Nov 18, 2012


Human history is full of instances of devastating humiliation of great empires which ruled and rocked the world with their mights. At the root of their decline is the moral degradation of its defenders. America after its historic defeat at Vietnam has been conspiring a victory to save its image as the formidable and invincible force the world has ever witnessed. Along with this arrogance came the total disregard for human life and dignity that wherever it goes under the pretext of liberation through democracy it has only brought moral decline to the country it invaded. That is why people in Okinawa and places where this perverted force establishes its base are rebelling against it. They are known for violating the dignity of the locals.

The growing hatred for America is mainly due to the behaviour of her servicemen dictated by its immoral greed to secure its undefined interests. We cannot blame the soldiers for their misbehaviour when their commanders are corrupt to their core.Change must take place in the heads of these commanders who think that they can get away with impunity for whatever crimes they unleash in the name of so-called security for America. In fact what they are doing is pure business enriching themselves through fooling the larger American public.

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