Nov 1, 2016


Watching the Presidential debates between the two contenders in the forthcoming US election, I was appalled by the devolution of standard in the debates. I am no supporter of either of them. American politics is increasingly resembles the Third world thuggery without, of course, the fist fighting or throwing of punches. The exposé on instances of personal lapses, be they moral or otherwise, only show the ugly side of American Presidential campaign trails. It is not for the faint-hearted nor for those who are concerned about personal secrecy, for what is revealed in the course of knowing the candidates are minutes details of their communications both verbal and non-verbal. The smear campaign that over exposes the 'true' nature of the candidates is so cruel that one may wonder is it worth the trouble. But then once the shame is removed then there is nothing to feel shame about. That is why Trump is least bothered about all those revelations about his duels with women.

Coming to think of what is best for America, my heart says Americans will chose the one who can deliver them from their international pariah status to a more respectable stature as a benign super power that does not push its weights around causing untold miseries to millions with its change agenda. I for one feel that Trump will win by a slim majority, because the Americans are increasingly fed up with the disappearance of the thin line that separates Republicans and the Democrats. They see them as two sides of the same coin that serve selected interests that alienate America from the rest of the world. I am no admirer of Trump. But a country like America needs a person like him who has no qualm in denigrating himself in pursuit of what he thinks is right. I am least bothered about his anti-Muslim rants that only works in his favor to gain the supports of those Americans who are disenchanted with America's struggle with the Muslim world. I am sure he will be realigning himself with the Muslims as he has many business interests in the Muslim world. As for the lady in waiting, unfortunately she is carrying many historical baggage that questions her ability to think independently. People see the marks of her husband's oral diplomacy each time see opens her mouth. The fact that she stood by her husband in time of his shame without admonishing him and her involvement in the Bengazi carnage, not to miss the contents of, hopefully not that intimate, emails are indicative of her inability to keep America safe. Ideally I would like to see her as the first American Woman President as that would put an end to discrimination against the rule of woman in American history, since for 200 over years America has been vociferously preaching human freedom and equality of the sexes, yet it has not been able to elect one. Only it is now we are seeing a female Presidential candidate. But it will take another few attempts at nominating female candidates can American psyche accept a female as a President. Perhaps we may have to wait till Michelle Obama nominates herself as the first (black/coloured) Woman President. But then that would only be possible after her Malia and Shasha are well settled.  Lets wait and see how America selects its President. I only hope if Clinton is elected she fixes her eyes on her husband permanently. 


As President-elect Donald Trump will start his learning process from those hawks who hide behind his campaign victory. Certainly his election augurs well for America, as he is a no nonsense person, despite his brazen outlook. I am certain he will focus on his domestic issues, as he has made his campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" as the tagline for his victory. His election has uprooted the many well-entrenched stance of the Republican party, particularly its Godfather, the Bush, who wanted to create history by trying to install the third Bush as the President. It is time America focuses on itself and let the rest of the world to figure it out themselves. There is no need for itself to be the world police and creating chaos in other places to bring law and order. Let others learn to shape their own destiny. Hopefully the mess his predecessors have created are corrected and chart a glorious and prosperous future for America and others. Enough of warmongering and killing of innocent lives in other places. He won the race because people are sick of the hypocrisy deluding the American democracy. The Americans want someone outside the establishment to fix the mess created by the establishment. In this there are lessons for other leaders as well who are entrenching their position to salvage the luxury of the few at the expense of the silent majority. In days, weeks, months and even years to come the wave of change brought by Trump will have its far-reaching impact on other political spheres. For many leaders who were ranting for Hillary's Presidency accountability starts now. I only hope President Trump will have a bit more humility that will make him one of the great Presidents of America. But his true greatness will come when make America great again.


Trump's win has lead many Americans to cross the border to Canada in large number that the Canadian Immigration website crashed with the sudden exodus of disgruntled Americans who feel they may not easy life under Trump. I hope similar movement may take towards Mexico. But that will not take place because of the economic condition facing Mexico and large part of American Hispanics may not want to return to Mexico to become the prey of the warring drug lords. If such migration were to take place in large scale, which is very unlikely, it would be useful for people like us without job to fill in the vacuum. He may bring loads of unemployed Balkans to fill it and to fill his wife's heart with happiness. I may reconsider my option as well. Trump has understood the White population and their woes in the face of 'fierce' competition from Asians, Hispanics and the Blacks who do not pose that much of a threat to the White's employment. No doubt many of the migrants have proven themselves well through hard works and creative engagements in American society. It is high time these migrants spend more time understanding the woes and pains of the White man who doesn't want to lose face in competition to China and Russia. He has to re-instill those good-old values in the hearts and minds of his fellow Americans so that they can regain their lost pride. I am sure he will be a good President for America, but I am not sure that he will have that appeal in the world as I see the entire world is worried about his Presidency and world leaders are dumbfounded and are at a lost, for they relied on their not-so-experts on America who are themselves the by-products of those institutions that nurtured the oil-o-manic leaders of the past, who were only interested in dominating the world through control of oil and did not shy way from waging criminal wars against innocent people of the world. It is time for Trump to trumpet the good values of the Americans so that he will not only make America great, but also the American greater.


Hardly a day passed the Americans are up in arms against the democratic decision of the American people that saw the election of Trump as the 45th President of America, that the disgruntled American democrats are serious in nominating Mrs Michelle Obama as the 46th President of America, perhaps as the First Woman American President - a feat Mrs Clinton tried to achieve twice but lost heavily. Perhaps the White Americans are not prepared to accord such a lofty position to White woman. We saw the respect they accord to White woman in the descriptive statement of the next American President Trump. But the case is not the same with the Blacks. So my earlier prediction of Mrs Obama becoming the First Woman President of America is certain to materialise. She has proven repeatedly that she has a better personality and intellectual acumen than any other female democrats. I got a feeling that, she may not achieve that covetous position that soon in 2020, but perhaps in 2024. She is still young.

Now this Trump has started on his wrong foot by warning, of all the countries, my beloved Singapore for stealing US job - a clear blasphemy and an insult to the great leaders of my country, who are paid the highest in the world to be accused as such. I am seriously offended by such accusation. I am sure the dead Lee will rise up from his grave to sue Trump for his careless and thoughtless accusation. I don't expect anything serious from his handpicked son to challenge this false accusation either. It needs a person with extraordinary courage to articulate the Singapore case in Trump's court. The next option would be to give him sizeable land to operate his casinos. I think Trump might have sought to get a better bargain from Singapore in the casino business and the 'conservative and morally-conscious' leaders of Singapore might not have agreed to his bidding. So when he talked about stealing American jobs, this is what he meant. If Singapore is still concerned about its moral uprightness, it would be better if the government can allow him to build a floating casino anchored in the Pulau Batu Puteh and rename the Light House as Trump Light House. Certainly that will make him look at Singapore favourably.


I do not understand why many leaders in Asia and Europe are worried about Trump the President. We should allow him to focus on improving the image of America in the eyes of both the Americans and those who look up to America for inspiration and not perspire with fear. By keeping the Lobby dogs at bay Trump has clearly spelt out his approach to presidency, despite his status as a political novice. It seems he is single-mindedly devoted to remaking America great by rejuvenating the dead economy and uplifting the morale of the American public through massive infrastructural redevelopment aimed at employing the increasingly frustrated Americans who have lost out to China and other 'emerging Tigers' of the world. Instead of dragging America into the mess it has created or helped create around the world by giving more chances for its continuous involvement in the world affairs, we should let America fix its own problem by building more walls around the country to prevent illegal immigrants from creeping in, of course to borrow Trump's allegation, to stealing American jobs. The rest of the world can work with other Western Foxes and the Eastern Tigers to upgrade their own economies. It seems America doesn't want to lead, because wherever it has lead had seen more bloodshed and anarchy instead. It is feeling the guilt of crime against humanity and the blatant lies it has spread in achieving its vital interests. It is time for those countries that were affected by American policies to find legal course in holding America responsible for the damage it has caused and to bring those Americans who have perpetrated crimes against humanity to be brought to international shame so that appropriate punitive actions are taken against them. The fact that the Germans are still paying for the purported Nazi crime against the Jews is a good precedent to make America pay for the crime against the killings done in the name of democracy and the rule of law or even under the pretext of regime change. It is here the world leaders must confront Trump and not begging him for concessions. He loves a tough fight. Give it to him. The knee-jerk response shown by the world leaders is so shockingly shameful. Hold the charging bull by its horns. I see no one to confront it except our macho-Russian Putin. We need more tough leaders to face Trump head on and make him realise that America has to fix the mess it has created around the world or else boycott US and go after its interests.


The business-mogul-turned-President-elect Trump has proven that he is an astute businessman by giving political prominence to his three adult children in his Presidency - a clear departure from the democratic values America preaches abroad. Certainly it seems, in his sincere intention to remake America great he is falling into the trap of not seeing the sin he is committing by appointing his own children into the orbit of power. This will legitimize the actions by erstwhile dictators of the world who during their own rules engineered their way to 'elect' their own children as their successors. Perhaps he might have got the inspiration from the Bushes. No doubt Trump is turning America on its head before he heads to Washington!


Trump must stop his intimidation of my country. His repeated warnings have sent trepidation in the spines of our tough-acting leaders that no one is coming forward to succeed the poor Prime Minister, who is ever ready to relinquish his dad-given (did I say God-given) position. It is not that we Singaporeans stole American jobs, in fact it is the Americans who came running to Singapore to avoid paying exorbitant amount in taxes. As such it is unfair for Trump to accuse my country. He should express his eternal gratitude to my leaders for sheltering these American renegades and keeping their investments secure and profitable and making them feel at home by providing them the services they need, of course at a relatively cheaper price without compromising the quality. No American was/is discriminated and many of them enjoy staying in my country which goes all the way to please them at the expense of the locals. In due course many of the leaders have become Americanized in their values. So I don't see why Trump should get agitated. All he has to do is to call up my beloved Prime Minister and tell him that he is sending his son-in-law to Singapore as Ambassador to negotiate the repatriation of American assets (both individuals and companies) otherwise he is fired.

My leaders have to understand that Singapore is physically rooted in the region, as such it should work closely with the regional countries in a mutually beneficial manner.  Rather than becoming a satellite for one power or the other, Singapore must reach out to all countries, including the war-ravaged Muslim countries. It is time for Singapore leaders to revisit their American-dependence and reach out to the emerging regions in the Central Asia and the Far East, where Singapore miracle and experience can be readily shared.


Aug 13, 2016


The murderer of Gujarat and the loser of Bihar, Modi made a now-no-more surprise visit to Lahore to attend the wedding of Nawaz Sharif's granddaughter on a personal mission to revive and resuscitate the moribund peace talk between the arch rivals Pakistan and India. No doubt it is not the first time an Indian leader has crossed the border in search for peace. It was the Karachi-born Advani followed by his party leader Vajpaee who, despite the Hindu Nationalist's anti-Pakistan stance spoke candidly and highly on Jinnah as a secular leader suggesting that it was the worthless Gandhi who was instrumental in paving the way for a separate homeland called Pakistan by refusing to accede to the minority Muslim request for equal voting rights with the majority Hindus. 

One may argue for and against the sudden outpouring of Indian love towards Pakistan. What could have made this strange change of heart? Is it the lost in Bihar, or is it the Pressure from Obama, or is it from the economic threat from China? or is it the fear of not trading with Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia because of one country blocking the other's trade route? My gut feeling is that trade is the buzz word that is forcing these countries to relook at their relations. But what sacrificed is worth pushing it aside in their new-found romance? Without the solution to the Kashmiri issue no warming of relationship will be considered fair to the sacrifice millions have paid over the past six decades. Is it necessary to continue with warming of relation at the expense of sacrifice and indignation? I am not so sure about this. I do not feel comfortable trading dignity for few trade deals that may promise the whole world and beyond. Pakistan must have only one frontier and that is the Indian border.

Some of my learned colleagues have argued for this new change in perspective by contending that the time has come for Pakistan to look beyond the past history. They say that when the Indians and Pakistanis are abroad they treat each others with affection. Some of them have married and chose to settle down in the Gulf and Europe. It is these new breed of post-independent generation that has no historical anchor who takes pleasure in ignoring the lessons from the past by taking comfort in possessing the nuclear arsenal as the deterrent to stop any Indian aggression. India doesn't have to make use of such tactics to defeat Pakistan. All it wants is a safe passage for its trade to and fro from India to Central Asia. What the Indians will unleash along the way is nothing but a cultural pollution. What was protected hitherto will come under immense pressure. Pakistan will become the backyard of India's economic pittances, earning revenue through brokerage and transit fees for trade goods. Many sincere Pakistanis feel that it is time to move on with a friendly India by the side. I don't think so. But there is nothing wrong with forging closer friendship with India on the condition that Kashmir is given a fair hearing and let the Kashmiris themselves decide their own future.

The above suggestions and efforts are not new. Similar attempts were made by many actors, players and artists to bring these two countries together in their many ways. Many Indians and Pakistanis living in the Gulf and the West are eager to see these two countries normalise their fractious relations and that more people-to-people contact be established to move over the historical baggage that drive people hysterical. No doubt these are genuine interests of the people who are willing to put history behind the back burner and want to build a friendly relations that focuses on cross-border trade. Is it worth it?

Many of the Pakistanis whom I met and discussed this rapprochement between these rivals are of the view that history must not hinder future prosperity. Both armies have armed themselves to their teeth to annihilate each other. Much of their GDPs are spent on keeping armies secure as they are defending their respective borders and both view this profession as the noblest one. The argument that Pakistan needs to ease its eastern troop concentration to facilitate smoother cross-border trade should not be done without the equal demand on the Indians to withdraw their troops from the disputed territories including the occupied Kashmir.  The suggestion by Vijay Shankar, the ex-Commander-in-Chief of Strategic Forces Command of India to remove the Deep State of Pakistan as a prerequisite for a strategic stability of the subcontinent must not be one sided as the arguments he proffers in support of such an action also applies equally to India, for India is no saint and the records of sadistic brutality its troops have committed against the Kashmiris are well-recorded and those who seek to exercise their democratic rights of self-determination are systematically cleansed through repressive action. Any solution to the stalemate requires not only courage but sincerity, which is definitely in shortage in India. Until genuine change in India's attitude towards normalization of relations with Pakistan within the parameters of composite and not comprehensive dialogue is effected no passage to Central Asia for India be granted no matter Pakistan comes under international pressure of any kind. I hope Mian Saheb will listen to the wise counsels of his generals before the next Toddy (I mean Modi) comes "uninvited" to another gathering.


Jul 31, 2016


The killing of an elderly Christian clergyman by a young Muslim in France has brought the two religious communities closer than before, that the Muslims in France have refused to bury that Muslim killer. I appreciate their solidarity behind their fellow countrymen by refusing to bury their own fellow misguided Muslim in protest of his crime.  But if they don't bury the dead than who is going to bury him? No doubt he was a sinning Muslim, but that does not mean the whole community must commit another sin by refusing to bury the body and left it to rot. This will certainly add to the madness that is wildly spreading across the globe. More Muslims will take pity on the deceased Muslim killer because he is seen as a brave young man who tried his level best to express his anger at the sorry state of affairs in the Muslim world that he and his likes find that the West is directly responsible for. They destroyed countries on false and imagined charges. Even those bastards who were responsible for these unjust wars have gone unpunished instead they go on world lecture series to justify their crimes shamelessly with no regret. Yes I am referring to the two Bs - the Blair and the Bush. 

Of course, I don't condone Adel Kermiche's and his fellow accomplice Abdul Malik's action against the late Fr. Jacques Hamel. Their actions must be condemned with all our hearts.  But we should try to understand what has triggered these two young men, in their prime, to do such a horrible crime and that too against a probable non-pedophile priest who has retained some of his virginity intact in a country with liberal values. Perhaps in their analyses they might have found the involvement of Church in its modern day crusade against the Muslim world. This is not something new. History has so explicitly unraveled the shenaniganism of the church in fanning and executing wars in Muslim world repeatedly. No posturing of inter-faith dialogues will have any effect in fostering greater understanding between the faithfuls nor in allaying the fear of these frustrated Muslim youths, who see the imprints of Church and its clergy in cahoot with world terrorist-zionists in every chaos they have unleashed in the Muslim world. It is they who have sponsored these vile forces that are plaguing the Muslim world and robbing away the innocence of its Muslim youths.  The call by the Muslims in France is understandable, but by delaying or refusing the burial of two Muslims who happened to commit such a crime the Muslim community is committing yet another crime and for which they will be held accountable. This will not stop further crime from spreading and even targeting those Muslims who have called for such a treatment. It is perfectly fine to condemn the crime, but at the same time Muslims in France must hold their government accountable for its actions in the Middle East. History again stands as a witness against the French atrocities committed against Muslims in North Africa.

Muslims are not afraid of the destructively sophisticated weapons the West has created, nor are they concerned about the dirty politics the West is pursuing. The West cannot promise heaven to Muslims. They don't have that discourse that can stop these outraged Muslim Youths from taking laws into their hands. No weapon, no psychological pressure, nor counter-terrorism measures will ever dissipate this rage.  What is needed from the West is (a) the immediate cessation of all anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic rhetorics and provocations by both petty nationalist politicians and their media lackeys, (b) hold their war-mongering leaders and trigger-happy generals accountable for their actions in the crime committed against Muslim world, (c) stop invading Muslim countries on the pretext of liberating them from the tyranny of their leaders whom the West has installed earlier and had condoned all their their crimes against their fellow citizens, (d) stop looting the resources and wealth of Muslim countries by replacing one bunch of criminals with another just to exact more favorable terms to continue looting, (e) stop exporting democracy as a panacea for all their woes, (f) treat those Muslims who landed on your shores running from the crimes of your appointees in their countries with respect and not converting them on the cheap, and (g) for God-sake stop lying to your people about your misguided policies against Muslims both in and outside your countries. I am sure if these are done there will be no further resentment against the West nor will there be any support for such vandals to desecrate any place of God.

No doubt the late Priest has earned for himself the highest accolade for the job well-done, that is martyrdom, and I am sure Pope Francis and his cardinals will do something right for France by elevating him through fast track to saintship thereby giving more happiness to Normandy

             FATHER JACQUES

Jun 5, 2016


The passing of the Greatest Boxer of all time, the late Muhammad Ali, has left a voice that once stood against injustice and arrogance. He spoke his mind without fear or favor. A man of courage and conviction. I remember watching the excitement my later father had when he watched boxing scenes of this giant. I saw his hands' movements as he boxed away his coward enemies who liked to harm him from afar and hiding behind high places of power and treachery.  

It is time that he be honored in a more befitting manner by building a Masjid in his name, and that too, in Vietnam, since he refused to wage an unjust and humiliating war against that country. Let President Obama initiate this and stop making more empty speeches. Instead let him coax and not arm-twist his Arab friends to sponsor the building of the Masjid. The location of the Masjid must be at the place where many Americans were killed. This could be one of the last good deed Obama can do to improve America's tattered image in this part of the world. I am sure it is only Obama who can honor this great soul, for the next President will be a ruthless white butcher. 


Many of you might have wondered why I went silent for nearly three months without writing anything on the blog. I am not dead yet! My silence is with a purpose. I did not waste any time in writing more blogs but not published as the rapidity of changes taking place around the world is so alarming that it takes a full time job to keep abreast with the news. But best assured that I have my comments on all of them including Saudi's Irangate, Trump's Presidency, Lee's Legacy, Duterte and the Homosexual Church, and many more.

The news that my country is increasingly becoming a pink dot instead of its traditional red dot status is causing a bit of confusion among many of my friends, who believe that as Singapore becomes more advanced and progressive, it is becoming morally neutral. Now with the recognition of LGBT my country is sending a strong message to its Muslim neighbors that in future they will have to deal with leaders who are themselves LGBT proponents or sympathizers or even committed members. This disease has been simmering for far too long. When a sin is no longer considered as a sin, it will legitimize such regulated perversion. They will even become respectable members of the government and society. Very soon we see these LGBTs applying to serve as members of the Inter-Religious Organization or even Muslim organisations. They will exercise their right to serve in such institutions by virtue of their acceptance.  I am calling all morally-conscious Singaporeans to stand up against this perversion and kick those who have allowed them out in the first place.  It looks like a deliberate attempt to corrupt the people so that they will lose the moral courage to question the wrongs that are happening in the country. God save Singapore from these perverts and their backers!

Feb 28, 2016


Recently Bush the Dubya has admitted that Iraq war was a mistake. He executed the plan hatched  by his criminal father and his fellow criminals aimed at helping the zionist entity at the stupid request of some hypocritical Arabs. The outcome was a total destruction of an independent and progressive Arab country that cemented the delicate balance of power in that part of the Persian Gulf. What we saw is the total rampage where the American mercenaries under the guise of American forces have ripped the country of its valuable assets, golds and historic artifacts and looted them away in oil tankers filled with gold and valuables.

As Mark Luckovich  captures the essence of the brotherly love between the two Bushes one can see more of the same if Jeb comes into office. Thanks God he has exercised his God-given faculty by pulling out from the Presidential campaign after a dismal performance in the recent primaries. Perhaps his move could be a tactical one, on the advise of his infamous dad, since his sister-in-law (to quote Dubya) is leading the Democrats. After all it is all in the family, no matter one Bush is ambushed. I think it would be undemocratic if the Bush family is allowed to build dynastic rule in White House. Perhaps the Bushes got this idea from many of the successful third-to-first world leaders who have succeed in planting their seeds for prosperity till posterity. But then it is found that even Obama is related to the Bushes, so is Donald the Trump who is related to his cousin Hillary - a case reminiscent of the relationship between Lee Kuan Yew and Chiam See Tong. So it is all in the same damn family. What a holy shit! Certainly a booming business for DNA experts!


Events unfolding in the Middle East are turning many heads in making desperate choices that may undermine the peaceful coexistence of the region and the larger security of the world. Americans who have made few political somersaults on Middle East peace talks have miserably failed in all their misadventures there. They have repeatedly betrayed friends in their pursuit to safeguard their parochial interests. The Saudis are left in the lurch despite having a long period of honeymoon with the Greatest Satan (to borrow the Ayatollah's term). But the Greatest Satan is getting a lot cozier with their member of the Axis of the Evil, Iran. This growing fatal attraction between the Devil and the Evil is irritating the holy Saudis to find comfort in the arms of the Zionists who are all the more eager to expand their circle of legitimacy by trading security with prosperity. 

This unholy alliance between the otherwise holy Saudis and the illegitimate Zionists is particularly disturbing to all those who witnessed the gross injustices committed against the innocent Palestinians who are brutally killed and their dignity robbed on a daily basis, of course, with the blessings of the Devil. What puzzles me the most is the hypocrisy of the Saudi's who were instrumental in the dissolution of the Caliphate that led to the formation of this illegitimate Zionist entity to once again betray the Ummah with courting the Zionist against the fellow Muslims. Muslims will give their lives for the defense of their holy lands if attacked, but if the custodians of the holy lands are in unholy alliance with the murderers of fellow Muslim brothers, I don't know what to is running in their heads.

One may wonder what is the root cause for such animosity between two competing brothers (Saudi and Iran). Both these countries are competing for dominance in the region. This is not something to be abhorred at. In fact I would encourage such healthy competition. In fact competing in (doing) goodness is something that need to be encouraged. What is needed is a renewed refocus on the original mission of liberating the occupied Palestine. For sixty years our Arab brothers were running into the Zionist booby trap by prolonging meaningless dialogues that resulted in more vetoes than votes. At least many of the exhausted and enervated Muslims feel that there is a need for a rejuvenated and recharged Muslims who are not sympathetic to the Zionists (not Jews) to press ahead with the liberation war. If this could be achieved by our Iranian brothers why should our Saudi brothers stand in their way?  We see repeatedly the Iranians stamping on the flags of the Zionist entity and its backers. But there is no occasion we see any Saudis doing it. Perhaps the Saudis are concerned about their flag is stamped on in retaliation, because of the kalimah written on it. But then the Iranian flag too has the kalimah printed on it.

The picture I am getting from discussion with some of my students is that the Saudis are unhappy with the covert activities by some regional actors who work to undermine the order of things in the Persian Gulf countries, whom the Saudis have identified as direct Iranian proxies. I think this needs to be confirmed first and if found true must be handled with tenacity guided by sagacity. The best way to deal with it is to have a direct dialogue with the Iranians. But the trust-deficit in both sides require a honest and neutral moderator. I feel that the Sultanate of Oman can play this noble role efficiently and effectively.