Jul 29, 2014


It is heartening to read that at long last in India some order is being put in place. Modi is challenging the century-old habits that have ruined India for all along. Instead of spreading sectarian and racial hatred he should focus on waging war against corruption, filthiness and inefficiency. Apart from cleaning the system from such inefficiency he must also look into cleaning the infested Ganges, which is the dirtiest river on the planet earth. Perhaps he can put a stop to some of the Hindu practice that pollute the river (or the mother) Ganga. Another important thing he must do with total commitment is to build prefab public toilets and public housing for the slump dwellers. I hope he will be aggressive in improving the image of India abroad by taking solid action on such perversion. If he wants to achieve better result he must rein in all those criminal elements within his party to stay away from desecrating religious sites of other and undermining the socio-religious fabric of the Indian society. It is better for us to keep a check list on his performance. He can always tap the resources in Singapore for some "genuine" advise on keeping India clean. They may also advise him on how to clean the society through well-tested social-engineering scheme.


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