'Billions for Peace', my suggestion would be to give at least 700 trillion USD worth of gold and assets taken from the family to which the land of Palestine was gifted away by the worthless colonialist in exchange for the financial help the family has rendered in keeping the Vampire afloat in its war against the Germans.  It may convince some fringe elements in the Arab world. This is the treachery of the millennia. Thus the onus of settling the Palestinian problem lies, not only in the untrustworthy ziocons of Washington, but too in London which still wields significant influence in the Zionist crime against the Palestinians. This does not exonerate those elements in Europe and the greater Arab world who have colluded with those criminals in usurping the lands of Palestine despite their political posturings to give credence to some sort of justice. 

             ALISON WEIR

Jun 19, 2019


White Lies, Black Magic and Yellow Fever, what these adjectives have to do with the colorful humanity that converges in Venezuela? Events that have unfolded in the past two months are so have brought into focus the ugly side of American hegemonic ambition to dominate the world energy resources under the pretext of bringing democracy to a socialist-revert Venezuela.

The White America that is represented by Trump & Co has unleashed loads of lies that belies human reason and basic dignity. The selection of an ex-convict and a Frankenstein Abram to galvanise and marshal the forces of evil on the streets of Venezuela through treacherous schemes, sabotages and sanctions failed to move the spirit of resistance and defiance of the brave and dignified Venezuelans.

With Pence, Bolton, Pompeo, Mnuchin and a whole lot of Ziocon nuts having worked in full unison to bring down a democratically elected President through a popular unrest and an open riot, recognizing an Obama-incarnate Guaido as the Interim President in a country that has witnessed a socialist revolution that undermined the erstwhile plundering of its wealth and resources by a select group of elites who are in bed with the international banksters and corporate looters. The Bolivarian Revolution changed the character of Venezuela and challenged all these greedy hyenas.

Thanks to Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Iranian and of course the Cubans supports together with the rest of the word sans those of the Lima group of countries and some American European deputies amounting to 60 of them were made to look like criminals who have worked together to starve a nation into submission to the unjust dictates of a world hegemon. Thanks God UN has spoken in favor of the current ruling government of Venezuela, despite Pence's uncouth and undiplomatic rebuke of the elected Venezuelan UN representative, indicating his immaturity in handling international disagreement. I felt that Pence has some personal gains to make in the Venezuelan crisis. His personal interests in guiding the Guaido signifies a case of desperado.

The failure of the American coup and the prolonged delay in realizing their wet dream of Venezuelan regime change has made many of their Latin American friends to withdraw their support for this unjust cause. Brazil vice-President did the right thing by refusing the Americans to use its territories to launch an attack on Venezuela, while giving a lukewarm support to Guaido.

Now it has proven that even the so-called humanitarian aid from America has been mishandled by Guaido and his fellow looters, that they spent the amount intended for poor Venezuelan in hotels and entertainments. This is what America expects from the leaders or their appointees to do in their bidding in ransacking a sovereign country.



Event in the last three months have been dramatic. With America playing the Devil, threatening sovereign countries with sanctions and invasions. Just because it has the world finance under its belt, America behaves with arrogance and impunity in punishing those resourceful countries with engineered sabotages to take control of their resources through the appointment of its operatives in such countries who are behind the agitations, public disturbances, protest marches aimed at holding these countries hostage to its dictates. The drama in Venezuela has gone awry with the full backing of Russia, China and other friendly countries who have witnessed the real intent of American democratic experiments in these countries that have not fallen into the vicious trap of the cabal that is pulling the plug in the White House. 

Having failed in Venezuela, America has started its anti-Iran activities punishing the Mullahs with unprecedented sanctions that target the Iranian people instead, to force them to go out in street protesting and demanding a regime change. Nothing will change the ground realities in Iran. People may protest over the rising cost of basic necessities, but they are fully behind the revolution and they stand behind these Mullahs who are there to give spiritual guidance in restraining uncontrolled material pursuit. America has failed miserably in understanding the Iranian resolve. By having sell-outs in the form of the infamous Mujahidin-e-Khalq, a shady misfits propped up by the ilk of Bolt-less Nut Bolton, who are the instruments of American insinuation to undermine the great nation of Iran, America is running into the narrowest straits in the Persian Gulf, where even its formidable flotilla is finding it impassable that they need to anchor far away in the Arabian Sea.

Despite all these shows to portray the invincibility of the American toys, there is no let down on the determination of the Iranians to defend their territories from American aggression. They are equally ready to face the American arrogance head-on. What Trump is doing is to placate the various temptations and interests surrounding his Presidency. He is trying to juggle his way between the hawkish ziocon criminals who are bent on war with Iran and those from the military establishments (both representing the powerful deep state that is ruining America) that want to sell more of their useless and expensive arsenals to those camel riders in the desert so that they can use them against their own population. As Trump is negotiating for his second term he has no choice but to play to the tune of Bolton, Pompeo, Hook, Abram and not to miss Jared the Kushner, and their ilks who are hovering over the shoulders of Trump in every decision he makes.

I am sure Americans can never win a war with Iran. The country's geography is intimidating and challenging for any occupation forces. All America can do is to use its aerial superiority. But this too is ineffective. They can do bomb here or there by even throwing the Mother of All Bombs. But this too will have no impact. Of course Iran cannot reach American shore, but certainly it can reach the 800 over American bases in and around Iran. Certainly Iran will launch attack on the illegitimate zionist entity each time America sends in a bomb. By now the entire occupied territories are under the Iranian missile coverage. The undeclared nuclear arsenals have no effect, because the moment this Zionist even think of using it, I am sure Iran will be given the bomb to defend itself. American have no courage to wage a war. They have been defeated and humiliated in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc.

What Trump should do is to send this Bolton to the dungeons of Gitmo, but provide him with his writing pad and keep him total isolation, if possible naked, so that he let his moustache grow to cover his nudity over the long year of his confinement. Now he is on his way to meet his mentor, the Nut in Yahoo, for some more devilish inspiration. 


Feb 14, 2019


President Trump has embarked on an ambitious project to expand the facilities at the infamous Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp (Gitmo) with prominent Americans and their fellow collaborators from around the world for waging war against the American State and for violating human rights. This work was started way back in January 2018 with the visit of Mad Dog Mattis which was a follow up of an earlier Presidential Order issued on December 2017 that targeted about some 63,000 individuals who have tainted the image of American administration both in the military and civilian establishments. In his effort to drain the swamp Trump has taken this bold step to reclaim America for Americans when the earlier administrations were merely functioning as conduits for some foreign agenda in exchange for some handsome pecuniary consideration. Thus the Deep State with its affiliated Shadow Government has together undermined the functioning of American government by sapping its resources in fruitless and dangerous adventures abroad at the behest of some of these wretched criminals sacrificing fine American men and women for their parochial interests.

With the impending arrest of these 60k odds of colluders and conspirators through the military tribunals, I am sure Trump has booked his place for the second term after the 2020 election. Certainly, he has taken the necessary precaution to stay alive from the repeat of JFK incident, as those who are indicted have their supporters and backers who will continue their effort to punish him for destroying their grand design. Ever since his election win, he was not spared by the established international media nor by those who are opposed to his presidency. They spun stories about his promiscuous adventures and his weakness for women in general.

Amidst these ridicules and mean criticisms, Trump has worked hand-in-hand with the military intelligence that has witnessed the abuse of American power abroad from the Presidency of Poppy Bush to Obama, who was operating as functionaries of the global elites. Thus they created artificial crises and used them as pretexts to invade countries that have already accepted America's terms to exploit their resources. But the insatiable greed of these leaders has led them to betray the trust they built and undermine their agreements, thereby massacring millions of innocent people in the Middle East and killing and maiming able-bodied and well-equipped American soldiers to these frontiers to die for worthless causes. None of these criminal leaders send their own children to the frontiers to fight. In this respect, the action taken by Trump, if what is read as true, to execute these leaders and many more who colluded with them be put to death, will be meaningful.

But one thing is bothering me most is the fact that as Trump is compromised by some of his close associates including his famous son-in-law who is now confirmed to have been behind advising the Clown Prince Mohamed Bone (Bin) Salman on thwarting any international pressure mounted against him in the wake of his purported involvement, I hope Trump will come clear on this as well. He should also investigate his son-in-law's dealings in the Middle East to put the record straight.

Despite all the euphoria of getting more to Gitmo, there are no signs of those indicted getting arrested for the various crimes they had committed. The proposed expansion of the facilities in Gitmo seems to be aimed at imprisoning foreign leaders who are opposed to American hegemony. It has been suggested by Bolton that Venezuelan President Maduro must be sent to Gitmo if he does not choose to retire peacefully so that America can have its way with regime change and privatize its rich resources for the personal gain of few corporate entities run by the ziocons. My suggestion to Trump is that he should put his own house in order before he goes after others to make America looks great again.

             MARINES ARRESTING 60K
             THE 60K INDICTMENTS
             JARED THE MOLE (U Tube)
             BOLTON ON MADURO

Dec 17, 2018


As eulogies started flowing and flying in from far and near, there was something disturbing had happened to the late President (Poppy) Bush. The news is unraveling that his death was not a natural one rather he was McCained, meaning he was executed with lethal injection after having indicted for crime against humanity, which according to the news media was done on September this year when Trump signed the Presidential Order to clean the swamp and drain it dry to weed out the creepy weeds that had damaged the crop of America for a long time. 

It is also becoming clear that few of those who attended the funeral of the late Father of Cocaine received a white envelope and they all looked pathetically worried, including the grey man Obama, not to mention the Clintons.  Rumors are circulating that its a question of time before many of those recipients are hauled up and taken to the now expanded Guantanamo the occupants of which are eagerly awaiting the new arrivals of prominent criminals and pedophiles for their purported, if not confirmed, crimes against humanity.

As the news of Bush Sr's death and funeral flashed in the various news channels, so too conflicting views on his so-called legacy started unveiling. But one thing seems certain that he was involved in the killing of JFK being the 'deluded gunman' who denied being in Dallas at the time of the assassination. He has got more crimes under his sleeves that he has for long betrayed the country in pursuing his personal gain. Trump has decided to unravel these and many more traitors who have misled the country into harm's way by invading countries that have nothing to do with the crime against American interest and security. The actual perpetrators are left untouched as they occupy key positions in the government and security institutions in the USA.

Given the magnitude of crimes committed by this evil man and his lackeys and lieutenants, the punishment meted out was in fact graceful. He should have been Khashoggied instead of McCained. Trump should consult his Saudi partner for advice on this. Perhaps he can send a planeload of bone saw experts to Guantanamo to finish the job within the secure premise. Nobody can question anyone as Trump and his nerdy son-in-law will continue to hold those who question the administration "with crimes against humanity for their role in holding the Saudi regime responsible for its actions". What a bizarre twist!

             TRUTH BEHIND GWHB (U Tube)

Nov 3, 2018


Events in Saudi Consulate in Istanbul have become a crime scene for the gruesome murder of one of their staunchest supporter-turned-critic who has been reported to have been slaughtered alive and was dismembered but was not fed to the dogs to hide the evidence, instead parts of the deceased were buried in the garden of the Consular house adjacent to the Saudi Consulate and some suggesting that the deceased body parts have been melted away by acids. This certainly triggers new ideas for disposing the dead body which some land-starving countries may opt for the Muslim dead. A wrong precedence indeed! Welcome to the new House of the Saud.

The American attempt to whitewash the crime is so telling that America has sold its soul to the unruly Saudis for a price tag of 110 billion or as some sources record it as 450 billion in beefing up the killer machines of American arms industry. Trump in his attempt to salvage his Saudi puppy has advanced the idea of a rogue element within the Saudi establishment to have executed this horrendous act without the knowledge of the Clown Prince (did I say clown, yes indeed he is). There is no doubt, as evidence are trickling down slowly, thanks to the Turkish ingenuity, the crime has been sanctioned by the very top. In the meantime, the reactions from America and the rest of the Europeans who were behind the propping up of this devil are muted and hypocritical. What one can't understand is the fact that these Western hypocrites are bent on punishing the Clown Prince, if found guilty of this murder, were so silent when he killed thousands of Yemenis and starved them to death with the ammunition sold by these Merchants of Death. Now they are gathering to punish Saudi Arabia with sanctions, that has no meaning, just to fool the international community with their so-called human rights values.

What is needed right now is an independent and impartial international forensic team to reexamine the entire evidence and trace it to the actual culprit behind this murder. All those involved in this butchery are apprehended and brought to justice. Any delay in prosecuting these evil men will only complicate the matter as they will be made to disappear in mysterious ways. The Saudis have deliberately misled the world community with their obstinate lies and double lies while pretending to be acceding to the demands of international inquiry. It is a shame, indeed a shame, that it is happening in the name of the holiest land of Islam.

The PR facade of normalcy as portrayed by the brutal regime in Riyad defies all decency and sensibilities. The action taken by the Turkish leadership in unraveling every step of this crime is impressively constructive. The Turks have finally got the Saudis by their balls. The ailing king is in a fix to nix his favorite son who is emerging as the key figure behind this mess. It is important for the king to play his role effectively by bringing the actual perpetrator to justice. The world has witnessed the ugly side of Saudi's arrogance that has blown rooftop. This prince has been a very contentious person since the time of the late King Abdullah who had in more than one occasion reprimanded him for his abrasive and outlandish comments against the Shiah community in general and Iran in particular.

After assuming the position of Clown Prince, Ibn Salman went on a rampage to quell any possible threat to his position by purging his own relations in cooperation with the Americans and their masters in the occupied Palestine. He has imprisoned and tortured many intellectuals, religious scholars, princes, activists and commoners who dare to speak their minds freely. This psychopath Prince needs treatment for his rage. Reading his face, it is evident that this Saudi Caligula (incidentally both these infamous figures are born on the 31st of August) is a pervert who has personality disorder. That is why he has been issuing contradictory statements and behaving as though nothing has happened and that he summoned the murdered victim's son who was prevented from leaving the Kingdom to offer the royal condolence.

Certainly the Saudis are not going to repatriate the 18 professional criminals to stand trial in Istanbul, as requested by President Erdogan nor or they going to tolerate the attribution of the blame on this Clown Prince despite the mounting evidence alluding to his actual involvement, that is why they sent their head of prosecution to visit Istanbul ostensibly to share evidence, instead he went there to seek evidence from the Turks and inviting the Turkish prosecution team to visit Riyadh to interrogate these criminals. This recalcitrant attitude of the Saudis has clearly manifested their intention to cover up and protect the real culprit who ordered this heinous crime.

What is needed now is the removal of this Clown Prince and bring him and all those behind it to justice by executing them in the same manner Khashoggi was killed. In a famous hadith as narrated in Bukhari and Muslim that the blessed Prophet ordered the gorging of the eyes of all those involved in gorging of the eyes of a person who helped those strangers with camel milk and urine as medicine, instead of being grateful to him they killed him and gorged out his eyes. This must be the punishment meted out to those behind this killing. However the Qur'an has suggested that even though meting out similar action may constitute as punishment it is better to forgive and amend (42:40). No doubt it is impossible to bring back the deceased alive, but instead of executing these 18 or so people, most of whom acted on orders, they must be imprisoned for longer times and the doctor who dismembered the deceased must be sent to a mental asylum where he can get treatment for his dastardly act. This is being lenient. But given the King's reputation as a person who oversaw the execution of a prince who assassinated the late King Faisal (may Allah shower His Mercy on him), he must do the right thing by punishing the brain behind the crime even if it means losing one or two of his sons.

As for the Clown Prince, he must be removed from power and sent to some religious institute for learning the basics of Islam. All his access to luxury must be controlled. He should be held accountable for the killings of thousands of Yemenis, Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Afghanistan and for betraying the Palestinians. Saudi Arabia must undertake to fully fund the reconstruction of these countries from the ravages of the unjust destruction they supported and financed. Moreover all those families whose members were killed must be compensated adequately for 10 generations. At least half of the Saudi oil money should be used for these activities for the coming 50 years.

Furthermore the Saudis must immediately release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience and compensate them and their families for the lost they have incurred due to the arrogance of this Clown Prince. It is imperative, if Saudis want to have honeymoon with the Zionist filth, to relinquish their control over the Holy sites and bring them directly under the control of the OIC with rotating leadership among the 57 member states plus Muslim representatives from selected Muslim minority countries with significant Muslim population like China, Russia, USA, India, Germany, France, etc to ensure that these holy sites are not given access to the Zionists whom the Clown Prince and his henchmen are courting to insult Muslims and Islam. This is no grand strategy and this needs to be opposed with force.

What surprises me the most is the Western attitude towards this murder case. While making hue and cry over the Saudi crime, these Westerners are keen on selling their weapons and earning some lucrative contracts. This is deeply disgusting for those who preach human rights from the parliament of democracy to sleep with the autocratic fascist rulers of the Muslim world who have all along suppressed, oppressed and repressed the voices of the masses and those who strive to give voice to them.

In punishing this Clown Prince efforts should be made to bring the hidden hands from Washington and London who have cajoled him into such action by unraveling what transpired between them so that the world will know the under dealing and deception these swindlers have concocted to bring about an artificial peace to a place that has seen more bloodshed and will continue to shed more till the Zionist cancer is removed.

Now with his charm offensive the Nut in Yahoo, this cancer has started spreading to other Arab countries as well by galvanizing the support of the weak-needy Arab leaders to stand behind him in confronting the Iranian progress. He is taking the Arabs on a collision course with the Iranians, thinking that he can bring about a pre-Islamic bond between the Jews and the Arabs tracing their common ancestry against the Persian. Let me assure these wretched souls that in conflict between Iran and Saudis the Muslim world is well behind the Iranians for the simple reason that they have stood up to the world hegemon successfully for the past 40 years, despite the minor differences they may have with the majority Muslims. But at the same time we Muslims will never tolerate the usurpation of even an inch of our holy land or any other Muslim land under whatever pretext even if these Arab leaders conspire together.

Saudi Arabia should not compete for leadership role in the Muslim world. It is in a most enviable position as it hosts the two Holy sites and every Muslim will hold it dearly. But the time has come for the Saudis to mend their actions and focus on building unity among Muslim countries, instead of becoming the tools of the criminal Zionists and causing damage to the unity of the ummah. Time has come for the Saudis to change their course, otherwise their end is near.


Sep 21, 2018


The not-so-recent tour of the volatile Middle East by now the eternal Chinese President Xi reflects a courageous undertaking by a Chinese leader to drive some words of Confucian advise and wisdom into an already confused region with conflicting and contrasting interests. Both Saudi Arabia and Iran see hope in Chinese effort. The deals signed by China with both these countries determine the degree of interest China has on them. Certainly China-Iran relation will be long-term as they see eye-to-eye on many issues regionally and globally. There is no doubt there is a greater level of comfort between them, as both are accused of human rights violation, of course, by the world's moral authority the US. The Saudis too has joined this elite club of human rights violators by executing 47 people in one day and they have been chosen to head the UN panel of Human rights, as though to 'correct' some of the inconsistencies and inadequacies in the interpretations of UN human rights policies. What a record!

I am not criticizing the Saudis for they being Saudis with all the negativities attached to them, some of which are not necessarily true, but most of them are not mere rumors either. But my concern is that the Saudis have fallen into the snare set up by the West and playing along with them hoping that they can outsmart these Western designs. What the West, particularly the British and the US, is doing is only to increase the sale of their dysfunctional highly-priced military arsenals to Saudi Arabia and to other Arab countries that are on the edge of being thrown into chaos by their own people.

Now that Chairman Xi has visited yet another Gulf country UAE, enroute to his African mission, as part of his OBOR promotional tour and thereby signing a number of deals worth billions, my thoughts are with those Muslims in China who have been systematically oppressed, repressed and suppressed by the forces that are bent on turning the Muslims away from their religious identity and practices. Many masjids were flattened, nearly two millions of Muslims of Han, Hui, Kazakh, Uighur origins were subjected to inhumane treatment by detaining them in large detention centres, prisons and even schools as internment camps for no apparent reason other than to punish them for what they are - being Muslims, nay a desperate attempt well orchestrated by some criminal elements among the state operatives to sinicize the Muslims by forcing them to eat pork and drink alcohol, cutting their Islamic dress in public, planting non-Muslims within the Muslim houses as guests to monitor and report to authorities on Muslim daily activities, indoctrinating the imprisoned and detained Muslims with hate towards their religion and their religious leaders, and forcing non-Muslim Han Chinese to marry Uighur females while their male folks are locked up in concentration camps as part of racial cleansing. These morally degrading actions are perpetrated by no other person than the former butcher of Tibet, the mentally deranged and morally perverted Governor, Chen Quanguo and his security henchmen who, in their eagerness to stuck up to the leadership, have unleashed these horrendous and punitive measures against innocent Muslims, ostensibly in an effort to curb the tendency for separatism by some oppressed groups of individuals thereby estranging not only the Muslims in China, but the world over. Let not Chinese leaders think that Muslims are blind to their crimes and are fooled by their quick change of face masks. Muslims too can change their face masks speedily and furiously.

As Chairman Xi Jinping promotes China through his historic visits to many Muslim countries through which the OBOR lifeline passes across the continents and seas, it is important that China builds and establishes closer and friendly rapport with, not only with the leaders but also with the public, more importantly through treatment of Muslims in China. Investing in Muslim countries from Senegal to Indonesia through ambitious mega projects, China is reaching out to the Muslim world in their effort to transform their respective countries. What China has done is by buying the leaders of these countries through such projects it thinks it can ride the wave of popularity and acceptance. Even the brotherly country of Pakistan is very unhappy with China's treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang, not to mention other countries as well. There is a growing awareness among the Muslim public on the pretension of Chinese leadership in condoning such criminal activities against innocent Muslims on the pretext of containing the so-called Muslim extremists. The leaders and officials cannot continue to pretend that they are not aware of such happenings and showcasing to the world the rosy picture of ethnic cohesion. The world doesn't buy this argument. What will happen soon is that Muslims throughout the world will target Chinese investments in their respective countries and also target Chinese peacekeepers stationed in various parts of the world. There may be forceful conversion of Chinese in these countries as a counter measure to what China is doing within its border. Without exerting force already many Chinese in the Middle East are converting to Islam of their own free will. This phenomena will continue unabated. As Chinese travel abroad in search of investment, trade, education and pleasure they will see a world different from what their leaders are trying to indoctrinate them on in these re-educational centres. China will regret its action in Xinjiang just like the many occasions in the past.

Muslims have never viewed China in negative terms. The friendly relations that date back to centuries and millenia only prove the cordial relations that existed between China and the Muslim world. The current leadership has been sabotaged by people like Chen and his ilk who are trying to win favor with the leader by acting violently and insensitively to people's dignity. The argument given by the Chinese authorities to justify their actions may sound rational from their point of view, given the volatility of events and situations in its immediate environs that are being carefully being choreographed by vested Western powers to undermine China - that is becoming grossly evident recently, it does in no way gives the authorities the rights to carryout such ethnically genocidal activities against Uighur and now with other loyal Muslims in China as well.

What China has to do now is to absorb the Muslims into the mainstream Chinese society, not by way of undermining their ethnic distinctions, but by nurturing their differences and celebrating them. No amount of pressure will change the mindset of Muslims no matter how hard they are victimised. This is because Chinese government and its leaders cannot promise heaven, the beauty of which is much more alluring to the Muslims than all of what China can offer. Already Kazakhstan is resenting the action done by China against their Kazakh brothers in Xinjiang. There are many more reactions will come from the rest of the Muslim world.

Recently the Pakistani religious minister had expressed his concern over the treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang. Let the Pakistanis and other regional Muslim leaders work out things diplomatically and quietly with the Chinese authorities to assuage China's worries concerning the Islamic extremists who are trying to agitate separatism under the misguided insinuation by the West, particularly the Americans whose continued presence in adjacent Afghanistan has upped the ante against China and this has led to the stringent measure adopted by China towards the natives of that province. In order to have absolute control over this energy-rich territory China has flexed its muscles in a sophisticated but crude manner. The treatment against Uighur has made a serious dent on President Xi's personality and legacy. He and the Chinese authorities cannot continue to play ignorance when news of inhumane treatments of Uighur communities goes viral with twists of varying intensity floods the internet. No conscientious person can keep quiet. If the Chinese leaders have an iota of conscience left in them, they would not have unleashed this barbarity against people who fight for their basic rights. Just because the leader spent some of his life in reeducation camps in the past, does not mean others must also go through similar or worst treatment. This is preposterous. Let's hope that Chinese leadership will be receptive to the subtle diplomacy of their trusted friends and find a closure to this injustice by isolating those agitators from the rest of the innocent people who are literally imprisoned in palatial detention centres for reeducation and indoctrination.

The explanation given by the Deputy Governor Shohrat Zakir, an Uighur, is encouraging, particularly when he said that these Muslims were taken to these camps for vocational training to equip them with the required skills to improve their economic well-being is commendable. But this explanation looks very much like an after thought particularly after the release of satellite pictures of the presence of such sprawling camps. There is a need for China to go for a PR offensive to dispel these allegations, if they are at the worst, by inviting international Muslims to visit the province on a fact finding mission to assure the Muslim world of China's intention and conduct towards its Muslim subjects. My suggestion is for China to convene an international conference on Chinese Muslims in Xinjiang and explain to the world China's hope and goals towards Muslim community there.

I am reminded here of the Qur'anic verse [61:8] that says that despite the actions and statements by non believers to silence or extinguish the light of God, Allah will perfect it to the dislike of these unbelievers. Who knows God works in different ways. With China venturing into the Muslim world many native Chinese will come in contact with Muslims and may end up being Muslims themselves. This evident from the history of the great Mongols. Whose knows even the descendants of these heartless tyrants may embrace Islam and embarrass them for what they did. History has the tendency to repeats itself, particularly from the case of China's historic past. Lets wait and see! 

             XI IN MIDDLE EAST
             CHINA'S LOST GENERATION