Oct 23, 2012


The Associated Press carries the article of a repeat drug offender of Bengali origin making good by becoming an informant of the NYPD to bait Muslims by creating excitement about jihad and terrorism and then helping them catch those innocent Muslims. This is not something new. This has been going on in almost all country where Muslims are considered as threat or viewed with hatred. In my country many Muslims are under the payroll of the Special Branch doing their "national service" of dramatizing possible scenarios involving Muslims in spurious activities aimed at disturbing the national security of the country. Under this license of protecting the national security this vile force of terrorism has victimised many innocent people and their families. Many of their livelihood were affected and they were made to depend on monthly pittance thrown by these criminals under the instruction of the ruling masters threatening of untold reprisal which may be inflicted on those who fail to comply with the dictates of these criminals. I remember many of them were made to sign on paper acknowledging their receipt of such payments monthly or at selected intervals, which they were not allowed to record in their income tax as part of income received. These are criminals who abuse the basic right of Muslims and they must be declared as terrorists and be brought to justice at international court and not at the kangaroo courts they run under the name of justice and meritocracy.

Muslims have to be very careful not to easily fall into the trap of piety and sincerity. The criminals are more pious than us. They are wearing two caps: one the white cap and the other whatever cap, may be blue, or black or french or italian and strolling along the corridor and the verandas of the masjids gliding smoothly between the Muslims. Even the scholars are swarmed by these bees and wasps with their communication gadgets switched on and paid by the system that manages them tapping and recording every breadth. Let them do it. This is not something new or something to get unnecessarily excited about.

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