Oct 12, 2015


The call to share the administration of annual hajj pilgrimage to facilitate the smooth running of the rituals may be a sincere request by those who were affected by the recent mishaps. However, it is a privilege given by God to the natives of Makkah which no mortals can challenge. One may like or dislike the present rulers of Saudi Arabia for various reasons, but that does not mean that they are incapable of managing the hajj. Year after year they have shouldered heavy responsibilities in organising this significant ritual all in love of Allah and His Messenger. 

Yes others can share in the administration of the hajj by organising themselves with proper knowledge of the rituals by understanding the distinction between wujub (obligation) and fadl (merit) by scheduling their activities in the jamrahs that may reduce the recurrence of such mishaps. I feel that Muslim countries and societies can learn from Malaysia and Singapore as to how they systematically conduct this holy exercise. The preparation the authorities put in to ensure the smooth conduct of hajj is amazing. There is nothing wrong in learning from them. 

Another important thing I would suggest to those intending pilgrims not to bring their mundane political thoughts and activities to the holy land. God will be ashamed of it. Devote yourselves to serve Allah in His precinct with full devotion to Him and enjoy the company of His beloved Messenger and his companions. Stop politics from polluting the sanctity of His Holy Land. Go there with open heart so that He will fill it with His blessings and love for your brothers.

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