Dec 5, 2012

Hilarious Clinton

The First Lady - turned - Secretary of State Hilary Clinton made a passionate address in one of her last few farewells recently condemning Iran, Palestine and of course her heartbeat savior in the Middle East for not heeding her advice. She feels that she has grown increasingly irrelevant in a world that has witnessed the ugly face of American hypocrisy and selective meritocracy. Giving warning to Iran for not complying with the IAEA's dictates on nuclear proliferation is not justifiable when she and her predecessors were criminally silent over the stockpile of nuclear bomb still kept it Negev desert facility and giving full backing for such facility without calling into question such undisclosed stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. The fact is that it was US which supplied nuclear materials and infrastructures to Iran during its honeymoon with the self-proclaimed Arya Mehr Reza Shah Pehlavi. So the call for doing away with the Iranian nuclear program is hypocritical particularly when America is silent over the stockpile of such lethal missiles by their proxy in the occupied Palestinian territory. Even if Iran is to go nuclear in its entirety including the making of the bomb America should not raise any objection thereto. Protecting its spoiled child by keeping other subservient and underdeveloped will not do any benefit to America or to its illegitimate buddy. It is high time to bring some sense of order in that part of the world by reigning in those recalcitrant actors who are bent on destroying the peace of the place and the society. I find Hilary's suggestion rather hilarious.

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