Jan 8, 2015


The nature of history is that it has the habit of repeating itself. But how many times it repeats or in how many ways it manifests its subtle message, man is still oblivious to its undeniable truth and still continues with his path of arrogance based on his baser quality of ignorance. It is this arrogance based ignorance that is clouding his reasoning ability that he, at times, does things that go against the dictates of his reason, or religion based on reason, or reason guided by religion, and becomes victims of his own idiosyncrasies.  As a result he forgets the role he is supposed to play. In such state of self-induced the only force that can change his course of action is God's handiworks.  Believe me He does it in many ways! At time He does it the natural way like Tsunami or droughts or earthquake and at other times through man's handiwork like war and poverty. In these are signs for those who reflect and amend. Some considered such disasters as Divine wrath, but I considered them as Divine mercy. He is just reminding us that He is in control of everything. To say that it is a sign of His wrath makes Him look vengeful, whereas He said His Mercy precedes His Wrath (سبقت رحمتي على غضبي). This does not mean one should exclude God from the natural calamity and blame it on global warming and the resultant rise in the sea level. No doubt man has his hands in the destruction of the nature which has come in vengence to teach man some lessons. But nothing will happen without God predetermining it. So in this God has His act. But to put it squarely on Him would be ungrateful. I see aall these calamities as lessons for us to learn from and to correct our follies which we wrought out of ignorance.

The recent unprecedented flood that brought untold misery to many in the East coast of Malaysia is a timely warning that it is time for them to work towards a common purpose regardless of the political divide, as people who suffered are under the mercy of elements that wretch havoc in the name of global warming. Instead of cooling the situation, the self-centred politicians are raising the ante that it triples the heat giving rise to this unforeseen circumstances. It is high time leaders of all divides set aside their own pride and smartness and pool their resources and energies in alleviating the plights of the flood victims.

It is unfortunate that despite some sixty odd years of independence there are still states in Malaysia underdeveloped and poorly maintained. I don't know where the millions and billions that are distributed annually and in every five-year plan that goes to the respective states have gone? There is nothing wrong in keeping the state in eco-friendly nature by limiting the spread of concrete jungle, but that does not mean that the essential needs of human living be left to the dictates of the politicians. It is the duty of the people representative to ensure that their electorates do get their basic rights fulfilled. This requires a people-first policy that takes into consideration the welfare and the well-beings of the people.

The former CJ Abdul Hamid has spoken candidly about this. I think his words must not be ignored or brushed aside as unbecoming of a man of his stature to state such words. That only proves that he being a man of that status has come to realize that no amount of politicking will solve the situation in Malaysia. It is high time the politicians of the political divide to see eye to eye on common issues that may bring prosperity to the majority of the people and be dragged into the ghettos of those who are on the fringe dreaming big. My advise is get serious for heaven sake and forget about all petty and parochial issues that divide the country and do not let any individual to hold the nation to ransom. Otherwise the next time when a even greater flood comes that individual will be the first to leave the country and the last to come to offer sympathy.


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