Nov 11, 2012

Abbas Auctions Palestine

In his desperation to be relevant Abu Mahzen has fallen victim to Israeli seduction. In his interview with the Israel TV he has more than offered 75% of Palestine to the illegitimate entity called Israel and he is comfortable with Gaza and West Bank. If one look at the following map it will illustrate that there is no room for a two-states solution. Rather only few patches of Palestinian settlements are available. My contention is that it is good the two-states solution is being dismantled by the Israelites themselves by continuous built-up of West Bank and Jerusalem. I am sure they will find no other alternative than to absorb the Palestinians back into the country. This conflict will not be settled by arm-twisting Palestinians with threat of repraisal if any attempt at striking Israel. Palestinian issue is no Arab issue. It is cannot be settled through rounds of fruitless and secret meetings. Israelis only respect force.

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