Oct 10, 2015


At least for once Kerry is right in stating the obvious that the Syrian refugees must be welcomed. As a migrant nation that robbed the natives of their rights, he has called for maintaining its status as the migrant capital of the world. It is better if America and its fellow Western colluders and conspirators do absorb these people and, in fact the entire nations they have ruined, by granting the vanquished people of the destroyed countries, dual citizens. In this way America may not be seen as an occupying power or as the root cause of the trouble. Instead the people thus destroyed will feel that they have been taken in as co-equals through this destruction. They should be given equal status to vote and decide on their future, as their country will become another state of the great Unites States, adding more starts on the flag. Thus it would be good if people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria are granted this dual citizenship. There wont be any need for these refugees to run away from the difficulties they encounter in trying to cross into Europe or for that matter perish on sea. I hope Kerry will advance this fresh thinking to his fellow conspirators in the White House. 


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