Nov 11, 2012

Where there is a Will there is a Way

The crisis that is looming in the dark is the food crisis. Like water, food is a weapon. As such self-sufficiency is the ultimate victory. Countries with large agricultural lands are under utilised or affected by global warming which is converting fertile lands into barren lands with no recourse to water.

In her ground breaking work Stolen Harvest: The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply the learned Vandana Shiva responsibly wonders on the deliberate attempt by the international food cartels to control the supply of food by numerous devious methods such as destruction of local food cultures by what she terms as Soy Imperialism and the stolen harvest of seeds most of which are genetically engineered and distributed with total impunity to traditional farmers in the fertile Third worlds. Thus she expresses her outcry for reclaiming food democracy whereby people will decide what goes inside their own stomachs rather than been dictated by multinational conglomerates who in their greed to dominate and monopolise the agricultural sector are destroying the local crops and the livelihood of local farmers. It is necessary that every country must chart its own direction towards self-sufficiency and agricultural sustainability.

The news of Singapore's innovative step to be self-reliant in agriculture is a welcome move. Its an excellent idea and I am sure Singapore will venture into a large scale urban farming in the coming years perhaps exporting organic foods to Malaysia and even to Indonesia. It is not a farfetched dream they may even start an Urban Agriculture University - one that can be a trailblazer for other countries to follow. If there is a will there is a way. Well done keep it up.

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