Nov 12, 2012

Petraeus BetrayUS

It is said that behind every man's success is a woman, but it didn't say that two women will double that success. The problem faced by the well-decorated general, who has been credited with turning the event in favor of the retreating US Army from Afghanistan and Iraq, is that he is embroiled in a steamy relation with an army photographer who did her professional duty of recording more than what she should have. Now the truth is coming out from the leaked emails between the two contesting ladies eying for the same lap of the general. The media-savy general had perfected the marriage between the military and the media that both seek comfort in each others embraces and they share their beds together as they are normally embedded with the military. I for one had this prophetic admonition about this stunningly innocent-looking schemingly ambitious two-star general being promoted to salvage the waning pride of the greatest mercenaries on earth that his hunch is an indication of the heaviness of the load he carries at his bottom. Now I understand what he meant when he said the "in-surge-nce is under control". He should have controlled his under before controlling the insurgence. Don't you all agree.

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