Oct 26, 2012

Live Longer or Leave Longer?

Talking of living longer in a world full of stress is an anomaly. It is generally believed that 90% of centenarians live in a stress-free environment relishing the nature and all that it offers. I met many of them in places like Hunza and Gilgit in Pakistan. There it is common to find a whole family of centenarians living many generations together. Some say that longevity is in the water and the food one consumes, while some others say it is in the ease and comfort of life one enjoys. To me it is in the heart and soul of every individual. Living longer is the quality of a person who accomplished more than what he set to achieve in life. There is no point living too long with nothing achieved. Achievement is not measured in monetary terms. There is nothing achieved if it is acquired by looting the wealth and betraying the trust. I think leaving an unblemished legacy is far more important than living longer. Don't you agree?

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