Jul 12, 2015


"Dear Past, Thanks for the Lessons. Dear Future, I am ready" thus read the caption on the tee shirt worn by a Turkish lady who killed her husband for violating her dignity by suggesting her to be forced into prostitution. What she did was the right thing. She should go scot-free for protecting her dignity and honor. The strength of her case lies in the fact that she filed police reports in the past, but it seems nothing has stopped her ex from harming her. 

In a patriarchal Muslim society it is always the female who are always punished for sexual crime. We read about "honor killing" where the relatives of a women kill her for bringing disgrace to her family. Sometimes even the parents themselves do such killing. This is unfair and unjust when the fault is not with her. Even if the fault is with her there is no justification to take her life. She can be divorced and let the court decide her future.

In the case of this brave Turkish lady she did everything to protect her honor. This should be considered as act in self-defense and she must be acquitted. What this incident has taught us is that even in marriage honor takes precedence over love. I hope more women will muster their courage to defend themselves. Certainly she has learned lesson from the past and she is ready for the future. Hope you folks understood her message!


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