Jun 14, 2015


China has a frosty relation with its Muslim population since long, despite the initial welcome it accorded to Muslim traders to settle down in Chinese territories. Despite the oppressive, suppressive and repressive tactics the evangelical cultural revolutionists pursued in cleansing China of foreign ideologies, Islam and Muslims survived the odds and have emerged as sincere and loyal citizens of China who take pride in  being Muslims and Chinese together. When I visited China in 2013 I was pleasantly surprised to see the relative "freedom" accorded to Muslims to practice their religion without much interference from the state institutions. But recently Chinese government has upped its ante against Muslims, particularly with the Uighurs of Xinjiang, by preventing Muslims from adhering to their basic needs of keeping beard or wearing hijab. The reason given for such rulings is to keep China out of the reach of religious zealots who hide behind religious symbolism and piety. Moreover with the spread of American inspired and funded terrorism taking roots in many parts of the Muslim world that work to destabilize the existing order of things for want of better stooges who would lick the feet of the zionist-masters of America, the action taken by the Chinese authorities to portray Muslims in progressive sense should be welcomed by all those who understand the fact that the devil always targets the pious ones. I am not contesting the legality or otherwise of keeping beard or wearing hijab. But what I am concerned is the misuse of piety. It is a pity that many have misplaced piety in place of sincerity. I for one keep my beard because it adds value to my personality. I would certainly not lose my life over beard.


Now it is becoming clear that China is cracking on the so-called 'Wild Imams' who are torch bearers of Islam and Muslims in the restive Xinjiang. I am not sure whether this act of subjugation of the Muslims by denying them the right to practice their religious duties will in anyway help China case in the Muslim world. It is evident that China is not in need of Muslim world, as most of these countries are backward in many ways, but that does not mean that it can discount on their sensitivities towards their oppressive brethren in Xinjiang. No amount of pressure or forced subjugation of Muslims will yield the results China desires. The more pressure it applies on the Muslims the more it will pay in coming years. I am reminded of the 1975 Sha Dian incident where 3000 over well-equipped PLA soldiers were killed by the the peasants who fought them with machetes and other home-made farm equipments all because the then Chinese regime insulted the Muslim sensitivities by desecrating the masjids and comparing Muslims to pigs. I hope the present leaders will learn from the past and steer away from such incriminalising acts just because they have the brute force. Any continuation of this oppressive policy will have its far reaching implications that may undermine China's international overtures. It is better for the Chinese leaders to tread this sensitive terrain carefully otherwise they slip into the ravines of self-ruin. 

Any forceful act to deculturalize the Muslims and to turn them away from their religious beliefs and convictions will not succeed because Muslims have the resilience to overcome such oppressions and they will emerge stronger and more determined. I am reminded here of the hudaybiyyah incidents when the blessed Prophet was prohibited from performing hajj for the year. The Prophet accepted the condition and instructed his companions to perform it the following year. What followed was a clear victory for the Muslims. Now given the psychic of the Chinese officials I am sure they think that by preventing Muslims from displaying such religious commitment, they have succeeded. They are absolutely wrong, for the religion has allowed Muslims the flexibility to function within the confines of the system. Muslims will emerge stronger no matter what pressure the system places on them. 

As for the beard issue it would be better if the Chinese authorities  should install statues of Confucius and Mencius and the great thinker of the Chinese civilization without beard. Otherwise people get confused. Even many of their gods spot beard and that too longer than the Muslims. China should start a campaign of cleaning its past image by shaving the beards of its past icons.

It comes as a pleasant surprise for the Chinese authority that even the mufti of Saudi Arabia has issued a fatwa permitting the Saudi soldiers fighting the Yemenis Muslims not to fast the Ramadan fast as they are engaged in holy war (jihad). When such idiotic statement comes out from the mouth of such an irresponsible person what can the Muslims expect from non-Muslim countries like China which has prevented Muslims in the restive Xinjiang from fasting fearing that such a religious obligation may add to rise of Islamic fervor that has been hijacked by those Muslims trying to undermine Chinese rule? I have confirmed from friends that this restriction is only for Muslims in Xinjiang. Muslims in other parts of China are not affected by this. However, the Chinese authorities have restricted the free movement of Muslims from one place to another by confining them to their respective native towns. Muslims are forcefully sent back to their native places.


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