Oct 21, 2012

Moving to Johore

The exodus of Singapore businesses to the greener pasture across the causeway speaks volumes on the growing agony of desperate Singaporeans and the yawning disparity between the haves and have nots where the locals are increasingly marginalized in favor of more talent-laden, white-skinned, financially-secured and globally-connected but loyally-disoriented souls who are in search of a temporary shelter filled with luxury and comfort. A global village with entertainment and wonderment that belies the sacrifices of the hardworking and loyal citizens who brought success after success to this Jewel of the Orient. Sadly these sacrifices have gone unappreciated and the growing arrogance of staying too long has blinded those who remote control the lives of millions to dismiss the genuine concerns of those who lose their jobs to foreign comrades. Who to blame? Is it the problem of the people for not acting according to the planners' vision or the schemers themselves have conspired wrongly the inspiration of the great visionaries of the land? I am baffled. Can anyone help me understand this?

I believe this exodus of the people and industries are natural given the focus of the future direction of the country. It is good that Malaysia is welcoming Singapore's participation in the development of  the Iskandar economic zone. It is a practical testimony to its "prosper thy neigbour" policy, a contrast to the "pauper thy neighbor" policy insidiously promoted by some poisonous shrimps of the region. My only hope is that these so-called investments will serve for the betterment of both these countries and not to undermine or sabotage or even blackmail the economy of the host country. But many have voiced their concern over the increasing migration of Singaporeans to Malaysia and are petrified at the rate of Malaysian property ownership by Singaporeans as a form of subtle takeover of the country, as some of the Singaporeans are actively involved in Malaysian local politics.  Penang is another area to watch.

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