Dec 8, 2012

Saving the Pentagon

After the two well-publicized high level cases of Pentagon debauchery, the top US military brass is on the crusade to place morality back into its logbook to measure the moral distance the Generals are permitted to traverse with impunity. Generally military is known for discipline and order, but these do not apply in their zest for sexual permissiveness. I am still puzzled with this contradiction.  I do not know what the so-called Military Chaplains are doing. They too are increasingly becoming the target of ridicules. It is high time Pentagon introduce morality and ethical behavior to its army personnels, particularly to its top Generals. If not it must follow the model of the Chinese Emperor who castrated their great Generals and Admirals to keep them dedicated and loyal to the throne and to prevent them from losing battles on beds. This should be the right move to save Pentagon from the disgrace its General are causing in their military adventures. America would have won the war had it won the public's approval of its military's behavior. Great empires and civilizations have collapsed in the past due to moral degradation so it is not that long for America to follow suit if it doesn't mend its ways and tame its arrogance.

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