Dec 5, 2012

Obama "going gaga" with Bibi

President Obama starts his post-reelection tour with visit to three Asean countries: Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia in a symbolic move to indicate the shifting American policy to reengage the pacific countries once again - a stark departure from his warmongering predecessor. But his withdrawal from war-ravaged Afghanistan and Iraq does not augur well for his well-intentioned adventure in the pacific. He is simply allowing these two unjustly victimised countries to find their own anchors in solving their own problems. That is after causing millions of displaced people and hundreds of thousands of dead innocent children, women and able bodied males who were maimed and mutilated and their dead bodies were desecrated and urinated on by mentally deranged, morally confused and spiritually bankrupted American mercenaries. It is this unfettered arrogance that has been guiding principle of American democracy which pays no regard to the cultures and sentiments of others. This is the same attitude displayed the warmongering Bibi who is trying to drag America into another confrontation in Middle East. In fact it was his false alarm and lies that had sent the American troops to be killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. With the way Obama is handling the situation with his signature lame duck and carefree attitude despite the excitement of hatred created by Bibi and his fellow conspirator Liberman, I am worried Obama may end up as Kennedy in trying to bring sanity to a world filled with criminals and thugs who adorn the cloak of civility. Obama must watch his back.

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