Oct 27, 2012

Vatican Shedding Crocodile Tears

At last Vatican finds the scapegoat for the waning of its support and clout in developed countries by accusing secularism and materialism which are the result of the Christiandom's obsession with economic and political dominance of the world. It must accept the fact that people in advanced countries have grown wiser and are educated enough to challenge the clergy which has otherwise subdued their intellect under the pretext of church created holiness which punishes and insults those who dared to differ. Naturally the church has failed to win support from people who have seen the ugly side of Vatican embroiled in scandals after scandals committed by those vandals and scoundrels who bedeck themselves with the paraphernalia of piety and enriching themselves from the agony of the masses.

My advise to the our friends in Vatican is that they must live by example by following the true teaching of their Jesus (not the blessed Prophet of Islam 'Isa 'alayhi wa 'ala nabiyyina salawatu 'l-Lahi wa salam), as there are disagreements on his teachings and actions. Some of them get married while others remain celibate. This hypocrisy is driving people away from the true teachings of the man. They must come to a consensus on his marital status first before his status as the son of God or not. Establish the fact that he is like one of us humans. This is the crisis Vatican faces the most. The crisis of its credibility as the truth bearer of Jesus's teachings and actions.

No one knows what is happening inside Vatican. The intrigues and subterfuges that take place within the citadel of holy schemers has recently came to fore through the personal testimony of the butler to the Pope Benedict who had the privy to the inner sanctum of the holy Church that unraveled the hitherto unknown aspect of the unholy conniving competition among the would-be successors treacherously cajoling for positions. Such incidents damages the reputations of Vatican in the eyes of the educated people of the developed countries who see the irrelevancy of this business enterprise and its unholy alliances and activities throughout the world.

It is time for Vatican to be introspective of itself and its image. In fact it is too late to reinvent itself. The only way out for them is to explain to the educated masses of the misinterpretations and the interpolations they made in the holy scripture that was sent to Jesus.

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