Dec 11, 2012

Does it Matter?

White House is concerned with the decline in the Jewish representation in Congress. Is it a matter of concern to worry about? After all they are the people who remote control the scene in America. There is no need for them to be visible since their hidden hands are well entrenched in bankrolling many House members to serve their interests as proxies. Now they might be interested in diverting their focus and interests to China and other emerging economies, as they have come to the realization that America is a declining empire. They have already ripped it off with people like Madoff who made off with billions and others who have played foul in the American economy. They may want to lie low to avoid further embarassing revelations on their handiworks. For a population of 2% having 7% representation in the American power house is disproportionate. The same seems to be the case in my country with the disproportionate representation of Indians in the parliament. Some times democracy may mean different things to different people.

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