Nov 30, 2012

UN Votes on Palestine

The world seems to have proven that it has some element of conscience still left when it accorded the "non-member State" status to the "entity" of Palestine against the threats and pressures from the perpetrators and backers of world tyranny and injustice. The the ratio of 138:9 with 41 abstinence is a "boon" to Mr. Abbas's future as a leader who has compromised the dignity of Palestine by succumbing to the pressures of the world arrogance in recognizing the illegitimate entity created by the colonial criminals. What Abbas has done is to give legitimacy to illegitimacy. He has recognised the a Jewish State which has no historical legitimacy even from the distorted and interpolated Bible as some of those in the occupied lands of Palestine claim.

The real winner in the UN vote, though seen as a looser, is the occupying force of Palestine which has got the vote of approval from 138 countries to keep the 78% of the land it usurped from the Palestinians in addition to 9 who opposed the Palestinian right to statehood and the remaining 41 hypocrites majority of whom are the real architects of this mess, including the colonial schemer the British. Many commentators and analysts of the drama at UN opine that Palestine follows the path taken by that illegitimate entity created by the vile forces of colonial oppression in 1948 that rewarded the Zionist terrorists for causing havoc for colonial design to reshape the post-Ottoman Arabia. 

What Abu Mahzan has done is that he gave away 78 % of the land to scramble out the remaining 22% of the poor suburbs of the historic Palestine. He has no legal right to sell of the land. He will continue to earn the displeasure and the curse of the Muslim ummah for long time to come. There is no point in the premature jubilations and wild celebrations seen in Ramallah. Poor Palestinians. Their leader has sold the treasured part of their ancestral homeland in exchange for his political survival. Time has come for the Muslim world to claim the Holy land from the tyranny of the Zionists and the treachery of the Palestinian leaders and the Arab Shaikhs.  

My humble opinion is that it is high time a thorough exposition on the claim of the Jews to the Palestine be conducted by the Christian Palestinians who have equal claim to the land of Palestine. There is a need to examine critically and objectively this issue. So far what the world has witnessed is the one-sided unjust policy of the West that sided with the Zionists and their systemic ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. The time has come for enforcing justice on those who killed innocent lives be they the Jews or Palestinians to stand trail for crime against humanity and to compensate for the lost of lives their actions have caused. If that comes the criminal Zionists will have to sell their usurped lands to pay for the  damage they have done to lives.

What this illegitimate occupiers of the Holy land will embark on after this resolution is not farfetched. As expected they have announced a further construction of thousands of additional settlements and to work towards undermining the UN which has not acted according to their dictates. Its backer will threaten to withdraw financial support for the UN. There is a need to take affirmative action against entity.

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