Nov 29, 2012


The real architect of 9/11 and the Father of Cocaine, Bush the Senior, is catching up with age and is getting into the limelight once again to test his continuous popularity and relevance long after causing all the crises he had so craftily carried out through his appointed lackeys both during his and his "Dubya" son's reigns. Moore has candidly observed and exposed the hidden hands behind the melting of the twin towers of WTC. Despite all these dirty works he and his thugs and gangsters have carried out, no one should wish him death over his routine hospitalization to check his breathing difficulty. He is not really sick from any obvious disease. He is in fact battling against his own conscience that is haunting him over the blatant lies and facts-twisting he has concocted in justifying his nefarious design in reshaping the Middle East. I wish that he lives longer and endures the ordeal of listening to the curses of everyone who has been affected by his dirty wars. America should not allow him the opportunity to get himself injured by any freak accident which he may stage in his attempt to win sympathy in his twilight years. Don't let him go to grave with his dirty secrets. The world needs to know the truth.

READ: Bush Senior

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