Dec 5, 2012

Scan Eagle

For the second time at least the Americans are transferring technology under their-imposed sanction against Iran by letting drones get caught in Iranian airspace. What is this romance between adversaries when each accuse the other as "axis of evil" and "axis of devil"? Is this a pet talk between lovers? I don't understand the nature of their aggression and their repeated attempts to communicate with one another. One want to rule by theocracy and the other by democracy and each is testing the other's credibility and endurability. But what is stopping them from getting closer is the devil that has gone crazy. There is no point is imposing unjust sanctions on people to force the regime to change its course. It is a gross miscalculation and a miscarriage of justice. Ever since the 1979 revolution the West in general and the US in particular has exercised all sorts of one-sided policy to bring Iran to her knee. But each time they do one monkey job after another the Iranians seems to tighten their belt and continue their resistance with great fortitude and courage. Even though much of the national annual budget is spent in bolstering her army, Iran has defied the odds and has shown resilience in keeping the society intact despite the Western attempt to kick start a velvet revolution to topple the regime by agitating the impressionable minds of Iranian youths to riot against the system under the guise of wanting democratic space to express and act as they wish. This is followed by cyber attacks, target killing of scientists, intimidating Persian waterways and of course sending both spying drones and walk in tourists who strayed away from their mountain hiking across the Iran-Iraq border. All these convey one essential preoccupation of America that it is increasingly becoming uncomfortable with the unflinching moral courage of the Iranian mullahs, who seems to have weathered the storm and typhoon created by the Americans and their  regional colluders.

The Iranian experience has shown that the mullahs are after all equally shrewd in their political calculations and are not really bothered about the threats and sanctions America may throw up at them. After all they have survived for 33 years. Can Obama change that? I think it time for Obama to start wearing the turban and negotiate as equals with the Iranians. Once he does that there is no need for him to send any more drones spying on what the mullahs are up to. There are not hiding any nuclear bombs under their beards nor the abaya.

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