Nov 13, 2012


Now Texas has raised the flag of independence from the United States of America. The reelection of the Grey man (I mean not fully black) has stirred up tension in the spine of white Americans who feel that they have been insulted twice and they want a change.They want to keep America from falling prey to any colored President. Coming to think of it, it is a good idea to give independence to the 50 odd states that are struggling to overcome the pangs of economic uncertainty. Such a move will definitely create more jobs for Americans and possibly the creeping Hispanics from her southern neighbors. In fact it is time for America to learn from China, when it was shunned by the entire world, its then leader Chairman Mao opted for inter-state trade to keep the economy and the population happy. It is time for America to focus more on its own problem rather than becoming the world policeman. Otherwise the enemy America is hunting will be sitting in the White House itself.

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