Oct 29, 2012

Whither Palestine?

It is good to hear that after six decades of indignations and criminal violations Abu Mahzan has at last mustered his courage and decided to go for UN recognition for a Palestinian State. Is he doing the right thing? Is he in the right frame of mind to do what he proposed to do, or is he playing to the theater of self-deception? Many may argue that it is better than never and it is also the way to get back part of the lands usurped under the colonial machination to kick the devil out of Europe and sheltering them in the Muslim lands to serve as their eyes, ears and limbs that will guarantee perpetual control of the vast resources. To legitimize this illegitimate entity called Israel its unjust backers prostituted the UN and got it recognised as an entity which has continued to violate almost all of UN sanctions imposed against it. 

Now by going to UN and pleading the case for UN recognition Mahmud Abbas has fallen into the snare of Zionists' double game. On the one hand the illegal occupiers of the Palestine are craving for Muslim acceptability and endorsement of their presence. This they want to achieve through cheap peace treaties that hoodwinked the uninitiated and nerdy leaders of the neighboring Arab countries who stand by and watch the Zionists' desecration of Bayt al-Maqdis. Second he has grown increasingly irrelevant to the so-called peace process as he has become a liability to both the Palestinians and the international community that orchestrates this drama. Moreover the emergence of forces like Iran in the scene is putting many Arabs actors in great discomfort. All along they have been stage-managing this Middle East drama to ensure their own survivals. But with the arrival of Iran, and that too the Islamic Iran, which is sending both jitters and shivers in the spines of many of these shaikhdoms that they want an easy and early settlement to this problem. So they have agreed to the two state solution, which Israel itself is deliberately undermining it with continuous building in areas of both West and East Jerusalem.   

Muslims are not against the Jews per se, as they have been living within the various Muslim Empires for centuries. They have problem only with the Zionists. Here there is a need to qualify this old term, as it has extended in its meaning, scope and reach in this post-Camp David and post-Cold War era. Now it is common to find Christian Zionists among the neo-cons of America who are avowdly and resolutely working towards an engineered unjust settlement of the Israel-Palestine crisis in collaboration with some Muslim Zionists who are reconciled to the idea of  a two-state theory and rushing to a compromised and unjust peace deal with Israel.

The greatest victory for Israel is its recognition by the Muslims. They are not concerned with Arab recognition, which many of the Arab leaders have tacitly approved and have dined and wined with this devil of the Middle East. It is important that Muslim must recognise Palestine as the only country in that part of the world. They must have their own maps reflecting this, to start with, at least. Do we have the map showing Palestine instead of Israel? Let start our campaign by replacing the map of Israel with Palestine in all our publications. This will send a clear message to those who want to rewrite history. 

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