May 30, 2014


In a caste-ridden India the value and status of the Dalit (the low cast) is worst than animals. In a country that worships cow and considers its urine as holy water what can be expected other than such criminal acts committed by none other than the protectors of law? No wonder the country is being lead by cow-headed idiots like Mulayam Singh Yadav. At least the cow has some sense of shame but this idiot does not seem to have any shame at all when he said with reference to the recent raping and hanging of two teenage girls in his state of U.P (Uttar Pradesh or Useless Place) "boys will be boys ... they make mistakes". It only exposes the fact that he has been raping girls or even cows all his way to the Chief Minister post.

India is no doubt a great country with great people. But it is finding itself difficult to extricate itself from the curse of castes it has so cunningly spawn to keep the social divide intact. With the election of a tea-boy as Prime Minister let's hope Modi will find his way to change the perception of his people. Otherwise he may end up distributing cow urine as tea. Disgusting India.


It seems the BJP government has many perverts in its rank that now another idiotic lawmaker in Madhya Pradesh has come up with justification for rape when he said: "This is a social crime which depends on men and women. Sometimes it's right, sometimes it's wrong". This idiot Babulal Gaur must be castrated and his fingers and tongue chopped.


It is good to know that Pakistan wants to normalise relations with India and the overtures shown by the business-man Prime Minister Mian Saheb indicates Pakistan's readiness to compromise for better future. But the people in that land of purity [Pak Zamin] are confused over the noun attached to the adjective Pak. Despite its unparalleled relations with China, Pakistanis are finding closer affinity with their Indian cousins with whom they fought three wars, that they are copying all the bad things India is known for. Following the Indian rape-cum-murder case a perverted Pakistani has brought shame to the country by soliciting his friends' help in raping his girlfriend whom he promised to marry. There is nothing wrong in copying others, provided it is done in respect of the positive sides. Pakistan follows all the negative aspects of the Indian society. I only wish that the leaders with stay focused on the original founding philosophy of Pakistan and not to fall for some cheaper border trade.


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