Feb 1, 2013

Pak-China Friendship

One of the significant steps taken by Pakistan ever since its creation is the friendship it has nurtured with China. It is as often touted as the "all weathered" friendship that has contributed to the positive development of both countries. Pakistan has paid disproportionately for believing in the false promise of the US which has repeatedly betrayed her. US has tried to exploit the Pakistanis to its advantage by dragging Pakistan into its deceptive war on terrorism and killing them on the cheap. This has never been the path undertaken by the Chinese. It is strategically wise on Pakistan to let the Chinese operate the Gwadar port. I only hope this friendship will transform Pakistan into another China in terms of economy and social justice. Pakistan must learn from China in respect of providing affordable public housing and infrastructural development for the people who are intelligent, hardworking and highly creative. 

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