Nov 3, 2012

Suing Over Ugly Delivery

China is most often known for strange happenings. The WEEK carries an interesting news about a man suing his wife for giving birth to an ugly child. The court ruled in his favor and ordered his wife to pay her husband. But the irony is that she delivered what she conceived. The fault is not in her. The DNA test has proven that the child really belongs to the husband despite he accusing his wife of infidelity. It is his ugly side that came out even though he considers himself as handsome. After all beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Who knows the child may be a future leader of China. This obsession for perfection has also affected my country's paranoid crazy old man who taunted mercilessly his first daughter in-law for delivering a handsome but albino son so much that she died in pain. I don't know why such imperfect people talk of perfection. He would do justice to the albino child if he is made to succeed in line to safeguard the dying dynasty.  It will definitely add different perspective to the whole business of succession.

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