Nov 1, 2012

Egypt Charting Shari'ah

 Having removed the last living Pharaoh from power, the new Egypt is again at the cross road over the course of implementing the shari'ah. Parties are divided over the choice of words used in the proposed Shari'ah Charter. Both meaning well see worlds apart in the usage and effect of the words employed in the crafting and drafting of the Charter. Whatever the compromise might be, one thing all these shari'ah-lovers must know is that before implementing the full force of the shari'ah, they must address issues faced by people, like alleviation of poverty, illiteracy and all sort of other ills brought about by these two deficiencies. Without addressing these issues there is no point in demanding shari'ah. It would be a gross miscarriage of justice if people are punished without removing the cause that prompt them to do the crime in the first place. One should not use shari'ah as a tool of oppression or suppression or repression. It must seen as the sole avenue of compassion. It should not be used to tie the hands of Muslims from progress and advancement. Such a move will certainly destroy the dynamism shari'ah itself seeks to establish.

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