Oct 22, 2012

Bro. Wine Cures!

The notion that wine cures serious illnesses like heart problem and bad cholestrol really challenges the long held prohibition by Muslims. No doubt everything has its curative aspect. Even poison has its own curative properties. Can that justify the consumption of wine under the pretext of cure and even as a tonic for longevity? This news is really a boon for many wine loving Muslims. Most of them hide behind medical justification for consuming wines. Even some shyukhs (shaikhs) order drinks that resembles wine both in form and substance. Can anyone help me understand the medical effect of drinking wine. God says in the Qur'an with regard to wine "their ithm (sin) is greater than their nafa' (benefit)". Could this be taken as a permission by those who propound the theory of benefit of drinking wine? What is the relation between ithm and nafa'? Are they mutually inclusive or exclusive? If that a prohibition why then God talks of wine in the hereafter? I need answers. I think Muslims must examine scientifically and medically the impact of wine on human body.

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