Nov 8, 2014


The drama in Ukraine unveiling the hypocrisy of Western-backed junta which treacherously overthrew the elected President to get closer to the EU is clearly being exposed as a mere lip service to democracy. The root cause of this lies with the deliberately rushed dismantling of the ex-Soviet Union. I have been wondering what had gone wrong with the Soviet that it needed to be trimmed in this way depriving of its access to its western and southern hinterlands. There seems to be a foul play at the highest level that has yet to be unraveled. From my discussion with some of the neo-istanis I figured out that it was an attempt by the Jewish elements in the ex-Soviet leadership particularly after the death of Andropov to deny the Muslims of their fair share of the riches of the vast empire if they were to remain within the Soviet bloc as the Muslim population was increasing at a faster pace compared to the non-Muslim rate, that would mean more Muslims would demand their fair share of the economic pie and would ascend to the higher offices in the politburo. So Andropov conspired diligently and covertly with his close gang to push the rank of a much junior Gorbachev up in the leadership ladder thereby eliminating the opportunities of those Muslims who by virtue of party seniority would have become the successor to Andropov. The secret thread is their common Jewish link. That is why immediately upon the collapse of that vast empire all those oligarchs who looted the wealth of the Union were Jews with isky as their suffixes whisking away billions to the Western capitals.

Now what Putin is trying is to put back some order in the chaotic Eastern European democratic newbies who are losing their focus in their blind march to democracy. What this sudden switch of loyalty has done is abject poverty and all those who were in the security branches have amassed astonishingly unbelievable wealth and started roaming the walks of fame in the West, projecting themselves as the new breed of wealthy ex-Soviets. Many people are now questioning the wisdom for breaking up the order, which has only benefited the Americans. The EU itself is now working towards class-based structured Union which relegates the Eastern Europeans to the periphery of development. Many of them are treated as second class citizens in their new-found lands of freedom in the much-developed Western Europe. Many are now wondering is the price for this freedom really worth it? EU is seen as a group of elite Capitalists trying to take control of the European resources and share them among few members of the European spy agencies.

We are seeing, as a result of all these greedy Capitalists, countries are plundered and unjust wars are created killing innocent people and their dreams for peaceful life. During the Soviet times at least in the communist countries people were living in relative comfort that met the basic needs of the commoner. Now we see in the streets of these ex-communist/socialist countries abject poverty as the wealth of the nation is circulated within a small circle of ex-spy agents who bought state institutions at rock bottom prices when they were hurriedly dismantled. I have been asking this question, why was the rush to destroy a system that benefited the majority?

Now the architect of that destruction, Gorbachev is warning the West that the rush to celebrate the downfall of the old order is premature as there are strong resentments coming from his own backyard. He feels the heat now. He is increasingly seen as a traitor of the Russian cause. He is trying to quell the fire that has started in Ukraine from spreading to other parts of Eastern Europe. The unjust sanction imposed by the West in the wake of Russian annexation of Crimea has split opened the old wounds of distrust. America should stay away from flexing its muscles in promoting democracy. There is no quick fix to transformation. At least it will take another 50 years for the system to undergo a complete overhaul. There is no point in antagonizing the Russian bear. America cannot go about destroying countries and changing the regimes at will. If this trend continues America will have only Gorby as its friend in Russia.


Now the Vatican is crying foul for the collapse of communism and Soviet Union. Are they sincere in their regret? In fact it was the late John Paul (now a saint) who played this wild card in collusion with the Americans and the Jewery. All in the name of depriving Muslims of their legitimate right to economic benefit. Now we are seeing tension mounting between Poland and Russia. This is just the beginning. More excitement is about to happen.


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