Nov 18, 2012

Xi Through China

China has showcased to the world that being one party-rule is not necessarily a bad idea. It has served well for China and has proven beyond doubt the efficiency with which it has brought prosperity to her and to her people. The visionary Deng must be credited for seeding the progress that we see today. The successive leadership has so religiously followed his reform movement and has brought China to the pinnacle of success and recognition, despite few unresolved issues that did not sooth the taste buds of the West. My sincere contention is that China should stay with one party that believes in self-renewal and self-criticism. The path taken by the present leadership has indicated that there will be no change in the make-up of the Chinese political psychic. The leaders must watch over corrupt officials and their desire to be corrupted.

The new leader Xi Jinping has a strong character like that of Chairman Mao. He will prove tough but kind. Certainly he will not be like my old leader who has an insatiable thirst for revenge and takes sadistic pleasure in punishing people whom he thinks is dangerous to him or who are neutral. The idea of China following the Singapore model is an honor to the latter. But the two are different in essence. My country is a big family enterprise run by the father, the son and the unholy others. It is a dynasty which carries the misnomer of one party.

Certainly this cannot be the model for the China. No family has inherited the public office. Gone are the days of the dynasties which had died nasty. In stead China has emerged as nationalistic in its outlook and pursuit. The recent spats with Japan and the Philippines are clear testimonies to her determination to articulate her sovereignty and territorial integrity. With her economic clout and the positive energy she spreads around through her exponential expansion in trade terms in the Africas, China proves her commitment in the development of the African countries in exchange for exploiting the vast resources present there. This is a win-win solution.

I am sure the new line up are well groomed to take China to even greater heights and be a role model for other countries, particularly to its neighbour India and to Indonesia.

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