May 3, 2014


It is indeed a pleasure to see Obama in Kuala Lumpur relishing the ever smiling hospitality of all Malaysians.  I do not know who smiled the most. One thing is visible Obama was full of teeth. His visit was the second by a sitting US President in nearly 50 years. That speaks volumes on the length and depth of trust both countries share despite not visiting frequently. When Lydon Johnson visted Malaysia he came at a time when Malaysia was reeling from its own war against communists and was working towards a stable and prosperous nation. He being an anti-chinese came to shore up support for his anti-China policy. Now Obama does the same thing with the emerging and bullish China. Is he feeling threatened or simply jealous of China's growing influence in the region? People in the region know that China is here to stay as it is much closer physically to the region than America. The Chinese blood runs through many of the regional leaderships. I was wondering why Obama deliberately missed out Singapore in his tour of the loyal American puppies (Japan, Korea and the Philippines), instead he chose to visit Malaysia and to speak about his mother's batik interest. Does he know the intricacies involved in the batik design which are so elegantly laid out in that piece of cloth? No doubt he said the truth that he did not  I do not know whether he really understood the pattern and the color contrasts that were beautifully laid out like the Spartly islands. He thinks of winning more friends at the expense of China and cautions it to respect the international law. I am sure the Chinese are here to stay and the Muslim world does not feel threatened by its progress, for China is not seen as an ambitious empire awaiting to conquer lands that doesn't belong to it. So Obama must not try his luck too much by recruiting some regional sell-outs to join America's pacific dream.

Obama's Malaysian visit is a deliberate attempt to intimidate the Malaysian leadership into submitting to American dictates. Otherwise Malaysia may end up losing more planes in mid-air only to be found later in an American base somewhere. This is what I gather from what he told the Malaysian officials upon his arrivals. The Malaysian leadership should take things in stride and give utmost importance to the sensitivities attached to American involvement in this region. Obama seems to be ill-informed, to give him the benefit of doubt at least, on the situation of minorities in Malaysia. I find his assertion rather amusing particularly when one see the list of billionaires and millionaires this country has created wherein the majority are non-Muslims.

In my beloved country I am surprised to see that no single Muslim is mentioned among the 50 rich Singaporeans. I don't think there are anyone within the next 50 rich ones, since all those Muslims who were financially significant since long were systematically decimated by carefully planting (mostly through marriages) criminal elements into such families to hijack and way lay them from any economic progress. Those criminals who were involved in these subversive activities aimed at paupering the Muslims are given positions and accesses to wealth by which they are crossing into neighbouring countries on property investments spree and doing their handlers favours for the pittance they received. In this way these powerful shoppers will end up owning half, if not, the whole neighbourhood. All they need is a right candidate who is closer to the decision makers and who can be remote-controlled through blackmail or bribery. So I don't understand what Obama means the non-Muslims are being discriminated in Malaysia. Perhaps he did not get any update on the Muslims who have been played out in my country, or he might have felt that such comparison may not be suitable since what is happening in my country is to the satisfaction of his backers. If he were to make an unbiased and well-informed survey on the poverty of Malaysians, he will certainly find that the bulk of the poor are the Malays themselves. I agree that there are also many Indians and Chinese who are poor, but to say that as a community they have been discriminated is far from truth.

As I was watching the official dinner hosted by the King of Malaysia in honor of Obama, I find the obvious absence of Tun Dr. M. Was there any bad blood between them that such an eminent critic of US missing from meeting the "Catalyst of Change" in the world? Instead I saw Tun Abdullah on stage with the King - and what a surprise he was not at all sleeping! Yes, he was awake and there was no need for him to be awakened! Was it because of the King or because of Obama? He might have been advised by his son-in-law, the minister in attendance, not to embarrass him, particularly when his star is rising.

Obama treaded a very delicate string when he avoided his much expected meeting with Dato' Anwar. But Susan Rice's meeting with him seems to have appeased the otherwise discontented supporters who were looking forward to some warmth before their leader is thrown into political cold storage for sometime to come. But Obama was here for friendship and he did't want to create more enemies by irking his hosts. He played tactfully, except for his careless and mischievous comments on minority rights. I hope he will be more tactful in tampering trade with human rights. He should focus on such rights in his own backyards before evangelizing such noble ideas on others.  


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