May 21, 2014


In a bold move towards normalization of relation between the two erstwhile South Asian enemies India's new Modi is trying to change the mood in his nation towards Pakistan by extending invitation to Pakistani leadership for his inauguration. Prior to that the Pakistani Ambassador has voiced optimism that the change of wind in India will augurs well for both nations in finding a lasting solution to the thorny Kashmiri issue. This optimism is rather too premature as Modi has yet to clear his record on human rights violations against the killing of innocent Muslims in Gujarat when he was the Chief Minister there. His recent sweeping victory is sending apprehensive vibes around Muslim circles who feel that he will be a bystander for the bigger atrocities yet to take place on his watch. My gut feeling is that despite his past crimes against Muslims in India, I am sure he has to display his statesmanship by advocating an inclusive participatory government that not only preaches democratic values but also practices it. Thus he has to build more bridges with the Muslim community in India and India's Muslim neighbours if he wants to make India a place for Muslim investments. All along the Indian Congress was paying lip-service to Kashmir issue and the plight of Indian Muslims. But can he change the mood in India to achieve this change? Is he willing to become the second Gandhi to be gunned down by the extremist Hindus - this time the Congress doing the bidding? Let's wait and see how he performs and survives the waves of communal tension that may explode at anytime. I hope that he is the right person to negotiate the Kashmir issue and bring economic prosperity to India, if he wants to take India to the next lap.


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