Oct 28, 2012

Pope Pleads in Pain

The recently held Synod meeting ended soberly with a serious call for introspection on the manner of delivering the Gospel to the otherwise drifting faithfuls who have become victims of secularism and materialism - the true founders and funders of terrorism.  So the Synod decided to reach parishioners virally and virtually. What would happen to the churches they built and maintain? Are these up for sale? Perhaps they have decided to convert the lofty churches into museums at the best or pubs for the worst, since drinking wine is a religious virtue of good Christians.

What is missing here is the sincerity of the Synod to accept its own shortcomings and to attempt to redeem itself by openly discussing the issues confronting the Church and the true message of "Jesus". The Vatican must open up and let the world see and hear what it conspires within the confines of the walled city of Vatican before it inspires the faithfuls. The time has come for the Vatican to confess before it asks the disenchanted faithfuls to profess their faith. The well-accomplished Pope must launch his moral crusade again these ungodly forces of secularism and materialism. 

Hi Folks! don't let this Redeemer of the Christian faith to plead in pain or bleed in vain in his evangelic mission to salvage the ailing and failing humanity. We don't need another poor soul to die for the sins of others. No more crucification please!

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