Dec 22, 2014


The American forensic TV series called CSI [Crime Scene Investigation] is finding its new application in the Malaysian Halal scene. As more non-Muslims are showing greater interest in the halal-related industries it is timely that the Malaysian venture should be commended for its farsightedness and strong commitment to the Islamic way of life. Even countries like Japan and Korea are seriously pursuing this halal business which they have rightly assessed as trillion dollar industry with almost two billion ready customers. In Russia the Muslim populated region of Kazan and Bashkortostan, not to mention the ex-Soviet-istans, are serious contenders for the emerging halal industry. Again the growing Muslim population in the West, despite the negative and anti-Islamic campaigns, do demand halal products. Therefore it is high time the Muslim world take cognizance of this niche area and capitalize on the demand and supply of halal product and services. Certainly the creation of Halal CSI will boost the morale of the industry and the confidence of the Muslims. But care must be made to ensure that such body must not be abused in creating unnecessary doubt in the minds of Muslims on products due to ignorance or pure madness, just as it had happened to the famous Cadbury diary products. Perhaps the authorities must consider investing or taking a stake in such companies. No point in having a score of Muslim employees to ensure the halal nature of the products. It would be better if the bayt al-mal takes active participation in such ventures in every industry that produces products that are consumed by Muslims. This should not be taken as takeover of business, but as participation in industry that involves Muslim consumption. Certainly industry that cater for non-halal products will not require such participation.


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