Oct 9, 2015


The unfortunate stampede and its preceding crane mishap that killed nearly a thousand Guests of Allah in His Holiest Land has landed two competing neighbors in the Middle East in trouble with one another. The Shi'ite Iran and the Wahabite Saudis are on war path over these unfortunate incidents. One saying these are Divine acts, as there was no intention to harm the pilgrims, as the facilities are expanding and elaborate constructions are being done to facilitate the seamless flow of the pilgrims in performing their religious obligations, while the other views it is as human machination masquerading under fatalism. There are reasons for suspecting the occurrence of human error in such a scale unless it is a well-calculated move to harm people whom one hates. This is what Iran is driving at. No matter what one may think of these unfortunate incidences, hajj is not the time to think or talk about politics. All pilgrims who have perished in these incidences were martyrs and they got the highest honor of attaining that martyrdom during the performance of their religious duties. What else one can ask for?

This, however, does not mean a thorough investigation on these two incidences be halted, lest many more will be coming to die in the holy land and looking forward to such incidences from repeating. It is timely if the Custodian of the Holy Land commission a high-level investigation team to determine the causes for these two calamities.  

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