Nov 27, 2012

What if Kennedy is Alive?

The persona of Kennedy has grown beyond his personality. He is still viewed with respect and admiration not only for dreaming about democracy but also for the truth he eschewed. He is a real inspiration for many democrats. "What he would do if he is alive?" is not a question only for the dreamers who believed in him but also for those realists who did not share his dream. For me, he would not go after those who assassinated him, for he knew who were behind it, but he would have solved the Palestinian crisis and not sit on the fence waiting for the warring factions to kill each other nor will he allow the Congress to decide in favor of the illegitimate entity, nor will he entertain the power brokers who sold their conscience to the machination of the powerful but hidden lobbies, nor will he lead from behind. He will lead by justice no matter he is to die for the second time. This is what I think of Kennedy. What is your take on this? 

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